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10 Best Myrrh Perfumes and Colognes Reviewed: Warm & Woody

Myrrh has long been an ingredient for medicinal purposes and fragrances throughout history.

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With a warm and amber woody scent, many people flock to fragrances that embrace this element. Not all fragrances get it right when using myrrh, but there are plenty that do. 


You’ll find a lot of scents with this as an ingredient, but which ones are worth trying, and what does myrrh perfume smell like? Here are our top picks for the best myrrh fragrances. 

Our Top Picks

Ajmal Black Onyx EDP

Best Overall

Black Onyx by Ajmal is our best overall pick because while it has feminine touches, it’s a unisex fragrance that’s perfect in the year’s colder months.

With this unique fragrance, you’ll smell hints of cinnamon and cardamom, rose, myrrh, musk, and amber. You can wear it every day and on all occasions, which is a huge reason it’s our best overall pick. 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

PROS: Wearable every day and is unisex

CONS: The scent doesn’t linger when you leave a room 

  • For: Unisex
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it: Day, evening, and night 
  • Launched: 2016

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Serge Lutens Ambre

Best For Men

Ambre Sultan is the best myrrh cologne for men. This rich fragrance comes from a famous French perfume house and is fit for a king.

The fragrance notes are myrrh, sandalwood, bay leaf, amber, and coriander which contribute to a mysterious and unique scent. Ambre Sultan is a unique fragrance that’s heavy on herbs.  

PROS: Lasts for over eight hours and medium silage 

CONS: The strong herbal scents might not be for everyone

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it in: Evening and nighttime
  • Launched: 2000

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Serge Lutens Datura Noir

Best For Women

Datura Noir is our top pick for the best perfume for women. This feminine scent features strong almond notes, myrrh, lemon blossom, coconut, and mandarin, which makes for a seductive fragrance that won’t burn the noses of people around you.

While most myrrh perfumes are wearable in colder months, the coconut hints make it perfect for summer. 

PROS: Perfect for daytime wear, and people will compliment how nice you smell.

CONS: It’s not as warm as other myrrh perfumes 

  • For: Women
  • Seasons: Summer
  • Wear it: Day and evening
  • Launched: 2001

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Lalique Fleur Universelle Noir Premier

Best For Bold Scents

If you’re looking for the best bold myrrh scent for women, our top choice is Lalique Fleur. This bold fragrance is perfect for evening and nighttime wear due to its warm scent notes.

Lalique Fleur has strong amber, pink pepper, cinnamon, and rum notes, making it ideal for wearing at night on any occasion in the cooler months. 

PROS: It lasts all night and lingers in the air when you leave the room

CONS: It might be too intense for daytime wear 

  • For: Women
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it: Evening and Night
  • Launched: 2014

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Ambar Del Sur EDP

Best Myrrh Perfume With Jasmine

One of the newest creations from Carner Barcelona is Ambar Del Sur. We believe this is the best myrrh and tonka perfume with hints of jasmine.

This year-round perfume is perfect for women, but some men might find the scent appealing. The scent notes of this fragrance include Spanish labdanum, vanilla, tonka bean, amber, and spicy patchouli. 

PROS: Spicy, sweet, and great to wear any time of the day

CONS: The longevity could be better

  • For: Women
  • Seasons: Year-round
  • Wear it: Day and nighttime
  • Launched: 2018

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Delox EDP

Best Myrrh Perfume From Tiziana Terenzi

From the famous Tiziana Terenzi comes their versatile scent, Delox. This perfume combines warm and sweet scents perfectly, which makes it an excellent fragrance for women.

Fernweh Editions Candles

The scent notes featured in Delox are rose, coffee, myrrh, honey, and amber. The blend of coffee with floral elements provides a seductive scent that’s great for wearing on all occasions. 

PROS: Perfect for everyday wear and is warm, sweet, and floral.

CONS: It’s not a good value for your money

  • For: Women
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it: Day and nighttime
  • Launched: 2017

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Best Amber Myrrh Fragrance

From the design house of Yves Saint Laurent comes the classic scent, Opium. Launched almost 50 years ago, if you’re looking for one of the original myrrh perfumes that made headlines, it’s Opium.

This refined scent features some of the most robust amber notes, balsamic, and white floral, and is spicy and subtly sweet. 

PROS: People love the strong amber scent and that it’s from a famous designer

CONS: Only lasts for a few hours at a time

  • For: Women
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it: Nighttime
  • Launched: 1977

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Montale Aoud Ambre EDP

Best by Pierre Montale

Montale’s Aoud Ambre is a beautiful scent from Pierre Montale. This fragrance has strong myrrh notes, and amber, rose, and oud scents.

While many people wear it during the day, it’s best worn at night at professional or elegant events. Where improvements are needed with this fragrance is its longevity. Some people feel like it lasts only a few minutes to an hour. 

PROS: There’s a strong oud scent

CONS: The longevity is terrible

  • For: Unisex 
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it: Nighttime
  • Launched: 2006

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M7 Oud Absolu EDT

Best Oud-Forward Fragrance 

M7 Oud by Yves Saint Laurent is the best myrrh perfume if you’re looking for a fragrance with oud being front and center. It’s a sultry scent that is perfect to wear at night and in the office if you don’t mind a stronger scent.

Besides oud, the scents you’ll smell include amber, patchouli, and warm spices. It’s an earthy and warm scent that works best in cold weather.

PROS: It’s very masculine and will make a statement

CONS: It can be overpowering if you spray on too much

  • For: Men
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it: Nighttime
  • Launched: 2011

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Initio Psychedelic Love EDP

Best Packaging

Psychedelic Love is our top pick for a myrrh perfume if you’re looking for elegant packaging. The sleek black and gold bottle makes a statement when placed on your counter or dresser.

As for the fragrance itself, it’s the perfect combination of woody and powdery. You’ll smell sandalwood, Bulgarian rose, and other floral notes. 

PROS: Floral, woody, and lasts for hours 

CONS: Even though it’s considered a unisex scent, it is more on the feminine side

  • For: Unisex
  • Seasons: Fall/Winter
  • Wear it: Nighttime
  • Launched: 2017

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10 Best Myrrh Perfumes and Colognes Reviewed: Warm & Woody
  • Unisex
  • Everyday scent
  • Great for colder months
10 Best Myrrh Perfumes and Colognes Reviewed: Warm & Woody
  • Unique herbal fragrance
  • Ideal for the nightime
  • Masculine
10 Best Myrrh Perfumes and Colognes Reviewed: Warm & Woody
  • Perfect for daytime wear
  • Summer fragrance
  • The compliment getter

Final Thoughts

Myrrh is an excellent ingredient that helps bring warmth to fragrances.

Whether you’re looking for a new perfume, oil, or cologne for yourself or an excellent gift for someone in your life with this beautiful ingredient, you can’t go wrong with any of the best myrrh perfumes and colognes on our list. 


Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.