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Burberry Body for Women Review: Bold, Clean & Fruity

Burberry Body for Women is a robust fruity fragrance that hits on juicy summery fruit notes like peach while still sultry and musky.

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The Burberry Body intense aroma comes from Michel Almairac, the brainchild behind the scent, who pairs peach and bright rose with dark notes of sandalwood, cashmere wood, vanilla, and musk for a layered composition that’s unexpected and delightful.

Burberry launched Burberry Body perfume in 2011, rolling it out to 150 countries all around the world. Burberry Body rapidly became one of the company’s flagship products, wowing people with its innovative blend of fruit, musk, and florals.

Burberry Body Bottle

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Try it on for yourself, and you’ll rapidly understand why Burberry Body stands in a category all of its own. It’s one of those perfumes that really changes the game, and you should have it in your classic perfume collection.    

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Who Makes It?

Michel Girard is the brains behind Burberry Body, launching this lauded perfume with his company Givaudan. Girard is an esteemed perfumer with 50 aromas under his belt. 

Scent Notes

The Burberry Body tender yet edgy scent is due to its exciting combination of scent notes.

Over time, the perfume goes from being powdery to woody and hits the floral and fruity notes just right.


The result is that Burberry Body spray evolves to be more luxe as the hours go on, as opposed to fading away.

Top Notes

  • Juicy peach
  • Romantic freesia

Middle Notes

  • Delicate rose
  • Warm sandalwood
  • Sophisticated iris

Base Notes

  • Dark musk
  • Cashmere wood
  • Warm vanilla

Who Would Like It?

Burberry Body is the ideal scent for women who love fruity and floral perfumes but also prefer a scent that ages classically and trends muskier throughout the day.

Burberry Body is definitely not a scent for the meek. However, if you are a bold person who likes to make a statement, this perfume could make an excellent everyday scent for you. 

Where Should You Wear It? 

If bold scents are your statement, you can undoubtedly wear Burberry Body every day. The combination of scent notes makes this an intoxicating blend that will make a statement everywhere you go.

However, if you prefer to play it a little safer, or don’t like wearing perfumes every day, work Burberry Body into your special-occasion rotation.

This perfume is excellent for parties and pairs beautifully with the change of seasons, specifically winter into spring.

Thanks to the darker notes of vanilla and sandalwood, it’s appropriate for crisp jacket weather but also pays homage to the warmer days ahead with the peach and rose. 

Packaging and Presentation


Burberry Body’s bottle is slightly sensual and very beautiful. The bottle itself is slim and tapered, with lovely lettering and an elegant silver top. It would definitely be right at home on your vanity.

Personal Impressions

Our personal impression of the Burberry Body perfume 100ml was very positive. We loved the interplay of the different notes and how forward the peach was.

The scent was clean, fruity, and had just the right amount of edge at the end. Ultimately, we would not wear this Burberry perfume every day, but it’s an excellent special occasion perfume.

Plus, the bottle is just beautiful. The Burberry Body Eau de parfum 85ml looks fantastic on a bathroom counter and is a decorative piece all in its own right.

Burberry Body Review

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Burberry Body is a moderate to long-lasting perfume that evolves into darker notes throughout the course of the day. 

Where Can You Buy It?

Although the Burberry Body price will differ depending on where you purchase it, you can usually find good deals on this scent online and in high-end retail stores like Sephora.

Make sure that your purchase passes muster, though; there are plenty of faux versions online for slashed prices that are simply not the real thing. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Burberry Body is a grown-up fruity, floral, and musky perfume that will make you feel sensual and fresh. So, if you want to take your perfume game to the next level, it is just the right scent that can help you get there.

Burberry Body for Women Review: Bold, Clean & Fruity

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