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7 Nina Ricci Perfumes That Will Blast You With Freshness

Nina Ricci perfume is just one aspect of the popular fashion house named for the elegant French-Italian maven, Maria “Nina” Ricci. Started by Maria and her son Robert in 1932, the company entered the fragrance scene in 1946 with L’Air du Temps.

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Since entering the perfume industry, Nina Ricci has worked with some of the best perfumers in the industry. From the mid-1940s, Nina perfumers have crafted some of the most popular feminine fragrances on the market.

fruit & flowers perfume

Packaged in unique yet elegant bottles and heavily favoring floral-fruity blends, Nina Ricci perfumes appeal to women of all ages. The Nina Ricci line includes selections for all occasions and something for every taste.

Our Favorite Nina Ricci Perfume

nina ricci perfume

Nina EDT

Perfumers: Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier

Smell like spring year-round with this elegantly packaged perfume that may be the perfect balance of citrus and fruit.  

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Though fruit and citrus come through strong, some light floral notes round out the refreshingly sweet scent. Astute observers may pick up on the white cedar and light musk undertones, but this signature Nina Ricci perfume is apple and lemon to the core.

The light, fresh scent works for younger women, but mature ladies may appreciate it as a nostalgic option for date night. Nina by Nina Ricci is perfect for women seeking a lovely, feminine scent that can last all day. 

ricci ricci perfume

Ricci Ricci EDP

Perfumers: Aurelien Guichard and Jacques Huclier

Exude strength, glamour, and femininity with this floral fragrance. The only thing delicate about this Nina Ricci perfume is the carefully crafted bottle complete with a faux ribbon. 

Make no mistake, the Ricci Ricci is not overpowering, but it will have you feeling powerful with the long-lasting scent. Often described as unique, Ricci Ricci has surprising depth; it blends soft white florals, rhubarb, and woody undertones. As the day wears on, you should be able to appreciate the subtle shifts of bergamot, rose, and patchouli.

Some users may feel an initial shock with the first use, but once you adapt to the unique and bold scent, it’s smooth sailing. Ricci Ricci is a solid choice for everyday wear, but it translates well to date night when you want to show off your feminine strengths.

Bella Nina Ricci EDT

Perfumers: Louise Turner and Sonia Constant

With a name like Bella, it’s not easy to imagine anything less than lovely. Rumored to stem from the modern princess concept, Bella is fresh, feminine, and sweet locked in an adorable apple-shaped bottle with a ladybug perched upon one leaf.

Another signature blend of fruits and floral, Bella by Nina Ricci is a stunning blend of rhubarb, green apple, and lemon. Laced with soft florals and vanilla base notes, it’s easy to feel romantic with this Nina Ricci perfume at your disposal.

While it may smell too youthful for some women, Bella may be the ideal combination of intimacy, elegance, and freshness. Reminiscent of warm summer days and the shift into fall, Bella is an ideal daily wear perfume.


L’Air du Temps EDP

Perfumer: Francis Fabron

Everything about this L’Air du Temps screams maturity and class. From the luxurious bottle adorned with a dove to the floral-spice scent, this staple Nina Ricci perfume is absolutely timeless.

Since 1948, L’Air du Temps has represented some of the best Nina perfumers have to offer. Built around a carnation theme, perfumer Francis Fabron infused a blend of bergamot, rosewood, rose, and jasmine to round out the floral side. He balanced those floral notes with cedar, sandalwood, and amber to maintain the ideal blend of strength and femininity.

It’s doubtful that anybody would complain about day use, but this elegant perfume seems made for a classy evening out. 


Nina L’Extase Caresse de Roses EDP 

Perfumer: Francis Kurkdjian

Nina L’Extase Caresse is the epitome of sexy and sensual rolled into one lovely scent and packaged in an elegant bottle. While the chic packaging alludes to an understated perfume, this Nina scent is anything but basic.

Starting with a sweet pear and bergamot blend, the perfumer kicked things up a notch with various florals highlighted by roses. You may pick up on some raspberry undertones, while the violet and white musk base notes round out the sensual blend.

This perfume is undoubtedly a floral scent, but it’s gloriously sensual and sure to put you, and those around you, in the mood for love.  


Nina Luna Blossom EDT

Perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin

Following the ever-popular Nina Ricci perfume apple bottle theme, Luna Blossom is a floral-fruit blend in a precious purple-tinted bottle with a gold stem and leaves. As one of the newer additions to the Nina Ricci line, this perfume doesn’t disappoint.

Often described as bold or intense, it trends toward the mysterious for women who prefer a noticeable yet soft scent. The pear and bergamot base blends into a unique floral arrangement featuring jasmine, peony, and magnolia. Pellegrin chose to round out the strong florals with cedar and musk undertones.

If you prefer a crisp scent with notable floral undertones for your everyday wear, Nina Ricci’s Luna Blossom is a solid choice. Plus, the pretty purple packaging makes it extra sweet.

Les Sorbets De Luna by Nina Ricci

Les Sorbets de Nina EDT

Perfumer: Olivier Cresp

Ladies leaning toward the fruity scents, especially for the summer months, may want to venture into Les Sorbets de Nina. A delicate pink apple bottle with golden leaves fits with the popular line, but this one has a bite out of it suggesting this perfume is a feast.

Fernweh Editions Candles

Reminiscent of the summery frozen treat, Les Sorbets de Nina boasts strong fruit scents including raspberry, lemon, and mandarin. Following the seasonal theme, Cresp introduced gardenia and jasmine for depth and notes of caramel praline to complete the package.

While some may consider this Nina Ricci perfume a tad too youthful, it’s more refreshing than childish and quite lovely for everyday wear.

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