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My Burberry Blush for Women Review: Fresh, Bright & Woody

Burberry Blush is one of the more recent offerings from Burberry, and it’s a lovely fragrance with notes of rose, lemon, and jasmine. Launched in 2017, Burberry Blush for women is lightly feminine without being overly sweet. 

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My Burberry Blush review is overwhelmingly positive. You can wear this iconic fragrance just about everywhere, and it will help you feel confident and put together anywhere that you go.

As far as fragrances go, the Burberry Blush set is an ideal signature scent, with fresh, fruity notes expertly offset by delicate floral aromas.

My Burberry Blush for Women Review: Fresh, Bright & Woody

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The name certainly suits it, as this perfume has a flirty and youthful air about it that’s never overpowering but always pleasantly present. If you like clean, garden-fresh scents, Burberry Blush is an excellent pick for you.

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Who Makes it?

Burberry Blush is the brainchild of expert perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, whose company, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, has launched 224 unique and inspired scents.

His expertise shines through, and you can undoubtedly appreciate every nuance and layer of the perfume. 

Scent Notes

While Burberry Blush is undeniably a floral perfume, it got a lot of juicy fruit to offset the blend. 

My Burberry Blush for Women Review: Fresh, Bright & Woody

Top Notes

  • Rich pomegranate
  • Bright Lemon

Middle Notes

  • Fresh green apple
  • Delicate rose

Bottom Notes

  • Sweet wisteria
  • Musky jasmine

Combining these different notes gives the perfume a fresh, bright, and woody scent that’s just a little bit citrusy and spicy. It all works together beautifully.

Who Would Like it?

Burberry Blush is an excellent perfume for just about anyone, and it’s appropriate for younger women and teens because of its light, fruity notes.

It’s not too overpowering or sultry, making it excellent for people who want to experience their first “grown-up” scent.

My Burberry Blush for Women Review: Fresh, Bright & Woody

Mature teens who want to take a break from overly sweet scents will appreciate the nuance of this perfume.

It’s also great for people who want a good stand-by scent in their perfume collection. If you’re a person who likes to experiment with different perfumes but wants a go-to option for casual or high-end occasions, Burberry Blush fits the bill.

Where Should You Wear it?

One of the best things about Burberry Blush is how versatile it is. You can easily wear this perfume every day, to virtually any occasion, or save it for date nights and special outings.

If you’re not a perfume person, it is an excellent thing to have on hand for events. It’s light enough to give you a beautiful scent without being overpowering.

The perfume is sophisticated and classic and can pull just about any outfit together. Put it on when you want to feel incredibly feminine or put together.

My Burberry Blush for Women Review: Fresh, Bright & Woody

Packaging and Presentation

Burberry Blush’s packaging and presentation are every bit as sweet and classic as the scent itself. It comes in a cute, small bottle with purple packaging and an adorable bow.

In addition, Burberry’s name is prominently displayed in a whimsical script.

Personal Impressions

Burberry Blush is a lovely addition to my perfume collection. Also, I loved that you can get Burberry Blush 30ml or Burberry Blush 90ml.

That way, if you’re not sure that you’re going to love it, you can get a smaller size to try out. 

I was able to work it into my regular perfume rotation and found that it made a nice base when combined with other scents.

My Burberry Blush for Women Review: Fresh, Bright & Woody

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Spritz on Burberry Blush, and you’ll smell great all day long. This fragrance has moderate to long staying power, and over the day, different notes will emerge. 

Where Can You Buy It?

Pick off Burberry Blush from the official retailer or higher-end shops like Sephora. The Burberry Blush price may differ from shop to shop, but most will be within the same ballpark. 

Be wary of knock-offs, though. Like any designer product, false imitations are floating around.

If you want to determine whether your Burberry Blush is original vs. fake, simply check out the price tag and buy from a good retailer. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Burberry Blush is an excellent perfume for all-day wear and perfectly suits most tastes.


Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.