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Best Luxury Scented Candles

Envelope your space with fragrance and style. The best luxury scented candles will look at home among your shelf’s decor and contain the perfect balance of scent and beauty.

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Best Luxury and Perfume Scented Candles

Candles set the mood in a room. The best ones will enhance an atmosphere without distracting from it. Investing in luxury and perfume scented candles is worth the price. But how do you choose the best ones?

You want to pick out candles that will match your room’s decor and themes. Then, choose candles that have a perfect balance of scents. Avoid candles that are overpowering. The scent should be just in the background.

These are the top scented candles in the most popular categories. You are sure to find one for your home and space.

Best Coffee Scented Candle

The smell of fresh coffee is invigorating. Few things welcome the start of the day like a hot cup of coffee. These scented candles will invigorate you .

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

You will love the Tom Ford line. These candles all have the scents of coffee without smelling fake.

1. Tom Ford

Tom Ford is known for classic, refined, elegance. The Tom Ford are no different. Café Rose is their personal blend of dark coffee and exotic spices. You have never experienced anything like a Tom Ford candle.

Best Vanilla Candles

Vanilla candles are one of the safest bets if you are buying it as a gift. They are well-liked by almost anyone. You’ll find candles that smell like baked goods, others that remind you of being in the sunshine.

These are the hottest vanilla candles on the market. If you are looking to buy a vanilla-scented candle, try these first.

1. Maison Margiela

Vanilla has a sensual musk about it, and no one captures this as well as Maison Margiela. They combine leather, rum, vanilla, and tonka bean, to create a scent reminiscent of a jazz club. It’s surreal.

2. Tiziana Terenzi

If you prefer a candle that reminds you of sunshine and waves, then bask in scents of the vanilla almond candle from Tiziana Terenzi. It’s equal parts of nutty earthiness and sweet vanilla bean.

Best Outdoorsy Scented Candles

Do you love hiking and the fresh smell of the woods? Bring the outdoors inside with these candles. Pine, leather, cedarwood, and florals all remind you of new growth and fresh starts. You’ll love how clean and renewed your room smells when you burn these candles.

Best Leather Scented Candle

If leather reminds you of elegance and luxury mixed with the ruggedness of the outdoors, then you will adore D.S. & Durga. They have a candle named “85 Diesel” that is remarkable. It combines notes of leather, suede, vinyl, and diesel smoke.

It will remind you of running out on the highway, the hot leather seats, and the diesel engine as it kicks up dirt from the road. Total freedom!

Best Pine Scented Candle

On the flip side, pine trees will fill your space with fresh new fragrance taken directly from nature. By far the best woodsy candle is from Byredo. It isn’t just the smell of pine. It’s mixed with cedarwoods too. The entire thing is complex and beautiful.

Cedarwood Candle

Cedarwood is a common ingredient in candles because it deodorizes the air and increases relaxation. You’ll notice it as a top note in earthy candles. And few people can create outdoor candles like Le Labo.

When you browse their site, you can see the ingredients in their candles and choose the ones that match all your favorite fragrances.

Best Floral Candles

Floral candles are considered more feminine and delicate scents. But they don’t always have to be flirty or girly. These floral candles are intricately crafted. They are gender-neutral and can make superb gifts for almost anyone.

In fact, Diptyque has a line of candles that are like a Heavenly bouquet. From the fashionable glass votives down to the hand-picked ingredients, these are the perfect candles.

If you want a candle that smells like jasmine, choose Penhaligons.  It has a combination of citrus, basil, jasmine, and cardamom. It’s so bright and lively!

Lavender is a scent that naturally relaxes your mind. It’s commonly found in bubble baths and lotions that people use right before bed. So when you are choosing a lavender candle, you want one that has the perfect balance of lavender so it isn’t overpowering.

Jo Malone is the perfect lavender candle. It combines rosemary and thyme for a relaxing and sensual aroma.

How to Choose Luxury Scented Candles

Now that you know what the best-scented candles are, how do you choose one? That’s a very personal choice. But there are still some things to remember that will help you find one you will absolutely love.

Just follow these steps and you’ll pick the perfect candles.

1. Reflect Your Personality

First, consider your personality. Are you vibrant, always wanting to be the start of the show? Or are you more laid back, preferring to take a supporting role?

Your candles can reflect your personality. If you love parties and bright colors, choose a candle in a colorful jar with a brighter scent.

However, if you are more reserved, you’ll be happier with a classic candle in a muted jar. Something that is more for decoration and with a light scent.

2. Set the Mood

Next, consider the mood. Will this candle be something that will help you relax? Or are you hoping it will energize your space?

Different scents of candles have the potential to enhance different atmospheres. Some of them could be:

Fernweh Editions Candles

  • Productive
  • Pensive
  • Relaxed
  • Refreshing
  • Bright/Happy
  • Serene

3. Smell It

Finally, sometimes the best way to choose a candle is to pick it up and smell it. This is kinda tough when you are buying online. So consider the return policy before buying the candle, just in case it smells different than you expected.

The Best Scented Candles For Fragrance Lovers

You love fragrances and appreciate a hand-crafted candle. All of the candles on this list are luxoriously created. They make thoughtful gifts for someone you love or even a little treat for yourself.

Browse the list and choose a luxury scented candle that you will appreciate and enjoy, down to the last flicker.


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