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Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume Reviewed: Fresh, Sweet & Charming

Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume is a fresh, fruity-floral scent with a musky and woody dry-down. This fragrance is ideal for the spring and summer months, as it has an energizing appeal that is sure to invigorate the senses. 

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The perfume opens with sweet, citrusy notes of Hibiscus and Bergamot. At heart are powdery accords of Peony and Nectarine, which blend beautifully with the base notes of Musk and Cedar to create something exceptional.

Its design is a lighter and more feminine version of the original. The perfume package is in a simple, curved glass bottle with a gold spray nozzle and a gold label on the front. 

Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume

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Keep reading to learn more about this enticing fragrance.

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Who Makes it?

Jimmy Choo is a British luxury fashion house specializing in shoes, handbags, accessories, and fragrances.

Jimmy Choo L'Eau EDT

The brand was launched in 1996 when founder Tamara Mellon got together with shoe designer Jimmy Choo to produce a line of high-end footwear. Since then, it has become a respected and reputable brand globally.

Jimmy Choo L’Eau is the fourth women’s fragrance from the house, released in 2017. According to Jimmy Choo, the new L’Eau Perfume encapsulates their iconic fragrance codes in a bright new way, resulting in a lighter and more contemporary perfume for women.

Scent Notes

It is the most recent addition to the Jimmy Choo perfume family, although things are getting a little sweeter for this perfume.

Hibiscus flower

Inspired by the iconic pink Champagne cocktail, there are notes of hibiscus flower and bergamot mixed with sweet nectarine and floral peony at the heart of the scent.

The base has notes of musk and amber, which create a warm musk that’s perfect for summer nights.

Who Would Like it

Opening the bottle and having your first spritz of this perfume is like taking a bite into a juicy pear.

It has a sweet and delicious aroma which is different from other fruity scents. It becomes more floral as the scent dries down, giving it some depth that you don’t find in many fruity perfumes.

This fragrance aims at young, stylish women who love to stand out from the crowd.

The scent is both feminine and bold, making it the perfect choice for a feminine. The packaging of the  Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume set is also appealing to those with an eye for fashion. 

The  Jimmy Choo L’Eau travel-size perfume comes in a tall, slim bottle that looks like it got the design from a famous designer.

That makes sense because Jimmy Choo is one of the most well-known designers in the world). This perfume looks beautiful on any dressing table or bathroom countertop, making it easy to display proudly.

When to Wear it

This perfume is a summer fragrance. You can wear it in the springtime, but it might be too light for you.

So this is what you’re going to want to wear in warmer weather since it’s light and airy. It is great to wear during the day or night if you don’t want something overly sweet, powerful, or sentimental. 

This perfume will not be offensive as it won’t make people turn their heads. So we think that this is something that you could get away with wearing during the daytime and nighttime.

Where to Wear it 

Any  Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume tester would say it has a mature vibe. It is not loud or too strong, and thus it makes a great daytime scent worn at work and in other places where you want to look professional.

The soft sweetness of the fragrance also makes it very appropriate for special occasions and dinner dates. For example, you can wear it when you go out with your friends or meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging for  Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume is sleek and understated, which is a bit of a departure from some of the brand’s previous fragrance offerings.

The primary bottle is minimalist: opaque white with gold detailing that compliments rather than overwhelms.

Jimmy Choo L'Eau Packaging

The Jimmy Choo logo features prominently on the bottle and lid, but otherwise, there isn’t too much by way of embellishment – it looks clean and elegant, with just enough ‘bling’ to catch your eye on a department store shelf.

The  Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume 90ml box the perfume arrives in is similarly clean and chic. It comes in a plain white box with gold trim around the edges and the Jimmy Choo logo again featuring prominently.

Furthermore, the company has taken the same minimalist approach to their packaging here as they have with their perfume bottle design to avoid the rise of any  Jimmy Choo L’Eau dupe.

Personal Impressions

The original Jimmy Choo was fairly heavy, so this is an excellent option for someone who likes the original but wants to wear it in hotter weather or during the day.

It is an easy-wearing, crowd-pleasing perfume with unexpected touches that keep it from smelling like other fresh florals.

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At first, when you spray it on your skin, you can smell only a pleasant fruity aroma, yet after a few minutes, it becomes more intense. However, the sweet fruity smell stays on the skin for a long time without becoming annoying.


The overall impression from  Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume is one of freshness.

The fruitiness is sharp, but it doesn’t overwhelm the floral bouquet, which comes off as light and sweet.

Jimmy Choo L'Eau EDT 2

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The perfume’s sillage is moderate to soft, but it lasts for hours on end, perhaps even longer than the original Jimmy Choo fragrance.

Pros & Con

It’s a light fragrance without the sillage of a monster but does have enough to hold its own in a crowd. Overall, it’s a pleasant scent for the office or other situations where you want something soft and feminine but not overpowering.


  • The fragrance is charming, sweet, and fresh.
  • It is suitable for daily wear and casual outings.
  • It gives a feeling of freshness in tropical weather.
  • It has a pretty good staying power of 5-6 hours in normal weather conditions but doesn’t survive in hot & humid weather for more than 2 hours.
  • The bottle is very classy and elegant.


  • The fragrance does not last long, especially in tropical weather or humid &amp. So it needs to be reapplied again to retain its freshness every time you feel that it is fading away.

Bottom Line

Suppose you’re a woman who describes herself as a floral, woody, musky kind of girl – or any combination that adds up to that! – you need to check out the Jimmy Choo L’Eau Perfume and see how it measures with your tastes. It’s definitely worth testing out for yourself.


Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.