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Narciso Rodriguez Perfume For Him Review

Being a musky perfume, the Narciso Rodriguez Perfume for Him is a men’s fragrance that is somewhat mild and neat. It has a scent that is slightly flowery, so for the first-time users, they might feel a slight feminine-scent, which is caused by the content of the fragrance itself.

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Narciso Rodriguez Perfume for Him Product Features


This perfume is a luxurious fragrance that has a sensual, yet masculine feel, which gives you a warm and relaxing mood. Here are some of the common features of the perfume;

Blends naturally. The perfume will naturally blend with your skin, without causing any irritation. It has a perfect blend of ingredients that have been collected to give you a natural and soft smell. There are berries included in the perfume, which will settle down slowly, without causing an uncomfortable smell when you wear it.

Long lasting. One of the things that many people look when buying a perfume of any kind is its longevity. This is common with the men’s perfumes, especially since they will only need to spray once during the day. With this perfume, it has been designed to last for more than five hours. Technically, it can last for up to 8 hours, without fading.

Affordable. The perfume is also quite affordable, compared to the majority of the perfumes available on the market. In most cases, a perfume of this caliber would cost a lot of money. On the contrary, you will be paying just about $106, which is included with the shipping costs. Though this will range from one store to another.

Strong perfume. You will not need to spray Narciso Rodriguez Perfume too much in order to get the perfect smell. Only two to three sprays on your cloth will assure you of having a good scent. You might want to be keen when spraying it, avoid spraying too much.


Costumer Reviews

There are ambivalent reactions and reviews about the Narciso Rodriguez for him. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of the perfume, with regard to the clients;


  • Moderate projection, meaning that it will get through the clothes after some time. This makes it thick to last for long.
  • Melts naturally on the skin, which doesn’t form a white patch when dry.
  • The smell isn’t easily washed away, especially during the rainy days. The smell can stay for a longer time and it comes with a pleasing scent that is overly unique.


The main thing that most of the customers complain about is that the spray is somewhat feminine. With some Iris and flowery scents, along with berries, it can have a mild, feminine smell. The feminine smell will only be noticed in the first few minutes when you spray it, but it will gradually smell much cooler.

Where to buy

You might want to buy the product on Amazon, which allows you to save some few bucks. Amazon sells the perfume with an offer that allows you to save almost $49. Amazon is a safe place to buy and also, you will be sure of buying the genuine the Narciso Rodriguez for him.


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