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Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy: A Very Floral Perfume Review

The floral fragrance Tracy Eau de Parfum by design brand Ellen Tracy was launched in 2006. This fresh floral fragrance by perfumers Jean Claude Delville and Richard Herpin is decidedly feminine and perfect for summer or warm sunny days.

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About Ellen Tracy 

Ellen Tracy has been a part of the fashion scene dating back to the 1960’s. Tapping into the new clothing market for career women, Ellen Tracy clothing became known for their cosmopolitan and classic style which can transition from the workplace to evening seamlessly.

Similarly their fragrances, starting with the eponymous Ellen Tracy in 1992, were designed for modern women who wanted perfumes that could go from office to evening. The company was sold in 2003 to Liz Claibourne who still oversee the Ellen Tracy brands. 

Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy: A Very Floral Perfume Review

What does Tracy EDP smell like?

Tracy EDP is an sweet mix of fresh florals. It starts with top notes of peony, plum blossom, cassia and water lily before settling into middle notes of rose, iris, violet and lily of the valley. All this on a base of sandalwood, almond milk, vanilla, white amber and orris root.

Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy: A Very Floral Perfume Review

My Impressions

From the fragrance notes, I was expecting more a gourmand quality from the almond milk but the florals mostly overwhelmed it, leaving more of a creamy scent. It’s quite sweet and calming, the top and middle notes start off strong but fade into a pleasant if not a particularly memorable base.

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It’s more soft and soothing than edgy or ground-breaking, however sometimes that’s exactly what you want from a perfume. 

Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy: A Very Floral Perfume Review

Who should buy it?

Tracy EDP has great sillage and longevity, if you need to spray on a perfume and have it last all day, it’s a good pick. It’s also a very budget-friendly perfume so if you’re curious to try a blind buy, a bottle won’t cost an arm and a leg. Because it’s a relatively light floral, it wouldn’t work well in cooler weather — it’s more of a warm, balmy day scent.

Due to the sweetness and affordability, young women might appreciate this fragrance most. It seems like the perfect perfume to wear to your first job, great for teens and early 20s. 

Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy: A Very Floral Perfume Review

Summary: A sweet and cheap floral perfume that has good sillage and longevity. Comforting and soothing.

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Tracy Perfume by Ellen Tracy

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