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Kat Von D Perfume: A Review of Sinner & Saint

Moody, sexy, mysterious: these are the three words that best describe Sinner and Saint from Kat Von D. 

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One is a blend of cinnamon, vetiver, patchouli, giving it a sultry edge for a night out. The other is sweeter with its notes of tiar flower, caramel, and jasmine. 

Although this all sounds good, are they worth your time and money? This is what we find out today in our Kat Von D perfume, Saint and Sinner review. 

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Who Makes Sinner & Saint?

The perfumes Sinner and Saint come from the brand Kat Von D, founded by Kat Von D herself, a famous tattoo artist and TV personality. 

We first got to know Kat Von D when she appeared on the reality TV show Miami Ink. It wasn’t long until she got her own show, LA Ink. 

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In 2008, Kat Von D got together with Sephora to create a makeup line, which later expanded to include fragrances. The brand has six perfumes behind it, two of which are Sinner and Saint, which it renewed in 2017. 

However, as of 2020, the famous tattooist announced that she sold her brand to its parent company, Kendo Brands, who renamed it KVD Vegan Beauty. Unfortunately, Kendo Brands discontinued the Kat Von D perfume created by that team. However, they’re still available online.

Scent Notes 

Sinner and Saint are two different perfumes usually sold together. As the names suggest, these Kat Von D perfumes are the complete opposite in terms of scent notes but balance each other out very well. 

Kat Von D Sinner EDP

Sinner Scent Notes

Kat Von D Sinner perfume has warm, spicy scent notes. The brand describes it as dark, sultry, and empowering with its key scent notes of wood, patchouli, and cinnamon.

We can best describe Sinner’s scent as spicy floral, a tangy twist to its counterpart. It’s not too overpowering, which is surprising considering the notes. 

As you first apply Sinner, you’ll notice a fresh, in-your-face scent, which quickly transforms into aromatic undertones. You can easily distinguish the top mandarin, followed by cinnamon and white flower, finished with the woodsy base notes. 

It’s undoubtedly a unique scent for the bold souls who are looking to make a statement.

Kat Von D Perfume saint

Saint Scent Notes

As opposed to Sinner, the Kat Von D Saint perfume follows the lines of classical floral scents with its notes of musk, vanilla, and jasmine. It has a soft, alluring, almost dreamy nature, placing it in the category of popular designer fragrances. 

Saint is less spicy than Sinner but shares the same fruity top notes. However, these quickly change to sweet floral undertones with a hint of caramel. After a few moments of wearing, the two stand-out scent notes are the tiar flower and vanilla. 

Although not as unique and aromatic as Sinner, Saint’s warm, pleasant notes make it a real sweetheart perfume, perfect for that first date.

  • Scent Notes: Wood, patchouli & cinnamon
  • Seasons: Winter & fall
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Scent notes: Musk, vanilla & jasmine
  • Seasons: Summer & spring
  • Sillage: Weak

Packaging and Presentation 

When Kat Von D perfume first decided to discontinue the Saint and Sinner fragrances, fans and users alike were outraged. Fortunately, this prompted the Kat Von D beauty brand to reincarnate the scents in new and improved bottles. 

The first versions of Saint and Sinner arrived in bland bottles; one white, the other red, but both looking very similar to other perfumes on the retail shelf. 

With the 2017 versions, Von D stepped it up a notch, replacing the mainstream, rectangle containers with bulb-shaped glass bottles. It gave Sinner a black, gothic makeover, which we will say, is much better than the previous red. 

Additionally, both bottles now sport three-dimensional filigree details, which Kat Von D herself designed. They’re excellent additions to your vanity perfume display. 

Personal Impressions

Both Saint and Sinner have done rather well among users who praise their different scent notes. However, they aren’t that noticeable after a few hours of wear, unless you bring the areas where you applied the perfumes right up to your nose. 

Still, there’s something intriguing about these Kat Von D perfumes that will have people asking what it is you’re wearing. And, because they aren’t that strong, in-your-face fragrances, you can wear them both during the day at work and every season.


These Kat Von D perfumes both have an average performance. Although the scents are fragrant and fresh when first applied, their initial wow factor fades rather quickly. Unless you just sprayed it, the chances are that people won’t notice the scent until you’re standing very close. 

On average, the fragrances last about six hours on the skin before you need to reapply, although expect that they won’t be as vibrant after the first hour or two.

Who Would Like Them? 

Because of Sinner’s deeper undertones, it’s a better fit for women in their mid-20s and 30s. Saint is a lot sweeter, so it would suit any age group.

Kat Von D Perfume 2

Where Should You Wear Them? 

Sinner is the perfect scent to wear for a night out with the girls. Because of the boldness of its aromatic notes, it will grab the attention of people nearby: at least for the first hour. 

Saint is a sweetheart scent that you could wear on a first date or during the day as you run errands. Many also note that it works well to pair the two, which dulls down the Sinner’s spicy notes, making it more wearable as an everyday perfume.


If you like the spicy scent of the Sinner, but feel it’s too bold, Kat Von D Adore perfume is a great alternative. It has a deep, woodsy fragrance, which isn’t as out there as Sinner. 

Copies Worth Mentioning

Although there aren’t any direct copies of either the Sinner or Saint, there are perfumes that share the same scent tones. 

If you’re looking for a Kat Von D Saint perfume dupe, you could try the Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson or the Burberry Women. They share a few similarities in terms of sweetness but aren’t total duplicates.

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The Sinner and Saint fragrances are almost the complete opposite of each other. Both have outstanding scent notes and share that Kat Von D perfume boldness. You can pair them for something extra or wear them individually when the occasion is right. 

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