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Is Amouage Jubilation XXV Luxury Enough For Royalty?

The scent makes the man. Gone are the days when fragrances were only a thing that women wear. 

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And for a good reason too. No one likes a musk and even less so when the alternative is a beautiful, rich scent that seduces both the wearer and the people nearby.

Enter the Amouage Jubilation XXV man, a high-end cologne that offers a heavy-hitting yet simultaneously subtle scent, perfect for hitting the bar or going on a moonlit walk. But on Amouage Jubilation XXV – is it very niche? Well, here’s everything you need to know about this scent in our Amouage Jubilation XXV review.

Amouage Jubilation XXV cologne

Who Makes It?

The company behind this product, Amouage, is a brand associated with premium quality and luxury goods. Founded in 1983 in Oman and operated by Oman Perfumery LLC, its reach has expanded worldwide.

This is a direct result of the unbelievably fantastic perfume they make. It makes sense that everything the brand sells is so lovely, too, considering their founder is royalty.

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Prince Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said launched the company per the request of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, the then sultan of Oman. They intended to create “The Gift of Kings,” focusing on the Arabian art of perfumery.

Together with its western influences, the company offers a unique fusion of cultures defined by their splendor and luxury. Their products, which range from perfumes to home and leather goods, are focused on appealing to a confident, sophisticated, and worldly customer base. 

Scent Notes

Pedigree aside, what matters for a cologne review is the quality of the scent and how the smell hits. It’s here where we were really impressed by the Amouage Jubilation XXV sample. 

After an initial spritz, you’ll immediately notice the strong top notes of labdanum ciste, orange, davana, blackberry, frankincense, and coriander. As the first impact fades, the rich heart smells kick in, offering a complex aroma of bay, cinnamon, guaiac wood, celery, clove, rose, and bay. 

Lastly, at the very base and rounding out the beautiful array of smells is a complex mix of opoponax, myrrh, atlas cedarwood, immortelle, oud wood, ambergris, moss, musk, and patchouli.

The perfume is like a wild ride through the countryside, based on natural, earthy scents that somehow manage to create the impression of complexity and refinement. Hats off to the scent mixer Bertrand Duchaufour for an excellent job here. 

Packaging and Presentation

The premium feel extends to the packaging as well. The liquid inside is a golden hue that matches the shiny finish of the top cap. 

This top element stretches out into a curved T-shape, a bit like a Tesla logo, creating the impression of power and heft. The glass bottle is weighty, too, and feels exactly how it should.

The monochromatic shades are broken up by the lightest touch of blue, shining like a sapphire out of the lid’s upper portion. It’s a simple design that reeks of elegance and class, and we were duly impressed even before we got around to smelling it.  

Amouage Jubilation XXV box

Personal Impressions

In a word, we’d describe the Amouage Jubilation XXV mix as unashamedly opulent. It forgoes all sense of humility and minimalism in favor of creating a fabulous elixir. That’s not to say that it isn’t subtle, as it is that too.

Hidden underneath the initially intense frankincense, there’s a whole world of aroma hidden away. It makes for a rich experience, akin to biting down into a plate of truffles topped with gold. We can easily see you using this scent during black tie events staffed with distinguished older gentlemen. 

Just give it time to soak in before immediately judging it, as we initially did find it a bit too soapy, but this quickly balanced out over time. It went from a bittersweet opening to a mellow, rich, and woody aroma, all while avoiding sinking into overly dark tones. 

And though the incense fragrance brings to mind pious stone cathedrals, the hidden notes push forth a strong sense of lavish extravagance, like a royal bazaar stuffed with treasures to discover. 

Amouage Jubilation XXV is the perfume for the most special occasions, even though you’ll likely want to use it much more often.   


The performance of this scent is fantastic. Its longevity is impressive, even with a single spritz. In fact, after a night out using the scent, we fell asleep, only to find that we were nearly overwhelmed by it upon waking up. 

But this high-level performance does come with a price, namely in the form of olfactory fatigue. It’s easy to numb your nose to the smell, to the point where you don’t notice how strong and rich it is. 

Expect Amouage Jubilation XXV to last for 24 hours on clothing or up to 10 hours on the skin, and don’t go overboard on the application. 


Who Would Like It?

Amouage Jubilation XXV advertises itself as a product for the “enigmatic man who carries the essence of his philosophy and sophistication across all eras and cultures.”

In practical terms, this means that it’s a scent well suited for an older demographic, starting from people in their late twenties to beyond.

This is because the scent is rich and complex and carries a particular sort of distinguishment that might be out of place on a younger person.

If you’re worldly and experienced with many cultures, who lived a storied life with adventure and victory to share, then the Amouage Jubilation XXV scent will be the perfect fit for you. To wear it with any less of a pedigree would be to undersell the real class and premium feel of this perfume.   

Where Should You Wear It?

This scent can technically work anywhere, but you will likely want to save it for special occasions due to its limited quantities and strong smell.

This means wearing it at high-end events like galas, or dinners, and other black-tie events. It may also work for romantic dinners and intimate personal moments with loved ones. If it’s a night that you want to remember, then Amouage Jubilation XXV is the cologne you should put on.

It can even work for simple nights out, adding a touch of class to what otherwise might be mundane activities.

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Is Amouage Jubilation XXV Luxury Enough For Royalty?

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