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Polo Blue Cologne by Ralph Lauren: A Review

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren debuted in 2002. This Polo cologne is aromatic with hues that are reminiscent of the outdoors, and like all Polo cologne, it is a fresh, pleasant scent that carries on the tradition of quality Ralph Lauren colognes.

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After reading this review, you will know the prominent accords of this cologne and the intent which it is to be worn. We will evaluate its aroma, performance, who wears Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren, and whether or not it lives up to the iconic name of Ralph Lauren.


Who Makes It?

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is by Ralph Lauren and was released in 1978. Master perfumers Carlos Benaim, the original Polo creator and the nose of the original 1978 Polo, and Christophe Laudamiel co-created Polo Blue.

Born and raised in Tangiers, Morocco, Carlos Benaim trained as a chemical engineer, then later completed a training program at International Flavors and Fragrances in 1967. He won a lifetime achievement award from the American Society of Perfumers in 2004 and from the Fragrance Foundation, 2004. He was named Master Perfumer at IFF, which was the company’s first.

Christophe Laudamiel has co-created scents for 10 of the top companies. He constructs design scent structures for hotels, retailers, and museums around the world. Cristophe is the only perfumer in the world with fragrances entered into museum collections. 

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Scent Notes

The first impression of Polo Blue is fresh melon, accompanied by cucumber and the faintest hint of the zest of clementine. These notes mist the skin with a refreshing trio to give off a light first impression that gives way to deeper scents as time goes on. 

This initial fragrance fades slightly to allow the geranium notes to become dominant, followed by a light scent of clary sage and basil. These three scents mix briefly, then transition as one pleasant fragrance.

polo blue edp

Finally, a rationed scent of leather, patchouli, oakmoss, white amber mix one by one to become the earthy base for this woody blend, with the white amber being the final, lingering note.

Scent Type

This scent is perfect for the young man who wants to give off a fresh, slightly masculine impression, with a hint of casual. This scent is best worn at any time of the day and is more commonly worn in the spring and summer, less frequently in the fall and winter months.

Key Notes

The keynotes of this cologne are basil, clary sage, cucumber, and patchouli. These fragrances are the most notable and slightly overpower the underlying notes. The basil and clary sage emit a fragrance at first, followed closely by the refreshing cucumber and woody patchouli

Fragrance Description

Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue is a cologne for men that is reminiscent of the water. Its initial aroma is that of the fresh scent of bergamot, melon, and cucumber. This layered cologne transforms into notes of geranium and a mid sage note, then finishes with a more masculine musk, suede, and patchouli scent.

polo blue

Packaging and Presentation

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue is a simple but distinguishable royal blue bottle, with hints of purple under the light, that is elegant and masculine at the same time. The Polo man logo is printed on the front, marking it with the undeniably classic Ralph Lauren signature.

The atomizer is delicate and emits a mist that is enough but not overly powerful. The gentle mist disperses for the perfect amount for ideal coverage. At the same time, it is specific enough to target particular areas of the skin.

The box the cologne comes in is also elegantly straightforward, but with high-quality blue fibers. The Polo man, horse, lettering, and border, are all embossed in silver for a stunningly casual chic look.

Personal Impressions

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren is a solid fragrance that is not overpowering or assuming. It is a wholesome fragrance, typical of a Polo cologne. This scent is noticeable without being overbearing and is perfect for anyone on a casual outing or for everyday use.

Performance (Polo Blue Longevity)

Polo Blue Eau de parfum is not an overpowering fragrance, so it will wear off as the day goes on. Therefore, the scent is undeviating and does not possess any detailed notes that would be overpowering for an extended period. A subtle aroma can be seen as a good thing in that it won’t overpower a room, but a negative because it will fade and may need to be reapplied.

Even though each fragrance note beautifully compliments the next and deepens the aroma as each new article mingles, it is a short set of fragrance notes that may leave some users feeling that it is lacking, although the base scent remains.

Where Would You Wear It?

This scent is great for men looking for something refreshing and straightforward. It is ideal for someone who likes to smell nice but isn’t particularly fond of their smell entering a room before they do. A great example might be a casual get-together with friends or family, or even a business meeting where you’re looking to make the right impression. 

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren at various department stores, beauty counters, and online at Amazon, eBay, and other fragrance shops. Unlike other in-demand scents, Polo Blue tends to be easy to find.

Copies Worth Mentioning

Luno is an inexpensive dupe of Polo Blue that many seem to find at local dollar stores and find quite similar to the Polo cologne.

Davidoff Cool Water is also a similar fragrance, with an aquatic overtone that many love. It isn’t Polo by Ralph Lauren, but it’s close enough if you want a similar smell on a lower budget.

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Polo Blue Cologne by Ralph Lauren: A Review

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