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Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume Reviewed: Fresh & Breezy

In the spring of 2019, Jimmy Choo released Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume and it has been a favorite scent for women ever since.

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Inspired by the magnolia blossom, this perfume has juicy and fresh scents of citrus, sweet pea, and apricot blossoms. It takes you back to spring and summertime, even in the deepest winters…

Spritz on Jimmy Choo’s Floral Eau de Toilette and leave a fragrant impression behind. 

Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume

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Learn more about this citrus and floral fragrance in our Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume review. 

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Who Makes Jimmy Choo Floral?

Jimmy Choo launched their Floral Perfume in the spring of 2019, and it has remained steadily popular ever since.

The nose behind Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume is the renowned Perfumer Louise Turner

Scent Notes

The Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume is inspired by the Magnolia blossom which is the main character, or middle note, in this perfume. 

Jimmy Choo Floral notes include nectarine, bergamot, and tangerine as the top notes. 

Middle notes include the previously mentioned magnolia, as well as apricot and sweet pea blossoms.

The base Jimmy Choo Floral notes are musk, wood, and ambroxan. 

Who Would Like Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume

Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume is a scent for women. It has a sweet, citrus, woody, and floral scent catered to young and young-at-heart females while still bearing a mature Jimmy Choo scent. 

Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume 2

Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume is a great gift for women in their 20s to 40s, especially if they prefer sweet and fresh-smelling fragrances. 

When to Wear Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume 

I recommend this perfume for use in any season. 

I prefer to use Jimmy Choo Floral perfume for everyday wear because it is light and fresh.

The sweet pea, apricot, and magnolia add a floral scent that has me nostalgic for spring when I use this in the winter. In the springtime, Floral by Jimmy Choo feels like an accessory to the other springtime fashion pieces in my wardrobe. 

Spritz this into the air, and you are immediately greeted with fresh, juicy citrus scents from the nectarine and tangerine top notes. 

Where to Wear Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume

Wear Floral by Jimmy Choo for any light-hearted occasion. Without being a body spray, this floral and sweet perfume freshens up a room as you enter. 

Wear Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume to summertime patios, beach vacations, spring parties, or just to the coffee shop. It is light enough for office use. Keep a small bottle handy since reapplication is needed. 

Packaging and Presentation

You have several options for sizes of the Floral Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette. We will discuss all four below.

Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume 3

My favorite option is the Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume gift set because it comes with a travel-sized bottle that fits perfectly in my purse. 

  • Jimmy Choo Floral 90ml

The box for Jimmy Choo’s Floral Perfume is turquoise with a pink magnolia in the center. The box has the Jimmy Choo signature textured snakeskin-feel with silver detailing on lettering. 

The Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume 90ml (3oz) bottle is similar in design to the Original Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum but more egg-shaped. The Floral Perfume bottle is mint green and more elongated than the original but has the same indentation pattern in the glass. 

  • Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume 40ml 

The 40ml (1.3oz) bottle of Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume has the same light blue textured box as the 90ml. The bottle is a miniature replica of the 90ml bottle. 

  • Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume 60ml 

The 60ml (2oz) bottle of Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume is packaged identically to the 40ml and 90ml bottles. The bottle size is the mid-range between the 40ml and 90ml options. 

  • Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume gift set

The three-piece gift set includes one 90ml (3oz) bottle of Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume, one travel-sized 7ml (0.25oz) eau de toilette, and a 100ml (3.3oz) bottle of Jimmy Choo Floral body lotion. 

The four-piece gift set includes everything in the three-piece and a silver Jimmy Choo carrying pouch. 

Personal Impressions

I like this Jimmy Choo fragrance because it combines floral and citrus scents for a fresh and breezy everyday perfume.

Despite it being named Floral, it is not overly floral, which I like. It makes me feel feminine and confident. I also love the look of the glass bottle on my bathroom counter. 

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Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume 5

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I get compliments when I wear Jimmy Choo Floral because the sillage is moderate yet not overbearing. The only downside is that I need to reapply it throughout the day. 


The longevity of the Jimmy Choo Floral perfume is low to moderate. A spritz of this eau de toilette will last around two to four hours. I use this scent before work and typically reapply it on my lunch break. 

In my opinion, this perfume benefits from moderate longevity. Since it is light and fresh, the reapplication of Jimmy Choo Floral is a refreshing experience. 

The Jimmy Choo Floral perfume sillage is moderate enough to turn heads yet light enough that it does not make people sneeze as you walk by. 

Pros & Cons

The Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume has more pros than cons for me.

If you like other Jimmy Choo perfumes or floral, citrus, and woody scents, then put this perfume on your wishlist. It might not be the right choice for you if you use your perfume sparingly and are not likely to reapply it throughout the day. 


  • Floral, Citrus, and Woody Scents 
  • Luxurious bottle design 
  • Various size options 


  • Low to moderate longevity, needs reapplication throughout the day


Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume is a fresh, light, and carefree perfume. The combination of magnolia, sweet pea, citrus, and woody scents smells like Jimmy Choo and Louise Turner trapped springtime in a bottle just for you. 

This perfume is perfect for everyday use and is the ideal combination of sweet, floral, and citrus scents without being overpowering. 

Jimmy Choo Floral Perfume Reviewed: Fresh & Breezy

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.