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My Burberry Perfume: This Refreshing Scent Reviewed

With its warm and comforting scent, this beautiful perfume from Burberry lives up to its cozy name. 

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It has joined one of the many feminine scents this brand has to offer, so women who enjoy Burberry’s other iconic perfumes may want to give My Burberry a try. 

Or if you’re a man who enjoys one of Burberry’s masculine fragrances, My Burberry could be a great gift for a special woman in your life. 

There are two similar products that Burberry also offers: My Burberry Perfume Black and My Burberry Blush. However, this My Burberry perfume review will mainly focus on the original release back in 2014. 

My Burberry Bottle

Are you curious about this elegant fragrance? Here’s our thorough review of the My Burberry product to help you decide if this perfume is worth a try. 

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Who Makes It? 

My Burberry is from a British brand called Burberry. They produce cosmetics, clothing, and other fashion-related products. The brand dates back to 1856 in London, England, and it gained popularity worldwide in the 1970s. 

However, the creativity behind this specific product goes to a man named Francis Kurkdjian, an Armenian-French perfumer. He’s also known for creating Le Male, one of the best-selling perfumes in the world.

According to Kurkdjian, he created My Burberry to convey the calming feeling of London after the rain. 

Scent Notes 

What does My Burberry perfume smell like? The answer to that is pretty complex, but overall, we would describe this scent as calming and refreshing. 

Citrus Fruits

The varied notes in the My Burberry women’s fragrance mingle beautifully. When we open up a bottle of this perfume, the first thing we notice is the floral notes–mainly sweet pea and freesia.

Germanium and a touch of rose join the mix, giving it an herbal, earthy touch as well. 

However, this perfume does not rely on floral notes alone. Alongside those floral scents is the presence of fruit, although it is quite subtle.

We can expect hints of quince and bergamot, a green citrus fruit that’s similar to an orange. This subtle fruity edition gives the fragrance a pleasant and refreshing scent! 

Who Would Like It 

The name “My Burberry” refers to the way many people refer to their trench coats under the Burberry brand. Like the fashion under Burberry, this perfume is incredibly cozy and something we can incorporate into just about any style.

So if you or your giftee are fond of Burberry fashion, a spray of this perfume could be a great way to complete any outfit. 

My Burberry 2

The scent of this perfume is very mature and feminine, so it is best for adult women. It has a bit of spice and edge that make it suitable for younger adults, but it is still soft and elegant, making it a lovely choice for older women as well. 

Its presence is clear but not too overwhelming, either, so it’s also a great choice for women who like to keep things subtle. 

Overall, My Burberry women’s perfume is a great choice for a wide variety of women, so if you have a special woman in your life, it could make a wonderful gift for her. 

Where Should You Wear It? 

This perfume is notably long-lasting, so if we are planning to spend a day away from the house and are looking for a fragrance that will last until the evening, My Burberry might be the way to go. 

My Burberry perfume is an excellent choice for a variety of occasions, formal or informal. It is a notably mature and feminine scent, so wearing it while out on a date is a wise choice. That said, it’s not too pungent either, so it’s also suitable for women in professional settings. 

Date Night

Bear in mind, however, that while it may be tempting, we may not want to purchase My Burberry for everyday use. The My Burberry perfume price will vary depending on the seller, but it tends to skew towards expensive. 

In addition, wearing it too often can desensitize our and other people’s noses; instead, we should reserve this perfume for special occasions. 

Packaging And Presentation 

Regardless of how we feel about the scent itself, we can’t deny that this perfume has some beautiful packaging and presentation. 

My Burberry comes in a beige-colored box for its protection. Once we open it, we’ll find the bottle of perfume carefully nestled within. 

My Burberry 3

The fragrance is in a crystal-clear glass bottle with the title written in an elegant font. The cap has an earthy marble color scheme. To top it all off, there is a little beige ribbon wrapped around the neck of the fragrance bottle. 

Even when we aren’t wearing this fragrance, it will look beautiful on our dresser or wherever we might store our perfumes, so it’s a win-win all around. 

Personal Impressions 

People’s impressions and reactions to the My Burberry perfume can vary. In general, however, they tend to skew toward positivity! 

As Kurdjkian intended, this perfume often evokes imagery of a rainy day in London. Those who grew up in London or otherwise have fond memories of this city may feel a sense of nostalgia when they smell this perfume! 

My Burberry 4

Like a rainstorm itself, others may find the aromas of My Burberry very refreshing and relaxing, too. The floral and citrusy notes mingle together to provide a perfect balance, resulting in a perfume that makes its presence known but isn’t overbearing. 

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Overall, the performance of this perfume is excellent. The longevity of My Burberry perfume is something we should certainly keep in mind. Just a couple of sprays is enough to leave us with a pleasant scent throughout the day. 

The fragrance is powerful enough to catch some positive attention from others, but not so pungent that it risks being disruptive. 

Where Can You Buy It? 

If you’d like some of this excellent perfume for yourself, we recommend purchasing it on TheAromi. This website provides excellent customer service, quick delivery, and a variety of sales and deals! 

My Burberry Perfume: This Refreshing Scent Reviewed

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