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Burberry Perfume for Women Review: Exceptionally Refreshing

If you’re looking for an exceptional floral fragrance that’s sophisticated and feminine, Burberry Women is an excellent choice.

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Burberry Perfume for Women has been wowing women worldwide since its debut in 1995.

One of the best aspects of Burberry Women is that it evolves over the day, starting with decadent apricot and peach scents then progressing to sandalwood and vanilla as time goes on.

It’s an excellent perfume for the chic woman who wants to embrace her feminine side in a sweet, subtle way. It’s a refreshing scent perfect for everyday wear but can also strike a high-end note.

Burberry for Women

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So buy it for yourself, or if you have a remarkable woman in your life, pick up a bottle of Burberry perfume for her.

Who Makes Burberry Perfume for Women?

Michel Almairac makes Burberry Women. This renowned perfumer has worked with some of the top perfume houses in the world and has 173 scents under his belt.

Almairac is well known for creating innovative scent blends that weave different notes together in unexpected and fresh ways.

Scent Notes

Burberry Women is not your typical floral. Instead, this perfume relies heavily on the interplay between fruity and floral notes for a balanced blend that is familiar and interesting.

There are several keynotes that you’ll find. All of them work together to make this harmonious blend successful.

Key Top Notes

  • Dark black currant
  • Juicy peach
  • Fresh green apple

Key Middle Notes

  • Rich sandalwood
  • Bright jasmine

Key Base Notes

  • Spicy musk
  • Robust vanilla

Who Would Like It?

Burberry Women is ideal for women looking for a scent that’s both feminine and sultry. It’s a grown-up floral, and although it has notes of vanilla, it’s certainly not overly sweet.

Burberry for Women 4

Instead, you get the richness of each note playing off each other in a very adult way.

Confident, self-made women who like the My Burberry scent will be drawn to Burberry Women. It’s a confident scent that’s easy to pull off but certainly makes a statement.

If you want to stand out in the crowd and aren’t afraid to be unique and memorable, Burberry Women is the scent for you.

Where Should You Wear It?

Burberry Women is exceptionally versatile. You can certainly put it on every day as your go-to scent. It’s not too overpowering for the office, and it fades beautifully throughout the day, so it’s excellent for occasions where you need a lot of scent staying power. 

Some women might opt to wear Burberry Women for special occasions. It can certainly add another layer of sophistication to any outfit, and it’s a wonderful first-date perfume.

Since Burberry Women is feminine and floral while still maintaining its grown-up edge, it works very well in romantic settings.

Packaging and Presentation

Burberry for Women 2

Burberry Women’s packaging is mainly understated and elegant. The bottle itself is oval, with very faint lettering spelling out Burberry’s name.

It’s lovely and practical and will look incredible on your vanity counter.

Personal Impressions

Our personal impressions of Burberry Women were quite positive. We found it to be a luxe floral scent that evolved in exciting and interesting ways throughout the day.

There’s very little not to like about this perfume. It’s not overpowering, and it works well with your natural body chemistry. 

Although you could wear it every day, you can wear this Burberry Women when you need a little confidence boost or have an important engagement when you need to feel, look, and smell your best.


Burberry Women is a long-lasting perfume that wears well throughout the day, putting it in good company with other great fragrances.

In the beginning, the scent is much brighter, but it evolves into a mellow floral with hints of vanilla and cedar. Since it has such longevity, many people find it a high-performing fragrance that delivers. 

Burberry for Women 3

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Where Can You Buy It?

You can pick up Burberry Women in many different places, including specialty shops like Sephora.

You can also get it online, and in some cases, even find it at places like Target. Of course, you can also buy it directly from Burberry itself.

If you want to take your fragrance game to the next level, pick up a bottle of Burberry Women today.

Burberry Perfume for Women Review: Exceptionally Refreshing

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