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Jimmy Choo Man: A Review of its Versatile and Masculine Scent

There is something luscious about fruit forward scents – especially for guys. We’re often pigeonholed into wearing masculine woody scents, but toss in a bit of pineapple or melon into that mix and you end up with a sweet freshness that stands out from the crowd. 

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So what about Jimmy Choo Man? It features both of those notes, along with pink pepper, patchouli suede and woods. Based on that, it would seem like the perfect compliment getter for any guy, so I set out to see if that was the case.  

Jimmy choo man

Released in 2014, Jimmy Choo Man was the first guy’s cologne from the famed shoe designer brand. Jimmy Choo had already established itself with a line of popular female scents, so this was their first step into the men’s designer fragrance market. I give them credit for going a bit more unique and leaning into their house style.

The house of Jimmy Choo is known for being rather flashy and flamboyant and Jimmy Choo Man touches on that ethos. 

Snapshot of Jimmy Choo Man 

jimmy choo man 4
  • Fragrance Type: Fruity Aromatic
  • Scent Potency / Appropriate For: Medium potency / great for office, casual or sports. Signature scent worthy.  Can be worn any time, but leans more toward daytime. Best for spring, summer and autumn.
  • Sillage: Good – but may vary based on skin type.
  • Longevity: Lasts 3 – 6 hours
  • Price: $$


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  • Generates tons of compliments
  • Clean and unique masculine scent
  • Perfect signature scent for younger guys
  • Never heavy or overbearing, so it works in many environments
  • Unique and appealing bottle design


  • The wearer may go “nose blind” after a few minutes
  • Not as rugged or powerful as other men’s colognes
  • May not work well for guys over 40
  • May fade quickly on dry skin types
  • Safe scent DNA may be considered mundane by some

Scent Notes 

jimmy choo man 6

Jimmy Choo Man is all about being masculine, sensual and stylish, with a touch of boyish playfulness – evidenced by the brand’s choice of Kit Harington for the marketing campaign. The scent notes follow this concept with an immediate burst of an edgy fruit note that balances between a subtle sweetness and an herbal pink pepper. The cologne uses pineapple leaf which would seem to evoke a fruit forward note without the overt sweetness and tropical notes of pineapple flesh. 

As the top notes evolve, the rounded aromatics of honeydew melon begin to appear, giving the scent a lush and broadened aroma. The woody aspects of the scent begin to toy with a slight lavender floral that keeps the fragrance fresh and vibrant. 

As Jimmy Choo Man continues to develop, the pink pepper note settles into the heart, maintaining a steady spicy freshness throughout the life of the scent. It is this aspect that gives the cologne a sporty effervescence which pairs well with outdoor activities and when you’ll break a sweat.  After a few hours the scent finishes with a modest suede note and a touch of patchouli that supports the ambery woods into the dry down.  


jimmy choo man 5

This is where it gets a little difficult. On my initial tests, I thought the performance for Jimmy Choo Man was rather weak. I noticed a strong sillage for the first hour or so, but then the scent seemed to fade significantly. I realized that something could be happening with my perception when someone complimented my cologne a few hours later.

We were moving around in a smaller space, but never less than an arms length away from each other, so it’s not as if we were super close. I was kind of surprised and soon realized that I may have been quick to judge Jimmy Choo Man’s performance. As it turns out, I was leaving a solid scent trail, but I was experiencing nose blindness

Nose blindness or olfactory fatigue can happen when we adapt to common aromas in our environment. For me, it seemed that the kind of scent found in Jimmy Choo Man was something that I grew accustomed to quickly. My guess is that it may have something to do with my history as a winemaker.

I’ve spent many hours surrounded by fruit – ripe, unripe and fermenting, so fruit forward scents may be something that I can adapt to quickly. Florals, aquatics and spicy or woody leathers, I rarely have perception issues – but this time I was mystified. 

The bottom line is that it’s always good practice to test a scent out a few times and in different situations before jumping to conclusions. After recognizing my limitations, I started asking my friends and family to help with my evaluation. Doing so even helped me to overcome those perception issues.

I found that Jimmy Choo Man perfume leaves a nice scent trail for at least 2 hours and overall longevity is around 3 – 6 hours – longer if you also add in the deodorant stick

Longevity will vary based on skin type and temperatures in the environment. Using a good moisturizer helps to increase longevity of all your colognes and warmer climates tend to allow a fragrance to last and project longer. Another option is to try Jimmy Choo Man Intense, which provides similar scent notes to the original, but projects and lasts a bit longer.

Who Makes It?

jimmy choo man 2

The Jimmy Choo line of fragrances are produced and marketed by Inter Parfums Inc., the company behind other famed perfume brands like Dunhill, Coach, Mont Blanc, Salvatore Ferragamo and many other well known cologne labels. 

Jimmy Choo Man was the first men’s cologne from Jimmy Choo, released in 2014. It was created by the great Master Perfumer Anne Flipo. She is well known for her collaborative work with other perfumers on top sellers like YSL’s La Nuit de l’Homme, Paco Rabbane Invictus and La Vie Est Belle by  Lancome, however she was the sole author of Jimmy Choo Man.

As Jimmy Choo Man grew in popularity, the house came out with a few additional Jimmy Choo Man perfume choices for the collection. The first was the aforementioned Jimmy Choo Man Intense from 2016 which amps up the strength, projection and longevity.  

The following year they released the immensely popular Jimmy Choo Man Ice which takes a page out of the Dior Homme Cologne fragrance style of the refreshingly musky citrus that’s reminiscent of lemonade. Other choices are Jimmy Choo Man Blue and Jimmy Choo Man Aqua which reinterpret the scent with those distinctive aromatic characteristics.  

Who Would Like It

There is something to be said for versatile fragrances and Jimmy Choo Man definitely checks that box. They are easy to wear and fit in almost any situation, season or weather. Although somewhat youthful, it can be worn by any guy at any age in almost any circumstance. There is a universal appeal to this scent and it comes off as pleasant, playful and a bit seductive. 

This is a fragrance that works well for the guy who wants to spray and go without much thought about when, where or who they should wear it with.  It’s what I would categorize as an everyday / everyman no brainer. 

When and Where to Wear It

jimmy choo man and watch

Being as versatile as it is, Jimmy Choo Man can work at any time of the year. It definitely leans toward spring and summer with its fruit forward vibrance, but would not feel out of place in the fall or winter. My only concern would be that it may not project as well outdoors on a super cold winter day, but indoors – in a heated room, or by the fireplace – it’s totally fine and would work great.  

The versatility of Jimmy Choo Man extends to the time of day. It may lean more toward daytime wear, but is fine at night. It may not be my favorite date night scent, but if I were hanging at a friend’s house, going bowling, playing cards or just a bunch of us heading out to a movie, Jimmy Choo Man would be great for a fun friends night out. 

If I were looking for the perfect scent to wear at school or to class, then Jimmy Choo Man would be on that list. It’s likable by a wide swath of people, it projects a bit but not too heavy and leaves a great scent trail while walking through the halls to my next class. Definitely a backpack staple. 

I love that I can wear this at the office all day and then reapply for a business dinner or meet some friends at a local pub and still feel like this cologne will fit right in. It fits in both casual or formal situations. 

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging is one of my favorite parts of this cologne. It comes in a solid silver box with a textured crocodile skin pattern. The Jimmy Choo Man logo is bold and stamped with a black background in the upper center of the box. 

The bottle is heavy and solid with clear gray glass and a rounded arch, reminiscent of an old time flask. It fits well in my hand and is easy to spray or carry around in my pocket, knapsack or briefcase.  The cap clicks into place and features a silver metallic top and base, wrapped with a black rubbery / leather crocodile pattern. The atomizer is excellent – strong and diffusive, spraying out a wide and significant amount of juice.

Personal Impressions

Jimmy Choo Man: A Review of its Versatile and Masculine Scent

There is a lot to like about Jimmy Choo Man. It’s an easygoing scent that can fit in a multitude of situations. With that in mind, sometimes versatility is not what I’m looking for. I may want to wear something bold that will make a strong impression, or something cozy and seductive. In cases like that, there may be better options, but for an all-around everyday fragrance that is fresh and unique, Jimmy Choo Man would fit the bill. 

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There is something about Jimmy Choo Man that reminds me of the sports deodorants of the past. In fact, it reminds me of the original Right Guard deodorant in the brown can. I haven’t worn that stuff in awhile, but I remember it having that same kind of spicy, fruity cleanness that I get from Jimmy Choo Man. 

Don’t take that the wrong way. There’s nothing wrong with a fragrance that keeps me smelling great in any situation – even when I’ve just come off of the basketball court, but that is the thing about versatility. It works in all situations, but may not always be the best choice when it’s a super special occasion. A big date night, an important job interview, meeting someone special for the first time – I may want something more impressive like Sauvage Elixir, Beau de Jour by Tom Ford or Bentley for Men Intense. 

For me, Jimmy Choo for Man is a little on the youthful side. I think this would make an excellent signature scent for guys ages 16 to mid-20’s. If you’re new to fragrance collecting, then this is a great place to start.  No matter the situation, you’re bound to make a positive impression. It will fit in while hanging with your friends and you can wear it pretty much anytime or anywhere and be assured that it’s a good choice.

Similar Fragrances / Alternatives

jimmy choo man 3

The collection of Jimmy Choo Man fragrances offer a lot of alternatives within the Jimmy Choo Universe. The Blue, Ice and Aqua versions enhance the DNA of the original scent, providing the line with some variety. This helps to target specific situations and moves the line out of the middleground epitomized by the original. 

When I want to get the same level of appeal and versatility that I’m getting from Jimmy Choo Man, there are a number of other options that are just as flexible, but may leave a slightly different impression. Here are a few of those choices:

  • Coach for Men – a super popular and versatile scent that has great projection and unique notes of pear, kumquat, cardamom and coriander. A delicious spicy fruit cocktail.
  • Mont Blanc Legend – I love the Mont Blanc Legend line and the original from 2011 holds up amazingly well. A huge compliment getter with a fresh, clean fruity lavender note that can be found at bargain prices.  
  • Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct is one of my favorite no-brainer grabs for when I want something versatile. It’s both fresh and warm with a great melon top note, with the freshness of tonic water and a breezy ozonic violet leaf note. 
  • Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren also has a melon note, but amps up the freshness even more with cucumber. Super cool with a bouncy fruit character, this gem has great longevity and projection. 

Final Thoughts

Masculine scents with a touch of fruit can be an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. When searching for a cologne that features these inviting notes, there are a lot of choices out there and for the price, Jimmy Choo Man fits right in with that crowd. The question is, how bold do you want to go and what are the complimentary notes that you’d like to have surrounding your fragrance choice? 

If you’re looking for a versatile, every day signature scent, then Jimmy Choo Man is an easy choice. It’s likeable, generates compliments and fits into almost any setting. Other fragrances in this style may offer more complexity or impact, but for the guy who doesn’t want to overthink his choice and just wants to smell great, no matter what the situation is, then Jimmy Choo Man is the way to go, 

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