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The Sensual Calvin Klein Obsession for Men: Reviewed

Calvin Klein once said, “There has been a change in men’s attitudes toward their clothes. Men are more aware of fashion; they’re not afraid of it.” 

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Part of that fashion awareness means using the perfect cologne to accentuate their ensemble and give an air of confidence. The trick is finding the perfect scent. 

calvin klein
Obsession For Men EDT

As men graduate from their overuse of cheap cologne during their teen years, they begin looking for a more subtle yet sensual scent. 

With so many colognes available, some men may struggle to find the perfect scent. However, why not try one that has stood the test of time? 

One of our favorite men’s colognes is Obsession for men by Calvin Klein. Sometimes, the classics are just a better option. 

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Who Makes It?

Calvin Kein Incorporated started in 1968 as a fashion line, and the company came out with its first perfume for women ten years later. In 1981, the company produced its first men’s fragrance. After just a few short years, the perfume Obsession for women became a huge hit on the market. 

Following that success, Robert Slattery produced Obsession for him in 1986. Even with close to 200 fragrances available, Calvin Klein’s Obsession for men remains a favorite with numerous male users worldwide, thanks to Slattery’s creative touch.

When he started creating the cologne, he wanted to steer away from a heavy floral scent because of the high demand for earthy and herbal fragrances. With just a touch of lavender, he combined warmer tones to create an enduring favorite decade after decade.

obsession after shave
Obsession For Men After Shave

Scent Notes

Obsession for men has a seductive combination of scents. It has a deliciously warm, spicy accord mixed with woody and aromatic scents. With touches of vanilla and citrus accords, the cologne impressively balances varying tones. 

Even though Calvin Klein wanted a less flowery perfume for men, he used just enough lavender, fruits, bergamot, and other citrus scents for the top notes. The addition of cinnamon gives a sweet yet spicy touch, bringing a masculine warmth to the citrus tones. 

The middle notes, or the heart of the cologne, has a lovely combination of nutmeg, herbals, wood, and jasmine. Again, there are just enough soft scents of vanilla, red berries, and amber to balance the other tones’ heaviness.

The base notes give the fragrance its intoxicating warmth. From the musk to the sandalwood and amber, these smells perfectly balance the top citrus notes for a final product that is both sensuous and powerful. 

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Packaging and Presentation

Thanks to the genius of Pierre Dinand, the elegant bottle design perfectly reflects the warm, woody accents of the fragrance. 

The simple contour mimics the oval shape of the leaves the spices come from, and the latte coloring transports us to the woods. You can easily see inside the bottle with the slightly tinted glass and get a peek at the perfume. Plus, the gently curved topper in a pecan color accentuates the earthy design. 

Even the limited text on the bottle has an elegant yet powerful font. The whole package subtly exudes power.

Of course, there’s also Obsession Night: the bottle is the same shape and size, but in a cooler, dark blue that echoes its name.

obsession night ck

Personal Impressions 

How can you go wrong with Obsession for men? Even though this was one of Calvin Klein’s first cologne’s, Robert Slatterly truly hit a home run with the fragrance.     

We love the ingenuity behind this scent. Slatterly took the incredibly flowery smell of Obsession for women and added woody, spicy tones to create a sensual and masculine scent. It is a potent, robust fragrance that grabs attention. 

Whether you want to impress a love interest or exude confidence during a job interview, this cologne is the final touch you need to succeed. 

While older men may be keener to try this scent, we can’t help but believe that young men would love Obsession if they tried it. It is certainly a step up from the abrasive teenage scents many younger men use! 


Can you think of anything worse than your cologne wearing off in the middle of a date or during an important work presentation? 

The key to an incredible perfume is its powerful longevity. Of course, like the incredible scent notes, Obsession’s lasting scent does not disappoint. 

Spray on just a touch of the cologne, and enjoy the intoxicating smell for anywhere from eight to 18 hours. Be careful not to spray on too much for added longevity since it is a heavier fragrance. With just one spray, you’ll be ready for the entire day. 

Since the cologne is fairly strong, it has an impressive projection. As you walk down the hall, you can expect heads to turn. Again, just a touch of the cologne will do the trick to have people notice you. 

Plus, since you only need about one spray per day, the bottle of cologne will last you a long time. 

obsession after shave balm
Obsession For Men – After Shave Balm

Who Would Like It?

Since its premiere in 1986, Obsession for men has been a favorite for men of all walks of life. From the young professional looking for a passionate, confident scent to the more mature man who wants a powerful, musky cologne, men of all ages enjoy the Obsession fragrance.

Some things get better with age, like a good wine – or a Calvin Klein scent. Despite almost 35 years passing since its debut, all types of men use Obsession as their go-to scent. However, this scent is a clear favorite with older men, thanks to the classic fragrance.  

We believe this quote from Calvin Klein best summarizes the ideal Obsession man: “I’ve been strong and determined all my life about many things I’ve wanted.”

The Obsession scent is perfect for the strong, determined man who goes after what he wants with everything he’s got. 

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Where Should You Wear It?

Even though some men use this cologne daily, its heavy musk is ideal for a romantic date or an evening on the town. Consider this scent for the fall, winter, or spring months since it adds some warmth to the cool weather. 

Since the summer heat and musk of Obsession by Calvin Klein may be a heavy combination, we don’t recommend using it often during the hotter months. 

obsession deodorant
Obsession For Men – Deodorant

Final Verdict

Obsession for men is a classic, powerful fragrance that exudes sensuality and confidence. Since this scent has been around for a few decades, many men may see the cologne as an outdated option. 

Nevertheless, if you love the classics as we do, you’ll definitely enjoy this Calvin Klein scent.

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The Sensual Calvin Klein Obsession for Men: Reviewed

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