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Creed Cologne Review: 11 Of Our Favorite Picks

Professional men in the US indulge in investing in different colognes for themselves, whether for work, romance, or personal reasons. A way to do this is to choose the best Creed cologne that has long-lasting fragrances for every season and budget.

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Our Shortlist For Best Creed Colognes

Creed cologne offers something for everyone. To make that choice easier for you, we have written a comprehensive Creed cologne review spanning eleven products. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Creed Millesime Imperial Cologne

Best Intro to Creed

Millesime Imperial gives you a great introduction to Creed cologne, especially since it’s a unisex cologne. This fragrance was released in 1994 and is warm and romantically fresh.

Creed Millesime Imperial cologne is an elegant dark scent with a blackcurrant and bergamot opening that switches to salty tones in the heart. These scents lead to the base of warmth and sandalwood scents.

Blended to work well in the daytime at the office or while going out for drinks in the evening. It’s less aggressive than stronger colognes that people often find. Creed cologne reviews know that longevity varies from person to person.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

PROS: Not overpowering, perfect for casual situations

CONS: Longevity issues, averages wear time of 3-5 hours

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Good
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: The office and evenings out

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Creed Green Irish Tweed Cologne

Best for Confidence Boost

Creed Green Irish Tweed is one of the most iconic fragrances on earth. Launched in 1985, it’s one of the oldest fragrances and is still popular today.

Creed Green Irish Tweed is filled with green notes blended with a blissful sea breeze. The head notes are a trio of opening scents, including peppermint, verbena, and lemon.

Next, solidified geranium, violet, and lavender fill over the long-lasting base notes of different woods. The base notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, and ambergris oakmoss.

Show off your fresh scent for a meeting in the office or having a romantic date night. Boost your confidence by unleashing your inner James Bond by wearing the cologne explicitly made for James Bond and Casino Royale.

PROS: Versatile fragrance, perfect for the spring season

CONS: Not good in colder weather

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Good
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: Day and nighttime wear

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Creed Royal Water Cologne

Best for Fruity Smells

Royal Water by Creed is a citrus fragrance launched in 1997. Head notes are citrus and mint, and heart notes are juniper and basil. Base notes are musk and ambergris.

This balance of citrus and sharp scents takes you through the seasons without needing to change.

PROS: Praised by men and women

CONS: Citrus smell may be considered feminine

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Moderate
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: Daytime

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Creed Original Santal Cologne

Best for Winter

Original Santal leads you on a bolder journey away from typical sandalwood fragrances. This spicy fragrance was released by Creed in 2005 and is known to have a complex scent.

Fruity head notes of ginger, juniper, rosemary, coriander, and mandarin are combined with heart notes of orange blossom and sandalwood. Tonka bean and oakmoss complete the base notes scent.

This strong spicy sandalwood smell is perfect for winter and will turn heads in your direction.

PROS: Great for cold-weather and masculine

CONS: Expensive

  • Sillage: Good
  • Longevity: Excellent
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: Winter nights

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Creed Royal Mayfair Cologne

Best for Luxury 

This Creed cologne review notes that Royal Mayfair is known for luxury. It was initially launched in 2009 as a limited edition item. However, it was newly released in 2015, giving nature scents throughout the day.

This timelessly British scenting fragrance envelops juniper and lime to simulate a classic gin and tonic. Scottish Highland pine and dewy rose balance the fruit scent with fresh greenery.

PROS: Elegant, fresh, and green freshness

Fernweh Editions Candles

CONS: Earlier edition was more popular

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Long-lasting
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: All-day wear

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Creed Erolfa Cologne

Best Aquatic Scent

Erolfa was launched in 1992, and its aquatic scent comes from its namesake. Its name comes from the Creed family yacht.

This floral fragrance gives you basil, lavender, and jasmine, while the base holds sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk on the base.

It’s perfect for all the seasons and captures the luxurious lifestyle of any man.

PROS: Wearable all-day

CONS: Salty on the skin

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Not good
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: All-day wear

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Creed Tabarome Cologne

Best for Fall Nights

Tabarome is perfect for elite individuals and was released at the end of the 20th century. This warm and sophisticated fragrance was initially created for Winston Churchill.

The top note is tangerine, heart notes are ginger, and the base notes are sandalwood, patchouli, ambergris, tobacco, and leather. The warmth from the coffee and rum scents is potent throughout the day.

This Creed cologne review concludes that this fragrance is timeless and truly elegant since it was fit for royalty and a British statesman.

PROS: Harvested from the best crops

CONS: Too many sprays lead to a strong coffee scent

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Moderate
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: Cozy, fall nights

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Aventus EDP by Creed For Men

Best for Any Occasion

Aventus Creed is a fresh, clean fragrance that shows off your masculinity. This fragrance was released in 2010 and was created for the self-assured man.

Fruity head notes of apple, blackcurrant, bergamot, lemon, and pink peppercorn are complemented with floral heart notes, including jasmine and patchouli. The boldness of this fragrance is balanced by a variety of woody base notes, including ambergris, birch, cedarwood, musk, and oakmoss.

Aventus is a modern classic cologne that carries a fresh scent on your skin all day. Impress your date or turn heads at the office as you walk past after reading this Creed Aventus review.

PROS: Unique and masculine fragrance

CONS: Expensive

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Very good
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: Evening

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Bois du Portugal Cologne

Best Earthy Scent

In French, Bois Du Portugal stems from the word bois, meaning woods. Enjoy the woody forest scent with a cologne that launched in 1987.

Citrus fruits line the head notes, while the heart notes bring the earth scents, including allspice, nutmeg, clove, and coriander. The natural scent is intensified by the sandalwood and cedarwood scents.

Indulge in the earthy scent while letting yourself feel like royalty. Be assertive in the office or turn heads on a night out, grabbing everyone’s attention.

PROS: Long-lasting, with no need to reapply

CONS: Strong

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Long-lasting
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: All-day wear

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Aventus Cologne

Best for Summer

Aventus Cologne by Creed is the perfect summertime cologne with blackcurrant, apple, and pineapple notes. Launched in 2010, the sweet fruit and clean floral scent are still rising in popularity since its release.

Head notes of pink peppercorn, ginger, and mandarin are elegantly blended with vetiver, patchouli, and pineapple heart notes. Base notes are dry and wood-based, including birch, musk, and styrax.

Step into the office on a summer day with a light fragrance that will turn heads in your direction. This Creed Aventus review is effortlessly sophisticated and distinguishable.

PROS: Elegant, light, and classy

CONS: Not long-lasting and expensive

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Moderate
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: The office

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Creed Viking Cologne

Best New Fragrance

The newest Creed cologne review is for Viking, which launched in 2021.

Dive into a fresh head notes scent of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin for your spring and summer adventures. Heart and base notes include lavender and rosemary, sandalwood, and cedarwood.

Unleash your inner Viking and be a modern adventurer with the fresh scent that can get through a daytime meeting or a night on the town.

PROS: Perfect for all seasons

CONS: Fruity scented, needs to be reapplied

  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Longevity: Moderate
  • Scent potency/appropriate for: Daytime wear

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About Creed Cologne

Creed is a fragrance brand that focuses on niche scents.

Creed Cologne Review - Green Irish Tweed

It was founded by James Henry Creed in London in 1760 and has since grown into a multi-national company with boutiques worldwide.

Who Makes the Cologne?

Today, Creed fragrances are made by Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin Creed. Oliver is the mastermind behind the brand’s most renowned products, including Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, and Silver Mountain Water.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs and budget, these Creed cologne reviews will help you find the right fragrance for you. Remember to look into your own list of best Creed cologne choices to keep yourself professional and casual. You’ll be sure to turn heads when you walk by.


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