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A Review of Burberry Touch For Men: Intriguing and Masculine

Burberry is well-known for its stylish men’s clothing line, but the London-based company also has a men’s fragrance line.

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Burberry Touch is one of the notable fragrances for men from the Burberry Classics collection. Introduced in 2000, this Burberry cologne is my favorite blend of woody, floral, and musk notes that are gentle while still having a masculine presence.

In this Burberry Touch for men review, I’ll evaluate every aspect of this popular cologne.


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Who Makes It? 

Burberry Touch is marketed by Burberry and created by Jean-Pierre Bethouart. He was born and raised in Picardy, part of the historic Hauts-de-France region that ranges from Paris to the Champagne vineyards and the Bay Somme beaches on the English Channel. Jean-Pierre started in chemistry before deciding to switch careers to the perfume industry.

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He started work with Givaudan in 1981, staying with the company until 1987 when he moved to Firmenich. With over 50 fragrances to his credit, Jean-Pierre Bethouart has been a leading creator in the fragrance industry, having constructed other classics like Boucheron Pour Homme and Versace – Blue Jeans.


Scent Notes 

Burberry Touch is one of the more intriguing colognes for men. It doesn’t have the primal masculine scent notes that are often associated with other Burberry for men fragrances. I sense a gentle, slightly powdery, and almost ethereal aspect to the composition. 

The top notes are both flowery and citrusy with notes of Mandarin orange, artemisia, and violet leaf which gives the cologne an airy and refreshing lift.

The cologne’s body or mid notes bring forth a slightly spicy, masculine scent. Virginia cedar wood and nutmeg are combined with the spice of white pepper. 

When the cologne settles, subtle base notes appear. Smooth Vetiver is combined with white musk and tonka beans. On my skin, the fragrance dried down to a sweet, intimate & cozy finish.

A tender and gentle masculine scent with subtle and persistent projectionMay not appeal to someone looking to make a bold statement
Adaptable to any setting or season, evoking a profound sense of inner strength and stabilityNot an ideal nightclubbing scent
The cozy scent bubble draws in those who appreciate its comforting effectPopular since 2000, so not a new or modern-styled scent
  • Sillage: Very Good for 2-3 hours
  • Longevity: Excellent – lasts 6 to 8 hours
  • Scent Potency / Appropriate for: Moderate potency – suitable for office, school, date, day or night, any season, signature scent
  • Price: $ (Under $40)

Packaging and Presentation 

You expect classic packaging from the London company. Just like their tasteful clothing, the cologne mirrors the brand’s classic designs. The box features a grey plaid design with red accents. The white lettering is discrete and distinctive.

Burberry Touch for Men 3

The crystal cologne bottle really echoes the brand’s classic style. The clear bottle is devoid of decoration, except for the Burberry logo and cologne name. A wooden black top completes the presentation. If you enjoy displaying your colognes as I do, Burberry Touch will add an image of class and elegance.

A small atomizer disperses the perfect amount of fragrance. I love that it lets me use a broad mist or a more targeted spray.

Personal Impressions 

Burberry Touch is so incredibly well constructed that it is difficult to find someone who doesn’t appreciate the scent. There are no harsh edges or offbeat notes. It’s just a purely graceful scent that will likely draw many compliments. 

The mandarin tree notes add a slight herbal tone to the fresh citrus top and artemisia emphasizes the clean aspect of the opening which seamlessly blends into a powdery, musky spice. 

That is what I find so alluring about Burberry Touch for Men. It never overtly announces a specific scent note, but each opens the door in a transition to the others, creating a smooth and flawless evolution on the skin. It’s perfumer Jean-Pierre Bethouart’s intelligent use of violet leaf that invokes an ethereal nature in this creation. 

Often described as watery and ozonic, violet leaf gives a fragrance a buoyant, airy lift and in Burberry Touch I think it allows the more grounded woody, spicy notes to appear incredibly smooth and welcoming. 

There is a gentleness here. A fluidity that suggests an inner strength. A kind of quiet power that captivates through kindness and is soft yet persistent.

Burberry Touch for Men 4

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Although Burberry Touch can be considered a more intimate scent, that doesn’t mean it is weak. The fragrance is constructed to envelop you and only project to those who have come a bit closer. 

On first spray, the sillage extends about an arm’s length and then pulls back to about half that as it dries down, but you’ll still get noticed by anyone within about a foot. 

I also love that it lasts a long time on my skin. I was still enjoying the woody, musky, slightly powdery base after 6-8 hours on the skin. On my clothes, Burberry Touch for Men lasted the whole day.

Burberry Touch for Men Infographic

Who Would Like It? 

Men and women of all ages will appreciate the fresh scent of Burberry cologne. It was created to bridge the gap between strong masculine scented colognes and floral ones. The lighter scent also makes the cologne ideal for young guys new to wearing cologne. Even when it’s over-applied, it’s still not overbearing.

Some women are also interested in men’s fragrances as they look for something a little less flowery. Because of the top floral notes, combined with the milder mid and base ones, Burberry Touch is an excellent cologne for women that enjoy wearing scents designed for men.

Where To Wear It 

The versatility of Burberry Touch for Men is likely one of the key reasons that this cologne has endured as a staple in any man’s cologne collection since 2000. It works well either day or night and as far as seasons go, this fragrance works year ‘round. 

The sweeter notes project beautifully in winter and fall, but they can also work well in the warmer months. The powdery floral freshness would make it a perfect spring fragrance and in the high heat of summer, the violet leaf comes alive and keeps the scent buoyant and light. 

Burberry Touch for Men 5

You can wear this fragrance just about anywhere. It’s perfect for family get-togethers, office parties, indoor or outdoor, dates or just hanging with friends. I found it a more relaxed, casual fragrance so it tends to lean toward an easygoing, carefree environment. Quite possibly, the perfect Netflix & chill cologne!

Where Can You Buy It? 

Burberry may be an English company but that doesn’t mean you have to travel to London. It is a worldwide brand that also has an online presence. You’ll find Burberry Touch in most department stores, along with online shops.


There are two sizes to choose from. The 1.7oz is ideal for guys that aren’t sure what they like in a cologne. It’s the right amount to try the scent for a few weeks or months, depending on how often you use the fragrance. 

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There’s also a larger 3.3oz option for those that are committed to the light, woodsy scent.  If you want to make an impression, choose the Burberry for men gift set.

Colognes Similar to Burberry Touch for Men 

Several colognes have similar notes, but their fragrances are heavier and more masculine. Allure Sport by Chanel is one example, but the closest is Burberry Brit cologne.

Like other Burberry colognes for men, Burberry Brit has a warm scent, emphasized by its smooth base. Bergamont, ginger, grey musk, tonka beans, and green mandarin give it a fruity, masculine aroma.

Even though it is similar to Burberry Touch for men, it doesn’t have the subtle floral scent that men and women both love. Instead, I noticed deeper musk notes, along with hints of ginger.

Burberry cologne is a classic fragrance that epitomizes British casual elegance. It’s understated, while still having a spicy and woodsy presence.

Final Thoughts

There is a good reason why Burberry Touch for men has been a signature scent for many guys over the past 20 years. 

It’s incredibly versatile, generates loads of compliments, and can really draw in someone who wants to be closer to you. That may be why Touch is the perfect name for this fragrance. It gently projects and encourages closer contact, yet remains soft and tender. 


Never overwhelming, it is the perfect fragrance for “the strong-silent type” of man. It is ethereal but remains grounded. There is an inner strength and quiet power to this cologne. Like someone who captivates through kindness, it is gentle, introspective, and enchanting. 

One of the most alluring aspects of Burberry Touch for Men is how gradually the base notes unfurl. The dry down reminds me of the closing notes to a beautiful song. Although the melody has ended and the final chords ring out, then slowly fade away, the memory of its presence will be everlasting.


What does Burberry Touch for men smell like?

A clean powdery floral with slightly sweet and clean citrus notes that open to a masculine light peppery, woody scent.

What do women say about Burberry Touch for men?

It’s elegant, attractive, enjoyable, and cuddly. 

Is Burberry Touch for winter or summer?

Burberry Touch leans more toward cooler weather but still works in the summer as long as you don’t overspray.

What type of scent is Burberry Touch for men?

Burberry Touch is characterized as a Woody Floral Musk. 

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A Review of Burberry Touch For Men