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The Complexity of Dior’s Joy Perfume: Is It Worth It?

Celebrate life and all of its pleasures with Dior Joy perfume. Introduced in 2018, it is a vibrant fragrance that celebrates good vibes and happiness.

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It is an occasional complex fragrance with both floral and citrus notes. It also brings a smooth undertone of woods and other deeper scents.

In our Dior Joy perfume review, we’ll evaluate all aspects of this fascinating fragrance so you can decide if it’s the right Dior fragrance to add to your collection.

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Who Makes It? 

Joy perfume by Dior was created by French perfumer Francois Demachy and released in August of 2018. Born in Cannes, he, like other famous perfumers, spent his childhood in Grasse in the south of France. His proximity to the aromatic plants and flowers sold from the region to perfume companies helped him find his passion.

After trying different vocations that included dentistry, Francois studied for five years at the Charabot school of perfumery. First at Chanel where he was the Director of Research and Development, until finally landing under the LVMH umbrella as the Director of Development of cosmetics and perfumes. As the main nose at Christian Dior, he is responsible for the creation of several fragrances, including Joy.

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Scent Notes 

Dior Joy perfume has a complex fragrance with several underlying notes. The first top notes are fresh and citrusy without being too sweet. It starts with Mandarin orange and Bergamot, followed by peach, cassis, jasmine, and Grasse Rose. These middle notes are what give Joy its delicious flowery aroma.

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Finally, hints of sandalwood, cedar, white musk, benzoin, and patchouli provide the perfume’s base. It’s these base notes that help give the fragrance depth and add to its complexity. You won’t smell one note at any given time, even when the perfume is drying. It seems to continually change until finally settling down to a beautiful mix.

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Packaging and Presentation 

The perfume is beautifully packaged, though it’s the bottle you’ll want to keep and not the box. You won’t find anything spectacular about the box, all of the creativity was saved for the small crystal bottle.

The light grey-colored box is etched in pink with silver highlights that reflect the light. However, it’s still the bottle that will have you looking for a spot to display it. The bottom reflects the thick crystal and the pink scented liquid inside. It’s also embossed with Dior’s recognizable silver logo.

A silver cap tops off the bottle and compliments the logo’s coloring. The small spritzer is perfect for broader sprays or when you want to target a specific pulse point.

Personal Impressions 

It has a light and invigorating scent that makes you think of flowers and forested trails. The citrusy notes give it a fresh fragrance, while the deeper sandalwood and patchouli notes give Joy perfume a hint of mystery and seduction.

The fragrance isn’t too strong due to its middle and base notes. But its complexity does make Dior Joy an excellent signature fragrance for women that want to stand out without drawing too much attention to themselves.

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Since this is a softer perfume, it doesn’t have a big presence. It has a moderate range but is designed for close-ups. It is the perfect fragrance to wear on a romantic date. Christian Dior Joy’s longevity is similar to its range.

It does last reasonably well for a light scent, usually five to six hours though it does gradually fade over time. As it dissipates, the floral and citrus notes last longer than the mid and base.

Who Would Like It? 

Joy perfume is designed for any woman who wants a scent that makes her feel pretty. The light floral notes are warm and vibrant. Even though it is a soft perfume, it’s also joyful and vibrant, making it ideal for wearing during the spring and summer.

Since it has a light fragrance, you can wear it for work or on a special date. It’s also perfect for romantic evenings or when you want to bring the scent of flowers inside. Women of all ages will love how they feel when they spritz a little Joy on their neck and wrists.

Where Should You Wear It? 

There isn’t a place or time when wearing Joy perfume isn’t appropriate. It’s not a heavy perfume so you don’t have to worry about it being too strong or overpowering. Stronger scents others wear can drown out Joy’s subtle notes. Whether it’s a workday, weekend, or romantic date, you won’t go wrong wearing a little Joy.

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Where Can You Buy It? 

Joy from Christian Dior is a new perfume, released in 2018. Even though its popularity has skyrocketed due to skilled marketing campaigns and its pleasing scent, you won’t have any problems finding a bottle.

Dior Joy by Christian Dior is available in three sizes designed to fit any woman’s budget. You can choose a small one-ounce bottle if you’re not sure about the scent. Those that already love the light, vibrant fragrance can find larger three-ounce crystal bottles for sale. There’s also a 1.7-ounce option for those that don’t wear the same perfume every day.

Colognes Similar To Dior Joy by Christian Dior 

There is only one Dior Joy by Christian Dior, but Allure by Chanel is a close cousin. Both are fresh, floral perfumes but that is where the similarities end. Allure is warmer and sexier, with Oriental notes. It has a bolder, sweeter scent that some women and men can find overpowering.

While Allure does have a better range due to its stronger scent, both have the same longevity of a few hours. Even though you will notice the similarities between the two, there are enough differences to tell them apart easily.

Women looking for an energetic floral scent that isn’t too sweet or overpowering will find Dior Joy perfume by Christian Dior the perfect fragrance for both day and night. 


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The Complexity of Dior’s Joy Perfume: Is It Worth It?

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