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Chanel Chance Perfume Reviewed: Versatile & Classy

Almost everyone who enjoys smelling elegant has heard of Chanel perfume. Still, since Chanel has made over 130 fragrances and 12 collections, it’s certainly hard for people to keep up with each one. 

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The House of Chanel created many types of perfume fragrances as well for both women and men, including eau de parfum (regular perfume), eau de toilette (fragrance for the skin after a bath), Eau fraiche (similar to perfume but with fewer oils), and others. 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
Already from the gold and pink carton, you can tell Chance is classic Chanel with a modern twist.

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So we wanted to narrow in on one of Chanel’s more popular fragrances for women: the Chanel Chance Perfume and its varieties. 

Continue to read our Chanel Chance perfume review and uncover why, when, and where you might want to try it out for yourself. 

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​​Who Makes it?

Chanel Outlet

Chanel has created a timeless, classic brand of perfumes, colognes, and other fragrances, starting with Gabriel “Coco” Chanel’s debut perfume Chanel No5 in 1921.

Now, the House of Chanel helps continue her remarkable fragrance legacy by releasing collections that meet incredibly high standards. 

The Chanel Chance perfume, specifically, was created by perfumer Jacques Polge and released in 2002. To this day, it is a popular choice for many and often sells out online. 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
Unlike the typically boxy shape of most Chanel perfumes, Chance is in a circular bottle.

​​Scent Notes

The most noticeable scents in the Chanel Chance perfume are floral, citrus, and spicy notes. 

The top note is pink pepper, adding some immediate spiciness into the mix. Following that, you’ll get hints of the floral notes, including jasmine and iris.

The base notes add a unique complexity with white musk, amber patchouli, and vanilla. 

Ultimately, this leaves you with a scent that is powder, woody, and earthy. It’s a warm, mild-mannered, welcoming, and easy-to-understand scent that is easy to take in and even easier to fall in love with. 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
A silver band runs around the diameter of the bottle adding an elegant touch.

​​Who Would Like it?

Many classy, mature women would be delighted with the Chanel Chance perfume.

The classy, sexy, and sophisticated aromas in this perfume are perfect for women who are already confident and want to share that confidence with the world boldly.

Alternatively, this perfume is also an excellent choice for women struggling with their self-confidence and who could use a little boost. 

It’s hard not to carry yourself with grace and high esteem when wearing such a revolutionary, enlightening fragrance. 

We do recommend this fragrance for more mature women. High school ladies and women in their early twenties might find the scent a little too uppity. 

Given the earthiness and powdery nature of this scent – with notes of musk and patchouli, it is not as fun and exciting as they might want it to be. 

These ladies might prefer a perfume with more fruity and sweet notes.

​​Where Should You Wear it? 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
The magnet cap is heavier than I expected and has a solid feeling. The sprayer gave a moderate spray and felt sturdy.

The Chanel Chance perfume is a versatile fragrance that can genuinely suit every occasion.

However, you may find the scent a little too formal for daytime gatherings, outdoor events, family playdates, and other casual settings. 

That said, we primarily recommend this mature and sophisticated scent for more formal, high-class events and special occasions. 

The unexpected floral notes also make it great for a wild romantic night — perhaps a night when you are up for a whirlwind of spontaneity yourself!

Additionally, the uplifting floral notes and sexy vanilla touches make it a very empowering fragrance for women. Thus, we recommend wearing it to the office, especially before a big presentation or a crucial business meeting. 

When it comes to seasons, this Chanel perfume is certainly fitting for every type of weather, but the earthy tones are especially perfect for autumn. 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
The minimalist round bottle has Chance in gold foil above Chanel is black.

​​Packaging and Presentation

Have you noticed that when you look up Chance Chance perfume, a light orange perfume bottle pops up, but you might also see a pink and a green version?

Here, we’ll discuss the packaging and presentation of the original Chanel Chance perfume, but also describe what the pink and green varieties are all about as well.

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
The carton and fragrance fit together to create an elegant experience.

Chanel Chance Perfume – Eau de Parfum

The prominent Chance perfume we have been discussing is the eau de parfum. In other words, this is the bottle that carries the actual perfume. As we’ll soon describe, the other bottles are similar to perfumes but not quite the same chemistry. 

This bottle is clear, exposing the soft orange fragrance within it. It is capped with a sleek silver top. Overall, this bottle is as classic and timeless as the Coco Chanel brand. 

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Chanel Chance Perfume Pink – Eau Tendre 

The Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Perfume is a softer and lighter option. Eau tendre translates to “soft water.” Its purpose is similar to eau de toilette perfumes described above but more concentrated, so it can still be sprayed farther from the body instead of applied directly to the skin.

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It is a lighter, more floral, and more fruity scent. This version of the Chance perfume is a better option for younger women turned off or otherwise impartial to a more mature scent. 

If you love the sound of all of these Chance perfumes, consider getting your hands on a Chanel Chance Perfume gift set! The more, the merrier, right? 

Chanel Chance Perfume Green – Eau de Toilette 

An eau de toilette, as explained in the intro, is a fragrance that is best used after your morning bathroom activities, such as a shower or a bath. This is why this green fragrance emphasizes the more bright, energizing, and fresh notes, such as lime. 

​Personal Impressions

We find the Chanel Chance perfume to be exceptionally rich yet still crisp and clean, which is a difficult combination for perfumes to achieve. 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
The cap is embossed with the interlocking Cs logo for Chanel.

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The scent makes sense, and the powerful, strong sillage makes you feel powerful as well — as long as you don’t overdo it. 


Many women who have tried this Chanel perfume agree that it has a very long-lasting, almost eternal scent.  

The Chanel Chance perfume is undoubtedly a high-quality, high-value fragrance where just a little spray will take you a long way. 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women
Both the carton and bottle are beautifully minimalist and elegant.


All in all, we see nothing wrong with the classic, worldly, and sophisticated scent of the Chanel Chance perfume. 

It’s not for everybody, and you may opt not to wear it every day. 

Chanel Chance EDP for Women

But when you do choose to spritz this one on, you will feel like standing up straighter and holding your chin up higher. What can be better than a quick boost of self-confidence!

Chanel Chance Perfume Reviewed: Versatile & Classy

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.