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Valentino Donna Perfume Reviewed: Exquisite & Impressive

Valentino Donna Perfume is a woody, aromatic fragrance. It’s a spicy, oriental, and soft perfume that is not very spicy but mild and soft, a sweet perfume for women or a pleasant men’s cologne.

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This Valentino Donna perfume review will look at its features and what makes it one of the best.

Valentino Donna Overhead

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Who Makes It? 

Valentino Donna is a newer fragrance in the Valentino line. This is a popular collection for both men’s and women’s fragrances.

The design house launched the line in 2015 under the creative direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri, who worked as the head designer with Valentino. She was also known for creating hip urban styles and advocating for gender equality.

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The perfumer who created this scent was Shyamala Maisondieu, who has created scents since 2000. She has an impressive portfolio of over 200 scents created for various designers.

Valentino Donna Unboxing

In addition to the original scent, two others were released later, including Valentino Donna Born in Roma Dupe and Valentino Donna Noir Absolu.

The opening Valentino Donna notes include bergamot. This adds freshness to an otherwise dark fragrance.

It blends with vanilla, giving it a warm richness and removing some of the sweetness that vanilla often has. The vanilla note isn’t overly strong, but it lingers for a few hours.

Patchouli and leather combine to create a more complex base for the perfume that lasts all day long. They also help to give this perfume its depth and warmth.

Who Would Like It 

The best way to describe this fragrance is iconic and sophisticated. It isn’t a perfume for a little girl playing dress-up. It’s a scent for the woman who is proud to be a woman and wants to display that fact with female-centric notes like rose and iris.

Valentino Donna Carton Bottle

In addition, the scent has an unusual amount of depth for something marketed as a floral perfume. It’s not just about flowers; there’s a muskiness, too, in the base notes that keeps everything in balance.

This product is for professional men or women who want to invest in themselves, whether for work or romantic dates and the guys who spend big bucks like perfumes with depth.

When to Wear It 

Valentino Donna is a perfect fall scent if you’re looking for something earthy and dry. However, it is also ideal for winter and even spring.

You may want to avoid wearing it in summer because Donna has its own warmth that would clash with the hot temperatures. If you want to find yourself a perfect Valentino summer fragrance try out Donna Born in Roma Yellow Dream.

You can wear this scent for any occasion, day or night. Even though it’s pretty strong, it does not feel intrusive. On the contrary, it feels as if you are one with nature when you wear it.

Where to Wear It 

The moment you spray a bit of Valentino Donna on your skin, you’ll find yourself in a world of luxury.

We recommend the fragrance for all occasions, whether romantic or night out with friends. The charming and sophisticated scent will have heads turning wherever you go.

Valentino Donna Stacked

Also, Valentino Donna is a great scent for any formal event.

The unique blend of floral and woody notes gives it a refreshing yet elegant appeal that will make you feel like royalty at any occasion. You’ll be sure to impress everyone at the party with this cheerful and sensual fragrance.

Lastly, Valentino Donna is also an ideal perfume to wear to work. It has a professional vibe that gives the impression that you are confident and serious about your career. The refined scent is not too overpowering so that you won’t disturb your coworkers or clients at work.

Packaging and Presentation

The Valentino Donna perfume and packaging are an impressive combination of elegance and simplicity. They can make a Valentino Donna gift set for the modern woman who loves fashion, style, and fragrance.

Designed by Fabien Baron, the bottle comes from solid glass of the best quality. Valentino’s shape is inspired by “the graceful curves of a woman’s body.” The stopper has a unique design as well.

Valentino Donna Sprayer

It is made out of black glass and has a feminine diamond shape that complements the bottle’s curves nicely.

The packaging itself is in Valentino’s signature red color. It bears both names on the front to let you know straight away what kind of perfume you’re dealing with. You can also see the logo of Valentino Beauty, which shows that this is one product out of an entire line made with style and elegance in mind.

Personal Impressions

When you first open the bottle and spray it on your wrist, the initial scent is exquisite and refined, though it may feel a little too pungent for some people.

As soon as it settles on your skin and the initial scent begins to fade away, though, a beautiful and soft smokey muskiness comes through.

Valentino Donna Closeup

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It smells similar to Valentino Donna Rosa Verde but much more subdued. 

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When you initially spray the perfume on paper, it hits you with a wave of white musk, rose, and bergamot. The middle notes are detectable but not as strong as the top and base notes.

The official description of this fragrance is a modern chypre that reinterprets the codes of sophistication and elegance. It has a very clean yet sensual scent, and if you like white musk with a hint of citrus and rose, you will enjoy this fragrance.

This perfume performs well with a bit of sillage that isn’t overpowering. This would be ideal for work or a night out with friends. This works excellently as an everyday perfume like Valentino Donna Acqua because of its clean and sophisticated scent.

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons about this perfume.


  • Long-lasting and powerful without overwhelming the wearer all day
  • Excellent for special occasions
  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Can be worn by women or men


  • Available in limited shops
  • May be too expensive for those on budget

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