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Burberry Weekend for Women Review: Sweet & Citrusy

Burberry Weekend for her is a floral, fruity, and citrusy blend from the Burberry family. This perfume manages to invoke the idea of running away for a whirlwind weekend vacation while still maintaining its more sophisticated and serious edge. 

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The Burberry Weekend smell is like fresh nectarine, peach, rose, and violet. There’s also an underlying blanket of muskier scents like cedar and sandalwood. The entire package is beautifully balanced and perfect for luxe days off. 

Burberry Weekend for Women 1

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Burberry Weekend has been delighting fans since 1997, and its popularity doesn’t show signs of waning anytime soon.

Spritz it on for yourself, and you’ll understand why Burberry Weekend is one of the most cherished perfumes in the Burberry collection

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Who Makes It?

Nathalie Lorson is the brains behind Burberry Weekend. This master perfumer created 241 unique scents with her company Firmenich.

She is one of the most renowned perfumers on the planet, notable for her expert combinations of different scent profiles. 

Scent Notes

Burberry Weekend’s scent profile is specifically designed to invoke the idea of getting away for a fun lost weekend.

mandarin orange

There’s a lot of bright citrus notes balanced by florals and deeper earthier scents. The result is a beautifully balanced composition that is both fun and sophisticated.

Top Notes

  • Bright mandarin orange
  • Earthy sage

Middle Notes

  • Juicy nectarine
  • Romantic blue hyacinth
  • Luxe peach blossom
  • Delicate iris
  • Beautiful violet
  • Intense rose hip

Base Notes

  • Deep musk
  • Warm cedar
  • Cozy sandalwood

Who Would Like It?

Burberry Weekend is an excellent option for the elegant woman who knows how to work hard and play even harder.

If you are someone who appreciates the nuance of different scent notes and isn’t afraid to play with bold notes like musk and peach, this perfume is ideal for you.

Thanks to its base tones, Burberry Weekend perfume is a grown-up scent, so it’s not exactly appropriate as a “first perfume” for younger women.

It’s a very mature, but never stodgy, scent. If you have a slight flair for the dramatic, love unexpected scents, and like darker base tones, pick up a bottle of Burberry Weekend.

Where Should You Wear It?

As the name suggests, Burberry Weekend is a good perfume for your downtime. It’s casual while still maintaining its refined edge.

Wear this perfume to summer garden parties, outdoor galas, museums, and outings.

You can also get away with it during the week, although some of the notes might be a little bit overpowering for the office. If you do decide to make Burberry Weekend your go-to daily perfume, spritz lightly.  

Packaging and Presentation

The Burberry Weekend new bottle is sleek, oval, and has some gorgeous detailing on the bottom.

Burberry Weekend for Women EDP

Although most perfume bottles are meant to be decorative, Burberry Weekend is genuinely in a class all of its own, thanks to the art deco white detailing around the base of the bottle.

A silver cap finishes off the presentation nicely. Although this bottle would indeed look good on your bathroom vanity, it’s almost pretty enough to be a centerpiece in your living room.

Personal Impressions

Our personal Burberry Weekend review is quite positive. We found this scent to be pleasant without being overwhelming, and we really loved the deep sandalwood tones at the end.

Although you wouldn’t want to wear Burberry Weekend for an everyday scent, it makes for an elegant and sweet special occasion perfume.

What we liked about Burberry Weekend was how well it aged throughout the day. We loved how the sweeter, fruiter notes melted into cedar as the hours went on. The interplay of those two notes really makes Burberry Weekend stand out in a highly positive way. 

Burberry Weekend For Her EDP

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Burberry Weekend has a moderate to long-lasting performance, and it evolves well over the course of the day.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy Burberry Weekend online, from the official Burberry retailer, or in specialty shops, although the Burberry Weekend price will differ depending on where you pick it up.

Beware of knock-offs and always purchase your products from a trusted retailer.

Burberry Weekend is a beautiful floral, fruity, and musky perfume that’s just like a whirlwind vacation in a bottle.

Burberry Weekend for Women Review: Sweet & Citrusy

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