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Burberry Brit for Women Review: Iconic & Sophisticated

Burberry Brit is one of the best-loved perfumes from the Burberry family, and it’s very easy to understand why. That’s why many Burberry fans were shattered in 2016 when head Burberry executives announced that the fragrance would be canceled.

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However, even though Burberry Brit discontinued recently, you can still find it from reputable distributors online.

Burberry Brit for her is packed with luxe, well-loved scent notes like almond, vanilla, and powder.

However, it has a fruity edge to it as well. Burberry Brit is floral, fresh, and juicy, with a sophisticated powdery edge and just enough sweetness from the candied almond. 

Burberry Brit

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If you like sweet fragrances that aren’t over-the-top or cloying, Burberry Brit is an excellent pick for you.  

Who Makes It?

We can thank Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Givaudan for Burberry Brit. This esteemed perfumer has 73 unique scents to her name and is well-known and loved in the fragrance world.

Scent Notes

The secret to Burberry Brit’s success lies in the delicate interplay of its notes.


Burberry Brit isn’t afraid to go for bold, sweet notes like candied almonds and sugar, pairing them with citrus and florals for a balanced effect.

The result is a very sophisticated perfume that is slightly unexpected and intensely wearable.

Top Notes

  • Beautiful almond
  • Citrusy pear
  • Nuanced lime

Middle Notes

  • Sweet candied almond
  • Bright sugar
  • Delicate peony

Bottom Notes

  • Luxe vanilla
  • Deep amber
  • Warm mahogany

Who Would Like It?

Burberry Brit is an excellent perfume for women who want to smell feminine without being too overly sweet or sultry.

Although it does have elements of musk in it, it’s not overwhelmingly seductive. Similarly, the almond and sugar notes aren’t too sweet. 

The balance between the two makes Burberry Brit an excellent gift for younger women and a beautiful everyday scent for anyone who wants to flaunt their feminine side while still retaining an element of seriousness and sophistication.

Where Should You Wear It?

Burberry Brit is an excellent every day perfume that you can even wear safely to the office or school. Its almond, pear, and sugar notes are never overpowering from the onset.

It also fades nicely into ambers and sandalwoods at the end for a clean finish that’s never “too much.” 

If you want to work Burberry Brit into your regular rotation but don’t want to wear it daily, you can certainly don it for brunch, small parties, or springtime outdoor adventures.

Although you can wear Burberry Brit all year round, its scent profile plays well in the spring and summer months.  

Packaging and Presentation

The Burberry Brit for her 100ml bottle comes with a lovely red and black tartan pattern on it.

Burberry Brit For Her

It is a beautiful rectangular bottle with a Burberry red and black tartan pattern on it and a lovely rectangular design. 

Burberry Brit’s bottle is as beautiful as it is functional. It will look heavenly on your dresser or vanity, and you won’t have any problem packing it for a fun weekend trip away. 

Personal Impressions

For this Burberry Brit review, we focused heavily on how the fragrance made us feel and how practical it was. Burberry Brit hit the nail on the head on both counts. First, it’s a very versatile scent with lovely, yummy almond notes right at the top.

We felt like we were in a high-end bakery when we put it on. Then, as the day progressed, we found ourselves surprised by notes of sandalwood and flowers. 

The fragrance is very cosmopolitan, and it instantly made us feel more confident and happier. It is very wearable, and you’ll definitely want to make Burberry Brit an essential part of your perfume rotation.

Burberry Brit Perfume For Her

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Expect moderate performance from Burberry Brit. A few spritzes last several hours, meaning the perfume is potent enough to last most of the day but isn’t too overwhelming.

Where Can You Buy It?

Although Burberry Brit is technically discontinued, you can certainly find it online from reputable retailers like Amazon.

However, make sure that you only purchase Burberry Brit from a trusted retailer, as some knock-offs are floating around.

Burberry Brit is the last word in femininity and sophistication. So get your hands on this exceptional fragrance today, and you certainly will not be disappointed. 


Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.

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