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Bvlgari BLV Pour Homme Cologne Eau De Toilette for Men Review

If you’re a man who likes contrast, you may love Bvlgari BLV Pour Homme. It’s a study in harmonious opposition with a fresh, woodsy-spicy smell that’s clean but also seductive. It’s one of the best of the Bvlgari fragrance line, with a sweetness that feels youthful but still accessible to all ages.

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Originally created in 2001 by Alberto Morillas, the Spanish perfumer responsible for Calvin Klein CK One, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio and Marc Jacobs Daisy, among others. BLV is produced by the Italian jewelry company BVLGARI (sometimes misspelled Bulgari) at a mid-price point.

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What is the packaging and presentation like?

Packaging is the first thing you notice in any fragrance, but for BLV case, the packaging and juice are truly striking in vibrant cobalt blue. It’s one that will stand out on your dresser. The bottle is solid with some heft, silver lettering and a chrome spray.

How does BLV smell?

BLV is a bold, elegant ginger scent. While there’s a clean, soapiness to it, there’s also a sweet spiciness that keeps it from being yet another smell-alike fragrance. The ginger middle notes that dominate BLV can be love or hate for some so beware. However, because of the ginger, the cologne has incredible sillage and longevity. 1-2 sprays can last 8-12 hours so if longevity is a consideration, this is a good option.

Top Notes: Cardamom and sandalwood
Heart Notes: Ginger (dominant), Galanga, Juniper
Base Notes: Teak wood, Tobacco blossoms, Green Leaves

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How do you wear BLV cologne?

One of the best aspects of Bvlgari Blv Pour Homme is its versatility. It’s a fragrance that will work at the office, on a date, or even at a formal dinner also. Because it’s a relatively clean and natural scent, it feels at home in most situations.

BLV also has a sweetness that I usually think of as appealing to younger men, however, it’s just spicy and clean enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s exclusively for young guys.


Price and Where to Buy BLV Pour Homme

You may be thinking that all sounds great but where exactly do you get your hands on it and how much will it cost? Bvlgari colognes are designer scents available at the counters of many department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Kohl’s either via the internet and shopping online or in-person.

If you’re looking for deep discounts, you can get your hands on a discounted tester bottle via Amazon and eBay or through websites specializing in discount designer fragrances.

You may be inquiring as to what exactly a tester is. In stores, they’re used for sampling the fragrance so the customer can try it before they buy. Instead of wasting the cologne by just throwing them away, department stores will sell off unused testers to discount designer fragrance retailers for cheap prices.


If you like ginger and are looking for a clean, soapy scent with a touch of spice, Bvlgari Blv is a great cologne to try out. With moderate pricing, excellent projection, and longevity, and versatility to be worn for nearly every occasion.

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