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Coach Cologne for Men Review: Versatile & Professional

In 2017 Coach launched its first men’s fragrance, “Coach For Men”. Coach selected James Franco to be the face of the fragrance, marketed for the modern masculine man. Crafted carefully by Anne Flipo and Bruno Jovanovic, both of whom are “Master Perfumers,” the scent is an excellent combination of cool, elegance, and sophistication. It’s a woody aromatic balanced with a strong citrus opening and a clean woody finish.

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Coach Cologne for Men Review: Versatile & Professional

Packaging and Presentation

Coach made sure to include their iconic branding and design carefully with their packaging. Coach for Men’s cologne carton is straightforward. It showcases their logo, brand name, and fragrance name in black and silver. The carton has a nice texture on it, and it all comes together nicely. It’s simple.

After you take the fragrance out of its box, things start to get more complex. Coach added features to the fragrance bottle itself, some I didn’t even know about at first. Honestly, it was refreshing to see a brand being unique with its presentation. I applaud them for their style, however, not all of it works well.

The first thing you’ll notice on the bottle, besides the smooth black and translucent fade, is the hanging tag. At first, I really liked the tag. It’s unique, iconic, and something new to see on a fragrance presentation.

Except, after using the bottle a couple of times, it has some problems. Aesthetics aside, the hanging tag is not useful. It gets in the way and can be awkward to hold. It wasn’t a deal-breaker though because it has one more excellent feature, the tag is removable! (who knew?) So I just took it off. Problem solved!

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The other very distinct part of Coach’s fragrance bottle is the turnlock, which is featured on nearly all of Coach’s purses. They included it in their men’s cologne line and it’s actually useful. Since it doesn’t include a cap, the turnlock is used to put the fragrance away. You just twist the top when you’re not using it and tada! It’s closed. Now while it’s not revolutionary, It’s a nice change of pace to not have to take off the cap each time.

After all the bells and whistles, the distribution of the scent is great. It does spray a lot each time, but it has a long and wide range. After applying to the skin, it dries cool. Even though it was noticeable when wearing initially, there wasn’t any irritation on the skin. 

How Does Coach for Men Smell?

Right upon applying, Coach for Men has a huge burst of citrus. The top notes are packed with fruits that give the opening an awesome punch. The citrus tops blend smoothly with the middle of the scent, which mostly consists of sweet and warm ingredients like cardamom and coriander. Even though the top and middle are almost total opposites, the scent has a great way of easing into each layer and allowing it to mix perfectly. 

Even though the citrus beginning is cool and fresh, the later part of the scent is actually much more enjoyable. After wearing it for a little, it continually shifts from a fruity opening to a spicy, warm mid, to a clean woody scent. Although the top and mid-layers never truly fade away, they just make room for the woody undertones to complete the scent.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: green nashi pear, bergamot, kumquat

Heart Notes: cardamom, Coriander, geranium

Base notes: vetiver Haiti LMR, suede, ambergris


The scent has a good lifespan. It lasts for the entire day. I never found it to last incredibly long, but it was still noticeable by the end of the day. Since the second half of the fragrance is a much more polished woody aroma, it really stretches how long it can work from you. Since it doesn’t rely on having the fruity top notes really stretch their limit, it can last as long as you need it to.


The aroma of the fragrance is probably one of Coach for Men‘s best parts. It’s strong enough to be noticeable and not too strong to be overpowering. It’s got a wonderful balance to keep you smelling great. 

Paired with its unique transitions between notes, is really where the fragrance gets its uniqueness. You can notice it go from sweet to spicy to soothing. From fruity to warm to woody, each of its parts is really brought out in its sillage, with each transition opening up a new aroma and keeping you smelling great.

Where to Wear Coach for Men Cologne

Since Coach for Men was Coach’s first men’s fragrance released to the market, Coach really targeted it as being a universal scent. So far, it’s proven itself to be one. The scent does well in all seasons of the year. With its lovely transitions, it makes itself versatile for any environment hot or cold. 

You can wear it day or night, casual or professional, romantic or platonic. For every occasion, it works. It’s a great addition to your style and will keep you smelling fantastic for hours on end. 

Who Should Buy It

Anyone currently looking for a modern, universal fragrance should pick this up next. It’s one of the most recently released to the market. Although Coach is new to men’s fragrance, they make up for it by providing a high-quality product that has great results. It’s one of the best modern woody aromatics and continues to impress for every occasion.


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