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Our Favorite Bottega Veneta Perfumes For Him

The fashion house Bottega Veneta launched its fragrance line in 2011, and the fragrances in this collection are described as a leathery blend of floral chypre.

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Many find that the scent embodies what this fashion house stands for invisible private luxury

Italy’s Veneto region inspires the Bottega Veneta perfume line, according to the fragrance’s creative director Tomas Maier.


He envisioned a room with old wooden floors, library walls, leather-bound books with wide-open windows with a breeze flowing in and freshly cut grass, garden flowers, hay, and moss. This vision is how Bottega Veneta perfumes got their start. 

The Bottega Veneta brand represents self-confidence and individuality. Its motto sums this up nicely, “when your own initials are enough.” In this guide, we will review some of the most popular Bottega Veneta perfumes for him. By the end of the guide, you will know which one best suits your style. 

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Here are the top four Bottega Veneta perfumes:

  1. Illusione
  2. Parco Palladiano IMagnolia
  3. Pour Homme Essence Aromatique
  4. Pour Homme
Our Favorite Bottega Veneta Perfumes For Him

1. Illusione

Released in 2019, Illusione is all about masculinity and smelling good. Fragrance designer Antoine Maisondieu created Bottega Veneta Perfume Illusione. With a delightful mix of citrus and cedar, this perfume is suited to many daytime situations, whether work or an afternoon outing. 

The perfume sticks to the tradition of men’s perfumery combining citrus with a hint of dry species and wood shavings. The scent is pleasant, although some may think it lacks originality or is a bit boring. However, there is some diversity to its combination of scents. 

After wearing the perfume for about half an hour, the scent subtly changes to a nuttier metallic. Think of roasted chestnuts. Finally, the aroma fades into a somewhat muskier cigar scent. The scent’s longevity is between four and five hours. The smell is simple yet sophisticated. 

Fragrance Notes: Top notes of lemon, bitter orange. Heart notes of balsam fir, white cedarwood. Base notes of vetiver, tonka bean.


2. Parco Palladiano I Magnolia

Parco Palladiano I is a floral Bottega Veneta perfume designed for men or women. Launched in 2016, there are now several editions of this popular perfume. Perfumer Daniela (Roche) Andrier was the nose behind this fragrance.

Bottega Veneta describes the fragrance as “morning sunlight shining through the woods.” Soft floral notes of magnolia are at the heart of the fragrance. The Bottega Veneta perfume’s counterpoint is bark, which adds a long-lasting woody quality. The aroma has a yellow hue with a delicate scent. 

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are bergamot, grapefruit, and orange; middle notes are lily-of-the-valley, magnolia, and rose; base notes are green notes, Iso e super, and white musk.


3. Pour Homme Essence Aromatique

Launched in 2013, Essence Aromatique represents the signature scent of the house’s leather accessories. The house describes Essence as “…a sophisticated and easy-to-wear cologne.” The fragrance recalls refreshing sensations along with casual masculine elegance. This is a long-lasting Bottega Veneta perfume for men.

Fragrance designer Amandine Marie created Essence. The fresh citrus character is reminiscent of Italian bergamot. There is also a mix of Indonesian patchouli and Siberian pine. These aromas bring a wooden and masculine character to the fragrance. 

Essence is one of the most masculine scents we have smelled in a long time, making it one of the best for men. The smell is innovative, bringing together two masculine styles: cologne and the fougere. The result is a relaxed and modern masculine fragrance. 

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are bergamot, coriander, and pine. Heart notes are white rose, tonka bean, and vanilla. Base notes are patchouli, sandalwood, and cedar.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme EDT

4. Pour Homme EDT

Release in 2017, the parfum version of this signature line represents a deeper and more masculine version of the fragrance. The house described Parfum as a “bolder and more impressive interpretation of the original.” We agree. The scent combines woody accords with a leather base. 

Daniela (Roche) Andrier and Antoine Maisondieu are the fragrance designers behind Bottega Veneta Pour Homme EDT. A journey through Italy’s Veneto region served as the scent’s inspiration. The results speak for themselves, and an intensely sophisticated masculine fragrance that is both luxurious and timeless. This scent would be most appropriate for the colder autumn and winter months.

The fragrance begins with a large concentration of spicy and woody cedar leaf aromas plus cardamom. Fir resin and red pimento enhance the scent. There is a leather accord combined with tonka bean and labdanum that form the fragrance’s base. 

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes are Calabrian bergamot, Siberian pine, juniper. Heart notes are Jamaican pimento, Canadian fir balsam, and Mediterranean clary sage. Base notes are leather and Indonesian patchouli.

About the Bottega Veneta Brand

Founded by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro in Vicenza, Italy, in 1966. Bottega Veneta was initially a leather goods company.  The company has stayed true to its origins, continuing to produce top of the line leather goods. Bottega Veneta is one of the world’s leading luxury brands. 

The company now produces women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, furniture, fine jewelry, and fragrances. Although the company continues to grow, it is determined to remain true to its roots: innovative design, new functionality, outstanding craftsmanship, and the highest quality materials. 

Bottega Veneta necklace. Image by

The company acquired the Gucci Group in 2001. With this acquisition, Bottega Veneta went on to add new accessories to its line, including the fragrances we reviewed today. The brand is popular with celebrities, with Andy Warhol producing a short film about the brand.  

Who Makes Bottega Veneta Fragrances?

Bottega Veneta’s fragrance line belongs to the same company as the other products it produces. Tomas Maier was the driving force behind the house’s first fragrance. The original Bottega Veneta fragrance has been reinterpreted many times. 

Bottega Veneta Perfumes

Some of the world’s top perfumers have created the brand’s signature fragrances, including Michel Almairac, Alexis Dadier, Daniela Andrier, and Mylene Alran. Bottega Veneta’s fragrances set out to capture Italy’s stories. Bottega Veneta perfume price varies, but it is considered a high-end brand.

Final Thoughts 

Bottega Veneta perfume sets the standard in men’s fragrances. Bottega Veneta perfume reviews tend to be positive. Depending on your tastes and body chemistry, you may prefer one of these perfumes over the other. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured you will receive a high-quality product. 


Bottega Veneta’s perfume for him seeks to capture Italy’s countryside. Each of the fragrances uniquely accomplishes this goal. The lighter fragrances are more suited to the warm spring and summer months, while the heavier fragrances go well with the chilly fall and winter weather. Given the diverse scents, you’re sure to find one that fits your mood. 

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Our Favorite Bottega Veneta Perfumes For Him

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Our Favorite Bottega Veneta Perfumes For Him

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