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7 Best Atelier Colognes: Unisex & Masculine Scents

Atelier makes some of the best masculine and unisex scents in the world. Their fragrances are known for being bold, rich, and long-lasting.

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If you’re looking for your next new signature fragrance, you should consider some of the Atelier colognes on the market as an option.

Our Top Rated Atelier Cologne

Although it would be difficult to find a below-average Atelier cologne, some stand out from the pack. These seven picks are exceptional examples of masculine and unisex colognes:

7 Best Atelier Colognes: Unisex & Masculine Scents

Best Long-Lasting

Orange Sanguine

Atelier developed Orange Sanguine in 2010 as part of the Absolute Collection. This cherished cologne stands the test of time and is just as popular today as it was when it was released. As the name suggests, Orange Sanguine is heavy on citrus with just a hint of floral.

This is a great scent for men who consider themselves bold, adventurous, and sporty. The mix of ingredients is just exotic enough to give it a worldly kick without going overboard.

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Scent Notes

Orange Sanguine has plenty of citrus notes like bitter orange and blood orange. Its brightness is balanced by a hint of jasmine, amber, and sandalwood.

Where Should You Wear It?

Orange Sanguine is the ideal fragrance for a sophisticated man to wear on a night out. It’s not a very office-friendly scent, however. It also has a lot of staying power, keeping you smelling fresh for up to five hours.

7 Best Atelier Colognes: Unisex & Masculine Scents

Best for Date Night

Jasmin Angelique

This green floral fragrance is the ideal blend of masculinity and softness, thanks to a mix of Egyptian jasmine and Sichuan pepper. It’s spicy, unexpected, and downright sultry. It’s the perfect scent for a special occasion scent.

This cologne is incredible for men who consider themselves to be out-of-the-box thinkers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their field.

Scent Notes

Jasmine Angelique is loaded with notes of Sichuan pepper, lemon, pear, and Egyptian jasmine. It also has some Somalian incense and white amber to give it a little kick.

Where Should You Wear It?

Jasmin Angelique is subtle enough to wear to the office, but it works equally well on the golf course or for a memorable first date scent.

7 Best Atelier Colognes: Unisex & Masculine Scents

Best Subtle

Bois Blonds

Bois Blonds is a 2010 fragrance that hits woody, warm notes as very few others can. Green floral notes expertly balance its deep musk, so it never gets too overpowering. It’s a highly sophisticated, classic scent.

Bois Blonds is an excellent fragrance for anyone that wants a subtle, woody, classic cologne. It’s a great addition to any cologne collection.

Scent Notes

Bois Blonds is full of unique ingredients from all around the world. Notes of Sicilian bergamot, African frankincense, and Moroccan orange blossom mingle with pink pepper and florals.

Where Should You Wear It?

Bois Blonds is downright universal. You can wear it to the office, on a date, or to a fancy gala. Since it’s so deeply layered, the scent only improves with time.


Best Masculine

Santal Carmin

Santal Carmin is part of Atelier’s Collection Metal. Like Bois Blonds, it’s a woody, musky fragrance. Santal Carmin takes things a step or two further, though, infusing the blend with more musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and cedar. If you like traditional musk, this one is for you.

Santal Carmin is a potent masculine scent that works well for people who want to make a statement.

Scent Notes

Santal Carmin has strong notes of amber, lime, saffron, Madagascar vanilla, cedar, papyrus, and white musk.

Where Should You Wear It?

Santal Carmin is not the best scent for the office, but it works wonders on dates. You can also wear it to any upscale event like a wedding or gala.


Best Versatile

Grand Neroli

Grand Neroli is a fantastic unisex Chypre fragrance that has a deep woody, mossy element to it. It’s packed with all sorts of classic Chypre notes and has a few hidden surprises as well.

Scent Notes

Grand Neroli is versatile enough to work with anyone, but those with a sophisticated palate and understanding of scent will appreciate it most.

Grand Neroli is heavy on bergamot, Amalfi lemon, Neroli, oakmoss, Madagascar vanilla, and birch leaf.

Where Should You Wear It?

This scent is not overpowering, meaning that you can wear it virtually anywhere.


Best for Weekend Away

Silver Iris

Silver Iris is part of Atelier’s Amber Floral collection. It’s an oriental floral cologne with a perfect balance of spice and leather. It’s also very wearable, and it has a lot of longevity.

Silver Iris is an unexpected blend of florals, musk, and spice. As such, it will appeal to men who aren’t afraid to experiment with different types of scents.

Scent Notes

Silver Iris has notes of iris, mimosa, patchouli, musk, black currant, and pink pepper.

Where Should You Wear It?

Wear this sophisticated fragrance on an important date or a romantic weekend away.


Best for Special Occasion

Mimosa Indigo

Mimosa Indigo was released by Atelier in 2016 and features a leathery, spicy blend of premium ingredients. It’s a profoundly romantic cologne inspired by scents of the Middle East and Asia.

This is an excellent fragrance for those who love bold, sultry scents.

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Scent Notes

Mimosa Indigo contains notes of leather, mimosa, saffron, bergamot, tangerine, vanilla and musk.

Where Should You Wear It?

Mimosa Indigo is a fantastic special occasion cologne.

Jasmin Angelique
  • Spicy and sultry
  • Masculine but soft blend
  • Great for special occasion
Bois Blonds
  • Woody and warm scent
  • Very versatile
  • A classic cologne
Silver Iris
  • Floral with spice and leather
  • Excellent for longevity
  • For sophisticated, experimental men

About Atelier Cologne

Ateliar Cologne Set of Perfumes

Atelier colognes are expertly crafted by a team of two perfume enthusiasts, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel. This team derives inspiration for their perfumes from personal experience, travel, and their own passion for scent. As a result, Atelier is one of the top brands for masculine and unisex colognes.

Who Makes This Cologne?

Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel head up the Atelier company. Both are skilled at devising perfumes, and their global travels make them experts on a number of different scent profiles.

7 Best Atelier Colognes: Unisex & Masculine Scents

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