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What Does Love Spell Smell Like?

The perfumes we wear can speak volumes about who we are. They can turn heads in the conference room, catch the eye of a special someone, or make us feel more confident and more comfortable in our skin. 

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Everfumed strives to highlight any body mist or body spray that makes us feel better and smell amazing. Love Spell is a famous perfume that continues to be loved by millions despite its discontinuation and the creation of its newer version. 

Victoria's Secret Love Spell

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Why has it stuck around for so long and what does it smell like? Find out in our Victoria’s Secret Love Spell review.

Who Makes Love Spell? 

Victoria’s Secret is a well-known brand name that almost everyone in the world would recognize. While they are mainly known for their famous lingerie line and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, they are also the creators of Love Spell. 

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Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret was created in 1999 but not launched until the early 2000s. A body mist version of Love Spell, which is a less concentrated fragrance, was launched in 2012. 

What Does Love Spell Smell Like?

Victoria’s Secrets Love Spell fragrance captures a few different scents, but it’s overall considered a fruity and floral perfume. 

Its top notes contain the floral fragrance of white jasmine with calming chamomile and cherry blossom notes. This lavishly lush combination of scents is finished with a dash of juicy peach and warm vanilla sugar, making the fragrance mist fresh and tasty without being overtly fruity.

Smaller hints of tamer flowers like lilac and an underlying woodsy base mix with lush cherry blossom, jasmine, peach, and chamomile beautifully, making Victoria Secret’s Love Spell a powerful but not overpowering fragrance.

cherry blossom: what does love spell smell like

These scents might send you on a cozy jaunt down memory lane as they soothe you throughout the stress of your day.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell is not an overly sweet smell but is still feminine and powerful as a fragrance mist. Love Spell is so popular because its fragrance attracts all different kinds of women. It’s well-rounded and can tailor to many different preferences.

Its fruitiness and natural scents have a freshness that is enlightening for the wearer and the people around them. 

Scent Notes: Who, Where, and When It’s For

The Pros:

  • Fresh and Sweet
  • Balanced and Fragrant
  • Offered as a Body Mist
  • Amazing Longevity

The Cons:

  • Discontinued
  • Difficult to Come Across Authentic Versions
  • Can Be Overpowering

Additional information:

  • Sillage: Good
  • Longevity: Excellent, Lasts for Hours
  • Scent potency/ Appropriate for The Office, Leisure
  • Price: $  

Who Would Like It

This perfume is incredibly feminine, but it’s not overpowering or cloying. This scent would do well for women in an office setting, but it would also thrive on a night out dancing.

When To Wear It

This floral scent is best worn during the warmer months, during the day.

Where To Wear It

Love Spell likely works best when worn at work, or when you’re out meeting new people, like at a night out.

Packaging and Presentation

It comes in a clear bottle with gold detailing and colorful flowers, a feminine presentation to go with its luxurious scent.

The packaging and presentation of Victoria’s Secret Love Spell speak volumes about its scent and desired impact.

Victoria Secret Love Spell Fragrance

With a color combination of gold on the clear bottle, bright purple and pink flowers, and the purple color of the fragrance itself, we are drawn in like magic. 

The color is unique for fragrances and almost gives off the impression of a love potion or spell. With most floral scented perfumes packaged in pink, the purple is refreshing and sets it apart from the others. The gold also adds a touch of elegance. 

Personal Impressions

This perfume is enjoyable and empowering, sweet without being cloying. 

To expand on some of the points above, it is important to note that, while Love Spell is a fragrance created for all women, its major scent notes encompass fruity and floral aromas and may not be for everyone.

Love Spell is made for women who find themselves meeting new people for work daily or women who don’t have much time to transition between business and pleasure. Its long-lasting longevity can withstand work days that turn into a few drinks out with co-workers. 

If you’re looking for a scent of seduction, Love Spell can also be your go-to based on some reviews.

It’s a very feminine aroma, but it can also be sultry and seducing to some. If you’re looking for something slightly less feminine, maybe a uni-sex perfume with more neutral scents like vanilla or sandalwood, Love Spell may not be for you. 

Love Spell is an everyday type of scent, but not an every season type of scent. It is best during the day in the summer or spring. Its sweet floral and fruity scents match the bright vibes spring and summer give off. It smells like a freshly bloomed flower and will have you feeling as bright as the sun.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell

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It can be worn during the night time or out to a club, but it depends on the occasion and your personal preference. The scent can be sultry for a night out, but it’s more feminine for daytime wear. It can be worn for many occasions, but it’s best in workplace settings, dates, and formal events. 


It can be worn day or night because of how long-lasting this scent is.

Whether you’re at a desk all day, swarmed with meetings, spending a day with a special someone, or attending a wedding, Love Spell fragrance mist sticks with you and leaves a trail of flowers in your wake.

It can last up to six hours and maintain the same potency it had at the start to the end, making it the perfect perfume for a long day.


Love Spell’s fragrance is a floral and fruity aroma that makes women who wear it feel lighter. With notes of cherry blossom and peach, hints of lilac, and undertones of whitewoods and musk, Love Spell is versatile and good for everyday use.

Having purchased, smelled, and worn Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret, we have our personal opinions on the product. This perfume might not be our favorite scent, may not even be our favorite Victoria’s Secret scent, but it ranks up there. 

We consider Love Spell a must-buy and try fragrance mist. There’s a reason this perfume has stuck around as a body mist and new version even after its original’s discontinuation. Its scents are powerful but balanced, fruity but not overly sweet, and it is a well-rounded, delicious perfume.

What Does Love Spell Smell Like?

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.