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Body Mist vs Perfume: What’s The Difference?

Sometimes, the terminology around certain products is irrelevant. Two products called something different are actually the same thing.

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That is not the case for body mist and perfume, though. Although they may look similar and serve a similar purpose (to make you smell good), they’re different products.

Body Mist
  • Value for money: Moderate
  • Cheaper
  • Longevity: Weaker
  • Value for money: Good
  • More expensive
  • Longevity: Longer-lasting
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Let’s take a look at the differences in body mist vs perfume. We’ll also talk about the pros and cons when considering either of these and which situations might be more appropriate for one instead of the other. 

Differences Between Body Mist and Perfume

Like we said above, body mist (sometimes called body spray) serves a similar purpose to perfume: to make the person wearing them smell alluring, inviting, or give the wearer an extra boost of confidence.

Truthfully, there are similar products as well and they may contain many of the same ingredients. However, body mist or body spray is made from mostly water or alcohol mixed with fragrance oils.

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Perfume and cologne are more concentrated, meaning that it contains proportionally more fragrance oils and less water and alcohol. 

For that reason, you can spray more body mist on yourself and reapply more frequently throughout the day. If you tried to do the same with perfume, the smell would be overwhelming for both you and those around you.

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Body Mist vs Perfume: Which is Better?

In truth, neither is inherently better than the other. Perfumes are often more expensive than body mists, but that’s because they’re more concentrated and contain more of the fragrant oils that give both their enticing aroma.

All of that said, since you need to use less perfume than body spray, you’ll get more use out of a single ounce of perfume, so in the end, it might be a better deal.

Can You Use Body Mist as a Perfume?

Yes, you certainly can. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need to use more of it, and you’ll most likely have to spray it on other parts of your body.

You typically apply perfume to the pressure points, but with body mist, you may also need to spray your clothes, hair, skin, and so on to get the same long-lasting effect. Alternatively, you can reapply throughout the day.

Can You Use Them Together?

You can, but be cautious about a couple of things. First of all, you want to make sure the scents you’re spraying yourself with, meaning the body mist vs the perfume scent, are compatible with each other.

This applies to other fragrant products that you use, such as your shampoo however to a lesser degree.

body spray and perfume

Just as your outfit can “clash,” so can your scent profile.

If you’re using two good-smelling products together, use perfume as usual on your pressure points and then add a light mist of the body spray. Feel free to reapply the body spray a couple of times throughout the day.

Where To Wear Body Mist or Perfume

When it comes to where you should wear them on your body there isn’t much of a difference between body spray vs perfume – pressure or pulse points are the best for both perfume and body mist. The most common for applying fragrance is on your wrists and neck.

Feel where your pulse beats through the skin, and use there. This is also true for men’s colognes.

In terms of events to which you can wear them, any! Some people prefer to wear body mist at more casual engagements, like giving a little freshness at the gym or spraying on before running errands.

Save perfume for more formal occasions, such as a day at work with a big meeting, a wedding, or a night out on the town.

Body Mist vs Perfume: Who They Are Perfect For

With the holidays coming up soon, perfumes and body mists make great gifts.

Younger women and teenage girls love Victoria Secret body mists as a gift. Since they’re less expensive, they make a good stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift. A lot of shoppers consider that brand to be among the best body mists available.

Since perfumes (especially fine perfumes) cost more money, they’re better for people closest to you as a medium-sized or even major gift. You can find beautiful antique perfume bottles as well for a unique gift.  

Many celebrities also have their own fragrance collection and perfumes. They help design their signature scent that expresses their style and aura. Find out your loved one’s favorite, and see if they have a smell for sale.  


When choosing between body mist vs perfume, it really comes down to personal preference. Some scents are available in either form, while others are only body mist or perfume.

Body mists tend to be less expensive, but the scent may also be weaker. Try out both and see which one you prefer.

Body Mist vs Perfume: What's The Difference?

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