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Curve Connect for Men Review: A Budget-Friendly Designer Cologne

Liz Claiborne, the successful fashion designer, who was well known for her love of the color red, made impressions in the fashion industry that would change it forever.

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Keeping in mind the history that this company has in its personal image when looking to purchase the best men’s cologne, you would be on the right path if you were found considering the Liz Claiborne Curve Connect.

It has been designed for casual wear, making it a fragrance for everyday use. It has various notes, with the base notes comprising Sandalwood and Tonka Bean, and the middle notes mainly being floral tobacco flowers and having the masculine fragrance of tea as a top note. As seen from the few notes making it up, it is a simple yet effective design.

Packaged in the bottle with the color being the signature red, favored by the original founder of the company, it is very recognizable as having been derived from within the walls of the Liz Claiborne company. One will get 4.2 ounces (or 125ml) of cologne which, at its price, places it at one of the best buys for a dollar per volume.

Curve Connect


The Liz Claiborne Curve Connect cologne was launched in 2005. Some of its features are as follows:

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

  • A spray bottle that is in the signature Liz Claiborne red color
  • 2 ounces (125 ml) of cologne
  • Masculine scent that comprises base notes of Sandalwood and Tonka Bean, middle notes of tobacco flower and top notes of tea


  • The cologne has a masculine fragrance that is designed for casual, everyday use. It has a floral, woody, musty scent and refreshing tea and tonka bean notes. A delightful and compliment-gaining fragrance that is particularly suited to be worn on hot days due to its fresh scent
  • From a price point of view, considering the amount in the bottle, it is priced very well

It is packaged in a good looking red bottle linking it to the well-known Liz Claiborne brand


  • It has been found by some purchasers that the bottle it comes in is not of the same quality as is depicted online and for the same fragrance bought in-store
  • The fragrance has been reported as not lasting long on the skin and the cologne to be watered down


Being one of many men’s colognes in this product line, the Curve Connect cologne already has a good reputation backing it up. It is packaged in a very distinct and recognizable red bottle linking it to Liz Claiborne, whose liking of the color red is well known.

From a price perspective, it is very reasonably priced.

The fragrance has also had rave reviews with the simple tone designs making it a cologne for casual, everyday use. The cologne appeals to the younger generation, not to say that the more mature user of colognes will not enjoy the masculine and sweet mix of the scent given by this men’s cologne.

The cologne is designed with strong base tones (Sandalwood and Tonka Bean) and masculine and floral tobacco flower and tea middle and top tones respectively.

Not being a top-end product, the fragrance has been known to not last on the skin as long as would be liked however, being a cologne as opposed to a perfume, this can be expected. Even the best men’s colognes are designed to be re-applied often. The scent is also not very strong, but with a cologne designed for every-day use, you do not necessarily want a fragrance that is overwhelmingly strong.


In terms of the best men’s cologne that is available on the market, the product certainly does not feature among the top-end colognes for various reasons. Firstly, the scent does not last too long on the skin. Furthermore, it does not have a strong scent as would be expected in an expensive cologne.

Having said this, it has a well-designed, albeit simple, fragrance. The fragrance has a few tonnes, but the ones that are there are designed to be masculine as well as sweet. Counteracting the negative perception of not being strong enough, the cologne has been classified under the casual, everyday colognes. For this type of cologne, one does not necessarily want an overpowering scent, but rather a subtle one

Having to reapply during the day is a design feature of a cologne. Having to do this should not be an issue considering that one gets 4.2 ounces, or 125 ml, per bottle which is more than most colognes in this price range.

The price is also very reasonable compared to other colognes of this quality.

When all these factors are taken into account, the Curve Connect product is a cologne that is worth considering.

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Curve Connect for Men Review

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