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Kenzo Power Cologne for Men Review: A Study in Contrasts

First off, the name Kenzo Power is a bit misleading. While it sounds like it’s going to be an over-aggressive 80s blockbuster-type scent, it’s a more nuanced and subtle woody floral cologne for men.

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cardamom seeds
Top notes of cardamom seeds.

How does Kenzo Power smell?

Released in 2008 by perfumer Oliver Polge, Power has top notes of cardamom, bergamot, and coriander that merge into a floral middle before base notes of tolu balsam and cedar ground the scent.

It’s a unique combination and one of the rare floral perfumes designed specifically for men. A fresh and slightly powdery scent with just enough spice to make it versatile year-round.

Bergamot might not win the prettiest citrus award, but the smell is heavenly.

Who should buy it?

While Kenzo Power is technically designed for men, if it were released today, it would probably be considered a unisex fragrance.

Unlike many men’s colognes which are interchangeable copycats, Kenzo Power is truly an original. It’s dynamic without being overly brazen, great to wear to the office or work or even into the evening.

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The bottle, like with all Kenzo fragrances, is simple and sophisticated. A metallic silver flask-like design that is beautiful enough for display.

About the Brand Kenzo

In 1970, Takada Kenzo founded the House of Kenzo in Paris. Before that, this native of Japan attended the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and was one of the first male students to enroll. Upon graduation, he moved to Paris, France and started his now world-famous design house. His first boutique, Jungle Jap featured original designs that astounded and delighted the world.

Since the beginning of his career, Takada Kenzo has worked to incorporate the use of nature and colors, as well as cultural diversity in his designs. His first fragrance was launched in 1988 and since then Kenzo fragrances have been groundbreaking and popular.

In typical Kenzo fashion, Power for Men is a true original.


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