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Burberry London Cologne Review: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Burberry London Cologne Review: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Burberry is a brand that has made a big name for itself worldwide. The sleek and sophisticated fashion that Burberry creates carries over to its cologne line to offer the perfect combination of professionalism and masculinity.

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Burberry London Cologne is no different and has become a staple in the workplace for businessmen looking to add a high-quality scent to their everyday appeal.

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Let’s take a look at what makes this cologne a hit and whether or not it’s worth the hype in our Burberry London Cologne review. 

Who Makes It?

The Burberry London cologne has been on the market for a while, 16 years to be exact. That’s right, this scent produced in France first launched in 2006 and has been the go-to option for many men in the years since. The cologne is now a part of Burberry’s classics collection

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World-renowned expert perfumer Antoine Maisondieu created the Burberry London cologne. Maisondieu is a well-known figure in the perfume industry credited with creating scents at Armani, Gucci, and Valentino.

He is responsible for our first choice of Bottega Veneta perfumes for men. Maisondieu once said, “There is so much to love about perfume: creativity, poetry, elegance”. Maisondieu’s passion for cologne is evident in this warm and inviting scent.

Scent Notes

This classic scent sends one distinct message: sophistication. Burberry credits the top notes to bergamot, lavender, and warm cinnamon.


Heart notes are a combination of mimosa flowers and rich leather. Finally, lower tones consist of tobacco leaves and oakmoss. 

The sharp cinnamon scent comes through strongly, with many consumers reporting an initial scent of strong spice. Burberry London cologne conjures images of a romantic evening in the twilight woods. This peppery, warm scent communicates confidence and masculinity. 

Who Wears This Perfume?

Traditionally, Burberry has organized cologne by where one would wear it. Burberry London has typically been marketed as a professional cologne to be worn in the workplace. Burberry’s Brit line, on the other hand, has been marketing for more casual use. 

Because this scent is often described as sophisticated and mature, most buyers are typically men over 30. The typical Burberry London cologne patron has reached a comfortable place in his career and enjoys luxury items such as a high-quality Burberry cologne.

When to Wear Burberry London Cologne

This scent conjures images of crisp, cool air, so it is a popular choice to be worn in the fall and winter. Woodsy scents paired with the sharpness of cinnamon make it a perfect addition to any gentleman’s holiday ensemble. 

man enjoying winter holidays

With strong leather and spice notes, these scents may not feel as natural in the hot summertime months. For this reason, the Burberry London cologne makes an excellent gift during the holiday season!

Where to Wear Burberry London Cologne

As stated before in our Burberry London cologne review, this cologne has traditionally been marketed as a working professional’s cologne.

The scents present in this cologne meld together in a pleasant, non-overbearing way making it an appropriate choice for work. There is no wild, outlandish or risky scents present that would make it unsuitable for the workplace.

Beyond work, many occasions would suit this cologne choice. The most obvious next choice would be on a date.

Perhaps you are planning a romantic evening holding hands while ice skating.

ice skating date

While you’re warming up next to a roaring fire, your date will want to snuggle in closer as they catch whiffs of woodsy moss and leather. 

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Packaging and Presentation

Perhaps nothing screams “Burberry” more than the iconic checked fabric cover on this cologne. Known for its signature plaids and heritage prints, Burberry takes an opportunity to instil the brand’s image further.

This cologne is capped with an elegant black glass top. Everything about this packaging is simple and sophisticated. Marketing images capture this sleek glass-bottled cologne in outdoor settings with mountains in the foreground.

This imagery goes along well with the cologne’s masculine, outdoorsy vibe. Burberry London cologne 50ml is the smallest size available, but you also have the 100ml option.

Our Impressions 

The Burberry London cologne is a classic cologne that is a time-tested favorite. This warm and spicy scent elevates any man’s game and is a must during the holiday season.

This bright cologne may come on a bit strong at first, but we love how it settles into a warm and inviting scent as time goes on. 

Burberry London for Men

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Burberry London cologne on Amazon has high ratings and all around the internet as well – and for a good reason! Because Burberry London cologne has been around for so long, it has somewhat of a cult following and fanbase now. It’s a crowd favorite with a robust blend of masculine notes.


Based on consumer reviews, it’s reported that Burberry London cologne lasts around 6–8 hours on average on the skin and longer on clothing.

If you look for reviews of Burberry London cologne on Reddit, users in the popular r/Fragrance frequently debate Burberry London cologne’s longevity. Remember to moisturize prior to applying cologne! Scents tend to dissipate quicker on dry skin. 

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The sillage is noted to be very modest, which is another plus for office wear. You don’t want to leave a smell trail when working, no matter how good your cologne is.

This cologne is ideal for making a subtle statement, although it does come on strong when first applied. Are you struggling to choose a perfume based on strength? Check out our recommendations here

Pros and Cons

Let’s start out with the pros. This cologne comes from a well-respected brand and is crafted by a famous perfumer. This cologne is also made in France, arguably where the best perfumes and colognes originate. Most people like the burberry london cologne notes. This cologne also receives very positive feedback on every platform it is sold. 

Cons? Longevity is about average. So if you’re prone to dry skin or are spending a lot of time outdoors, this may not be the cologne for you.

Secondly, it is a bit pricey. However, you are paying for a cologne from a luxury brand. The last con is that it can come off a bit strong when first applied. If you are someone that is sensitive to strong smells, you may want to look for a more neutral scent.