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Givenchy Gentleman Perfume Reviewed: Elegant & Timeless

As a fragrance, Givenchy Gentleman is one of the label’s most renowned and longstanding perfumes for the best-selling, international fashion house.

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This review goes over all the essential details about Gentleman and how its distinct blend of multiple scent notes continues to draw in men and women alike, decades after its inaugural premiere.

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Who Makes It

French powerhouse designer Hubert de Givenchy launched the Givenchy brand in 1952. 

Audrey Hepburn is often recognized as Givenchy’s lifelong friend and is sometimes called his muse.

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Hepburn, and other fashion icons such as Jackie O., were the inspiration for the women’s clothing line he launched when the brand premiered before he ultimately sold the business in 1988.


Givenchy began designing perfumes shortly after the label launched, releasing his first fragrance for women, L’Interdit, in 1957. Givenchy’s line of colognes for men made its debut in 1959 with Monsieur de Givenchy.

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The designer himself considered the shift to creating perfumes a natural transition that extended the elegance of his couture clothing designs.

Givenchy Gentleman (1974)

Givenchy Gentleman 1974 was first launched, as you may guess, in 1974 by noted perfumer Paul Leger. The fragrance was to tie in with the launch of his masculine couture line of clothing previously released in 1969.

It is hardly surprising that Givenchy Gentleman’s intense aroma invokes memories of a classic, musky Hollywood glamor since that is precisely what the designer had in mind.

In the decades since Givenchy launched his first fragrance for men, the label introduced several other scents for men including Givenchy Gentleman Intense. These related fragrances offer modernized and related options that nod to the traditional elegance of the original Givenchy Gentleman.

Scent Notes

Gentleman by Givenchy is a woody cologne, blending strong patchouli heart notes softened by a head of honey top notes.

Patchouli is a particularly strong base note, with its oil compromising 35% of the total formula of the fragrance. Givenchy Gentleman’s range of notes also includes vetiver, cinnamon, and leather, which unite to give off a musky smell that is still warm and spicy.

Patchouli Plant
A lush healthy green patchouli plant

When applied, the base notes of Givenchy Gentleman are what give it its iconic perfume. Patchouli always offers a powerful earthy fragrance which this cologne contrasts with its amber and vanilla bass notes for balance.

Givenchy blends many distinct notes into a unique scent profile that starts with florals which dry down into a soapy and deep woodsy aroma invoking feelings of black-tie glamor.

When to Wear It

Gentleman picks up on several seasonal scents that create a warm and earthy fragrance profile that is still peppery, making it the perfect pick for fall or winter.

These seasonal notes make the Givenchy Gentleman gift set the perfect present for either the classic gentleman or confident go-getter.

Gentleman is a more traditional cologne known for its strong scent and proven track record. The power of the scent means it is better worn during the evening, which its history as a designer fragrance with ties to old Hollywood supports.

However, its role as a more classic cologne also lends itself to office wear to give an impression of masculine power and strength.

Where to Wear It

As Givenchy was the maker of the original little black dress, Givenchy perfume for men is hardly out of place at regalia or black-tie event.

While the fragrance is traditional enough that it is suitable for office wear, the scent invokes a sense of nostalgia and longing for long evenings out.

gentleman enjoying evening

As a more formal fragrance, the Givenchy Gentleman notes make it versatile enough for everyday wear but classy enough that you are always feeling black-tie ready.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging of Givenchy Gentleman perfume continues to embrace its history and nostalgic origins.

Fitted with a simple black cap, the traditional-looking glass bottle has changed over the years but seems relatively simple alongside other sleek and modern offerings.

The packaging comes fitted with the same timeless logo which, although not contemporary, is a nod to the understated elegance of 1960s simplicity.

Personal Impressions

In this Givenchy Gentleman review, we explained how the fragrance can create an intoxicating effect underscored by its woody, rustic base.

Floral top notes dry down into a soapy middle before fading in the leathery, earthy bass that is softened by a vanilla base note.

Givenchy Gentleman EDP

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While some wearers may consider the fragrance dated, it also speaks of tradition and a refined timelessness that never goes out of style.

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Some people attribute Gentleman’s longevity to the Patchouli notes, which can provide the wearer with that earthy fragrance that lasts all day and into the evening.

The sillage packs a punch and offers good durability suitable for formal occasions. The sillage trail is sure to turn heads and is often considered the top contender for a fragrance suitable for formal occasions or office wear.

Givenchy Gentleman vs Gentleman Only is an easy comparison, with Gentleman Only serving as a modern interpretation of the traditional aroma and scent profile that Gentleman invokes.

Pros and Cons

We touched on several aspects of Givenchy’s Gentleman cologne, including the fragrance’s scent notes and ideas about how to wear it best.

These traits bring attention to the positive features and potential negatives of Gentleman when considered alongside similar perfumes.


  • The leather base note prevents the dry-down fragrance from being overly sweet
  • The scent profile is long-lasting and timeless
  • Givenchy Gentleman price value is moderate, especially for a luxury item


  • The scent may seem dated to younger wearers
  • Longevity and patchouli base notes may be overwhelming for some

Final Thoughts

In this guide to Givenchy Gentleman perfume, we gave an overview of this iconic fragrance and how to wear it.

Over the last five decades, this cologne earned its reputation as a bespoke, luxury scent that makes the wearer fragrant, unforgettable, and feeling good.


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