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10 Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love

10 Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love

When you dab or spritz on your favorite perfume, are you wearing it for yourself or the man in your life? Every woman wants to wear a fragrance that makes her feel beautiful and that others enjoy too.

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La Vie Est Belle
  • Classically beautiful
  • Versatile enough for all year
  • Feminine and intriguing
Hypnotic Poison EDT
  • Signature scent
  • Perfect for cooler months
  • Spicy and sexy
Carolina Herrera Good Girl
  • Classic for all seasons
  • Romantic rose fragrance
  • Launched in 2016

Wearing a fragrance men love makes a woman feel even more attractive. Date night, an anniversary celebration, or just a quiet evening at home can be perfect occasions for wearing an irresistible fragrance.  

If you’re dying to know which are the best perfumes for women that men love, we have curated a collection of fragrances men find irresistible.   

Our Top Ten Perfume Picks tested myriad fragrances for women, getting input from men on the ones they enjoyed. A magazine for perfume lovers, we asked women what fragrances they love to wear throughout the year, during the day, and into the evening.  

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome: Best perfumes for women that men love

Best for Daytime  

Daytime perfume should be a lighter fragrance, still attractive to men but not overwhelming in a board meeting or at a lunch date al fresco. La Vie Est Belle from Lancome delivers all this and more.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Classically beautiful, feminine, and intriguing, La Vie Est Belle is a fragrance appropriate anywhere. Notes of sambac, jasmine and Tunisian orange blossom are blended with patchouli for warmth and praline for a touch of sweetness.

PROS: This is the fragrance to wear for a job interview, a brunch with family, or a daytime date.  

CONS: La Vie Est Belle may be too demure for some. 

  • For: Women   
  • Seasons: Versatile enough for all year   
  • Wear it: Office worthy and beautiful for other daytime occasions  
  • Launched: 2012  

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Hypnotic Poison EDT

Best for Evening

A fragrance rich with oriental spices and woodsy notes, Hypnotic Poison is sweetened with jasmine and musk and accompanied by vanilla, a scent long thought to be an aphrodisiac.

Hypnotic Poison comes in a bottle that brings to mind the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden, and it is as seductive as that container suggests. Hypnotic Poison is the perfume of a confident woman.    

PROS: Many reviewers say Hypnotic Poison is their signature scent.  

CONS: This is not for women who don’t like a woodsy scent. 

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: This spicy, sexy scent is perfect for cooler months  
  • Wear it: Hypnotic Poison is excellent for night.  
  • Launched: Dior launched Hypnotic Poison in 1998 and reformulated it in 2006.  

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Thierry Mugler Angel EDP

Best for Winter

Thierry Mugler Angel was the fragrance that launched the gourmand genre of perfumes. It is still a regular decades later. A rich vanilla scent, Angel gets brightness from bergamot and the sweet surprise of praline. Thierry Mugler warms this with patchouli.  

PROS: Angel is one of the perfumes that make guys go crazy.  

CONS: Thierry Mugler Angel and its vanilla-forward profile may seem like a younger woman’s fragrance.  

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: The gourmand notes of Thierry Mugler Angel are a perfect pairing with the delicious flavors of winter and holidays.  
  • Wear it: Angel is heavenly for evening but not too heavy for daytime wear.  
  • Launched: 1992  

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Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT

Best for Spring and Summer 

An ultra-feminine fragrance, Marc Jacobs Daisy makes the list of men’s favorite fragrances for women because of its flower-forward formula.

Fernweh Editions Candles

Feminine floral scents on women turn some men on. With top notes of violet leaf, grapefruit, and strawberry, Daisy settles into middle notes like jasmine and gardenia and base notes of musk and vanilla.   

PROS: Daisy is a sweet, light, springtime scent.  

CONS: Marc Jacobs Daisy is best suited for younger women and those who like a lighter, sweet floral.  

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: A sweet floral, Marc Jacobs Daisy smells like springtime, flowers, and freshness.   
  • Wear it: Daisy is a daytime scent that is still a perfume that turns guys on.  
  • Launched: 2007  

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Clinique Aromatics Elixir EDP

Best for Fall

A classic women’s fragrance that stays in style, in part, because of how much men love the scent, Clinique Aromatics Elixir is a blend of fresh, feminine, woodsy, and warm scents.

With notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, and patchouli, Aromatics Elixir is lightened with white jasmine and rose. The scents of ylang-ylang and vetiver make this layered fragrance one that is memorable.   

Clinique Aromatics Elixir has the warm fragrance notes that are a perfect pairing with a soft fall sweater and a favorite pair of blue jeans for a weekend spent together.  

PROS: This classic fragrance is a perfume that turns guys on without being to sexy for daytime.  

CONS: The spiciness of Aromatics Elixir may be overwhelming to some.  

Fernweh Editions Candles

  • For: Women 
  • Seasons: Fall and winter    
  • Wear it: Daytime and evening wear   
  • Launched: 1971  

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Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb EDP

Best Floral

Flowerbomb is true to its name. A bouquet with notes of sambac, freesia, and jasmine, Flowerbomb is lively, fresh and feminine. Some men adore floral scents on women. If your man is one of them, this fragrance will have him smitten.

PROS: Flowerbomb is perfect for wearing with a linen sundress on a spring day.  

CONS: Flowerbomb is sweet, so it may be too floral for some.  

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: Spring or summer
  • Wear it: Daytime  
  • Launched: 2005  

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Carolina Herrera Good Girl EDP

Best for the Office

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera may seem vampy with its stiletto heel bottle, but its tuberose notes are classic. Sexy but office-appropriate, Good Girl can take you everywhere. One of the best perfumes for women that men love is a romantic rose scent that isn’t overpowering.

PROS: Good Girl shows that being good doesn’t have to be completely innocent.   

CONS: Good Girl isn’t as complex as other fragrance options.  

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: Classic for all seasons
  • Wear it: Daytime  
  • Launched: 2016

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Best Iconic Fragrance

Shalimar has been driving men wild for nearly a century. This fragrance classic is best for the evening. A spicy and citrusy perfume, Shalimar has boasts mandarin, cedar and bergamot. Imagine wearing the same come-hither scent as a 1920s flapper.

PROS: An intriguing scent and history make Shalimar an iconic French perfume.

CONS: Shalimar may be too heavy for daytime or warmer months.

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: All year
  • Wear it: Evening
  • Launched: 1925

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Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP

Best Exotic Scent

Black Orchid by Tom Ford is an amber floral with a tropical twist. Men smell Black Orchid and its top notes of jasmine, gardenia, and citrus, not to mention the base notes of white musk and vanilla, and dream of a tropical vacation.

PROS: A feminine floral with warmth, Black Orchid isn’t too sweet, making it a woman’s fragrance.  

CONS: Black Orchid is a sexy floral that may be too much for daytime.

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: Summer  
  • Wear it: Evening
  • Launched: 2006

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Calvin Klein Obsession EDP

Best for Seduction

Obsession is a spicy, sexy scent that is woodsy and intense. Top notes of vanilla, basil, bergamot and peach fade into middle notes of sandalwood, coriander, and cedar.

An amber, musk, and vanilla base bouquet warm the Obsession experience, making it a sensual scent.

PROS: Obsession is a smoldering, sexy fragrance that drives men crazy.  

CONS: This perfume may be too seductive for daytime.  

  • For: Women  
  • Seasons: Fall or winter  
  • Wear it: Evening  
  • Launched: 1985

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The Type of Perfumes Guys Like Best  

The perfumes that turn guys on may have an explanation in science. Researchers have found that, since ancient times, men are hard-wired to rate their mates based on scents.

best perfumes for women that men love

Since sweet, delicious scents bring pleasant memories, vanilla and cinnamon attract men. Light florals such as jasmine and lavender and fresh, citrusy fragrances also are fragrances that turn guys on. Sandalwood and musk as base notes are also seductive.   

Final Thoughts  

If you’re wondering what perfumes do guys like the best, wonder no more. We’ve discovered the fragrance notes that men find most attractive in our search for the perfect perfume to get your guy going. Make these your signature scents, and you’re guaranteed to be wearing one of the best perfumes for women that men love and keep those men intrigued.


Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.