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Burberry Brit for Men Reviewed: Youthful and Exotic

Burberry Brit for Men has been a renowned scent over the years. The versatility in the range of fragrances that Burberry produces offers different options for men to select from. Burberry’s bespoke quality makes it second to none.

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The Burberry Brit for Him review is a guide for anyone who prefers to have a plush and sophisticated feeling after dressing their favorite perfume. 

Burberry Brit for Men

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Who Makes It?  

Antoine Maisondieu created Burberry Brit in 2004. Emanating from a perfumery family, Antoine never found perfumery to be his métier.

He pursued Law and Art history. After years of studying these two courses, he resorted to perfumery. Its elegance, creativity, and diversity made it easy for him to combine these ideas to form powerful perfumes for the market.

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Antoine is among the preeminent perfumers celebrated for making signature perfumes such as Burberry, Gucci, Parma, Acquadi, and many more.

Burberry Brit for him is among the diverse scents you can find in the Burberry series.


Prepared majorly for men, the perfume was launched in 2011 by Burberry and was named Burberry Brit for Him.

Scent Notes

The luxurious scent is formulated with three undertone layers making it exceptionally intense. The notes are fused with elegance, as the top notes give Burberry fans a mixture of bergamot, ginger, cardamom, and green mandarin. 


The second layer is a blend between cedar, spice, nutmeg, and wild rose. To top it off, the base notes are cedar, oriental woodsy, patchouli, and gray musk.

Mixing these notes creates a luxe and leathery fragrance, a face-turning scent for men. Burberry Brit for Him gives the final touch of a woody-spicy leather scent.

Who Would Like It?

Lovers of strong woody, spicy and leathery scents will love the Burberry Brit for Him. This scent is majorly made for men with its intense transitions.

The fragrance is very affordable, and anyone who is on a budget can definitely acquire the luxurious scent, but basically, it suits young boys. 

When tested on older men, they tend to feel a lack of subtlety, and its pungent odor screams off youthfulness, mostly the kind of rock fans. The leathery finish classifies it totally to be a youthful product of choice.

When to Wear It 

Every scent has its own time and season, including Burberry Brit for Him. The series of oriental notes and undertones complete the fragrance with a woody, spicy feel, making it more leathery.

These characteristics classify it as a mellow fragrance suitable for warmer to mildly colder seasons. The scent can be worn during autumn and winter because of its woody feel. 

man wearing burberry muffler

Fans of Burberry know that the cologne is breathtaking, which can easily sway and make anyone stand out. The fragrance can be suitable for a night out, not on a date but for a weekend party.

The patchouli and wild rose notes make it sweet and spicy, allowing it to be worn by women who want to stand out.

Where to Wear It 

The scent screams out youthfulness, happiness, fun, and casualness. This means that men can wear these scents when they are about to have a fun-filled night out with the boys; the smell may attract some sassy young ladies for them at the club or party. 

The perfume is also compatible with a laid-back weekend, say a concert or a movie date. It elevates the casual theme whenever it is worn due to the demureness and elegance it brings out.

Therefore, any person who wears this should remember that the woody-spicy leather odor may have shorter longevity; this is why many older men may not prefer it.

Packaging and Presentation

The popularity of the Burberry Brit for Him packaging may be debatable. The box, which is the upper packaging of the bottle, is elementary; its dark color gives it a musky and masculine feel.

The silver writings on the matte box are captivating for anyone who wants to get the scent. The outer packaging simplicity makes it more luxe. 

The Burberry Brit bottle is square in shape, giving the bottle a shapely finish. The lines and shapes around the bottles give it a pattern, breaking the norm.

As the bottle is square, so is its nozzle cover. The cover is transparent, making the nozzle visible to the purchasers. Burberry Brit Splash gives a defined spray because of the steady nozzle. 

The design of the nozzle and the engraving of the name of the scents give it a lush guise. The bottle patterns give it a matte look, making it stand out in the displays. The final design gives it a classy and expensive result.

Personal Impressions

Our Burberry Brit for Him review concludes that it is an exotic, expensive, and classy scent suitable for men. The blend in the notes makes it more leathery and lacks subtleness which may redefine the target audience.

Despite that, the pungent smell makes it a casual fragrance that users can use at night and during informal events. 

The perfume packaging makes it appear expensive and very luxurious; this also has affected the general pricing.

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Burberry Brit EDT For Him

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The Burberry Brit for Him price range isn’t that expensive, and the Burberry Brit Rhythm may be affordable compared to other Burberry scents. Generally, the perfume is perfect for the younger generation.


The scent is relatively strong; however, it may last for a shorter time frame. The perfume may take less than 12 hours before one may need to respray it. 

The wake and strength of the scent in terms of the silage are impressive and balanced. The smell isn’t overpowering and makes it comfortable to wear among crowds.

The odor retains its spicy and woody feel on the body, giving it a more wearable and fresh finish. The silage and longevity of the perfume make it more versatile.

Pros & Cons

This cologne is affordable and versatile, which makes it an attractive choice for many men.

The musky and woody finish makes the wearer feel rich, but it lacks the subtlety that some men prefer. It has a shorter silage, which can be considered a downside, but that is also what makes it suitable for both warm and cool seasons. 

Burberry Brit for Men Reviewed: Youthful and Exotic

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