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Vince Camuto Perfume: A Personal Review

Vince Camuto EDP was launched in 2011 by designer Vince Camuto, who is otherwise known for his fashion and jewelry creations. It was the designer’s first fragrance created by the perfumer Steve DeMercado.

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The brands debut scent was followed by numerous flankers including Amora, Fiore, Bella, Bella Notte, Bella Vince, and Ciao. Vince Camuto presents its first ”affordable and accessible luxury” —Vince Camuto perfume.

Vince Camuto perfume

Scent Snapshot

  • Fragrance Type: Floral Chypre 
  • Scent potency/ Appropriate for:  The office, date night, scenpecial occasion 
  • Sillage: Above average 
  • Longevity:  Mild 
  • Price: Excellent 
Mass-appealing yet unique/ originalOnly one hour of active wear
Versatile for occasionsOnly two to three hours of close skin experience
A safe fruity/ floral
Great for those who like an edgier scent

Scent Notes

Vince Camuto

The fragrance opens with osmanthus nectar and rum. The dry down reveals light touches of rose and jasmine against an intensifying backdrop of osmanthus, and softens to base notes of patchouli, vanilla absolute, amber, and leathery musk.  

While every element of this fragrance is subtle, the leather feels like the star, supported by osmanthus nectar. Osmanthus typically smells like apricot and peach but imparts a waxy bitterness in many fragrances. 

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Vince Camuto Performance 

Vince Camuto EDP by Vince Camuto has above-average sillage upon spraying but its longevity is moderate to low. The fragrance takes about an hour to unfold its journey, transitioning from its initial notes to the drydown.

After that, the faint, nearly skin-scent of a mild but rich leather scented by fruits and flowers remains. 

Who Would Like It

Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto is a floral chypre (floral-leather) fragrance perfect for leather beginners or those who love florals but want something edgier and unique for the colder months or autumn weather.  

Consistent with its designer aesthetic, Vince Camuto Eau de Parfum is never dirty or challenging. It has just enough deviation from expectation to make this fragrance an adventure for the casual wearer – perfect for a special occasion

When and Where to Wear It

The perfume can be worn for almost all occasions, particularly autumn or fall. For leather-lovers, this fragrance would be a light and fruity play on leather and appropriate for daily wear.

Vince Camuto is also appropriate for the daytime in the office—but the fragrance would shine on a date night or other occasion if you are looking for a safe scent that gives out a hint of intrigue.

Packaging and Presentation 

Vince Camuto

The fragrance came presented in a beautiful 50 ml flacon. The bottle has classically feminine touches, including the Vince Camuto signature emblem as a gold embellished top and charm secured around the bottle neck with a hot pink ribbon.

My feeling is that the presentation suggests a more delicate white floral or a super sweet juice inside. It brings to mind innocent and saccharine crowd-pleasing scents—which really don’t really match the juice inside.

Personal Impressions

The experience of wearing Vince Camuto EDP couldn’t be farther from its deceptive packaging.

This fragrance masterfully weaves subtle elements, with leather taking a refined but distinctive role, harmonized by osmanthus nectar.

On applying, I got an energetic burst of osmanthus, sweetened by rum. The rums influence fades quickly, and then comes the delicate hints of fruits, jasmine, and rose.

In the middle, the osmanthus transforms, resembling iris and occasionally giving off leather or suede notes.

The drydown gives me a gentle blend of patchouli, amber, and vanilla. Even though the brand mentions patchouli in the base, it integrates seamlessly which makes it nearly imperceptible.

While serious collectors may find this fragrance redundant, it would be a well-used addition to most fragrance lovers shelves.  

Similar Perfumes / Alternatives    

Vince Camuto

Both Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and Miss Dior by Dior epitomize the musky-floral energy of Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto.  

“Fruit-chouli” fragrances such Angel as Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf have been suggested as having similar characteristics to this perfume. Both however, have far more of everything than Vince Camuto EDP currently gives—particularly patchouli, as well as projection and longevity.