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Sweet Youth: Rock Princess by Vera Wang Reviewed

Rock Princess by Vera Wang is a 2009 flanker of Vera Wang’s best-selling Princess perfume. For a normally buttoned-up brand known for their upscale wedding dresses, Rock Princess is one of Vera Wang’s few attempts to create a more edgy and youthful fragrance, something to spray on as a final touch to your rock concert outfits, but are they successful?

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Rock Princess’s packaging is a departure from the typically simple and upscale Vera Wang style.

The Scent of Rock Princess by Vera Wang

When you think Vera Wang, most people think more softly romantic than rebellious or tough which makes this perfume so intriguing. Already from the dark and distressed flacon, you can tell you’re in for something different.

As Rock Princess is aimed at a younger audience, it’s no surprise that it’s a sweet fragrance. The top notes are peach, lime, and raspberry with the latter being most prominent. There’s also an initial burst of spice which fades quickly.

The middle notes are a muddle of florals including rose, heliotrope, and iris which are hard to differentiate. The base is the highlight of the fragrance, beautiful dark woody smell with musk sweetened with coconut.

Sweet raspberry dominates the top notes.

Who Should Wear It?

Vera Wang’s Rock Princess is a usual if not particularly edgy scent combination. While the scent doesn’t quite hit the level of tough rocker-girl chic it seems intent on, it’s nonetheless a pleasant combination of sweet fruity and woodsy scents.

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While Rock Princess is slightly more grown-up than the original Princess, it’s still cute and flirty in a girlish way. A perfume that would work well for a teen or woman in her early 20s.

Coconut sweetens the perfume’s dark woody basenotes.

How & Where Should I Wear It?

While Rock Princess by Vera Wang is marketed as a night out, clubbing, or at least girls night out type perfume, it’s actually probably best for casual daytime use. It has the strongest musk of the Princess line but is not an exactly bold scent.

It would work well for casual weekend get-togethers with friends, school or work.


Still Not Sure?

The packaging of Rock Princess would appeal to rebellious teen girls while their parents would appreciate that it’s a sweet, girly scent. A beautiful win-win situation. If you’re not sure Vera Wang Rock Princess is the right fragrance for you, check out our top picks of Vera Wang perfumes (including Rock Princess).

Sweet Youth: Rock Princess by Vera Wang Reviewed

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