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Mon Paris Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent: Reviewed

The Mon Paris perfume joined the perfume scene as a dazzling fragrance representing a modern love olfactory interpretation during its launch. This Chypre fruity fragrance for women came out in mid-2016.

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The sensuous Mon Paris Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent reflects the passion witnessed in the city of love. This feminine floral perfume delivers an unforgettable whirlwind journey to Paris. Mon Paris embodies desire and seduces the senses with its lovely fragrance.

The flirty perfume can dance on your skin for about eight hours. If you apply the fragrance to your clothing, you will enjoy its strong scent for days.


The charming perfume is available in Yves Saint Laurent’s signature pink which is intense and dazzling in every way. Mon Paris Perfume embodies crazy mad love at first sight—the kind of love that you’ll only find in Paris.

Read on for a full YSL Paris perfume review.

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Who Makes It?

Olivier Cresp, Dora Baghriche, and Harry Fremont created the crispy perfume. The three designers wanted to add more depth to the white chypre while blending the rich scent of roses to the captivating fragrance of datura.

“We’ve created the ultimate attraction from intense yet comfortable textures. Our goal was to embody an enthralling love story with a French twist and the sparkling charm of Parisian damsels!” read their joint statement.

They chose datura, which has an upside-down corolla to represent the vertigo of love. Its solar scent releases a sweet, powerful fragrance at nightfall, making up for the green and almond accents. The blend of roses complements each other perfectly to create a livelier and more expressive yet softer, sensual tone.

French film direction duo of Pierre Dupaquier and Clement Durou were at the heart of the perfume’s campaign shot. The majestic shot featured French actor Jeremie Laheurte and Canadian model Crista Cober who rocked the scent in different parts of the city of love.

The day and night scenes occurred near the Eiffel Tower, the Metro, on the Opera Garnier’s roof, and in a club.

Scent Notes

Mon Paris features the datura flower, red berries, and patchouli as its primary notes. Starting with a fruity scent, the fragrance becomes an intoxicating floral heart before settling down on a dark chypre base. The red berries notes enchant users before the datura flower scent softens the lovely aroma.

Patchouli blends perfectly with the white musk woody scent to create a remarkable romantic scent. The fragrance opens with an enchanting juicy and sweet mix comprising strawberry, raspberry, tangerine, orange, calone, Calabrian bergamot, and pear. These top berries are fun and flirty.

jasmine ysl

Once the initial berry fragrance settles down, the aromas move to the heart, bringing forth middle notes of jasmine sambac, datura, orange blossom, peony, and Chinese jasmine. The datura flower dominates the floral heart and matures the fragrance.

Finally, the fragrance settles on the base of white musk, Indonesian patchouli leaf, vanilla, ambroxan, moss, cedar, and patchouli. This provocative classic chypre signature base comes down with unmatched intensity. The well-crafted base rounds up a super balanced perfume.

Who Would Like It?

Experts describe Mon Paris as the scent of burning lovers who love and live without holding back. Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic perfume invites you to get lost in an upside-down Paris.

If you love floral perfumes but want something that is slightly endearing, the Mon Paris perfume fits the bill perfectly. Mon Paris delivers lovely earthy smells that complement the top floral and fruity scents.

The perfume combines the intensity of exceptional patchouli with the hypnotic datura accord. Leave tongues wagging with the exciting fragrance that oozes the sensuality of the most delicate musk.

Where Should You Wear It?

The flirty strawberry floral perfume is perfect for any occasion and is sure to last a long while. Whether you’re looking for the ideal scent for your date night or brunch with your girls, the Mon Paris perfume by Yves Saint Laurent will suffice.

dinner date

The berries and florals deliver a refreshing fragrance for multiple seasons. The patchouli scent makes it ideal for warmer seasons. The expressive and lively tones will set you loose when you go out partying. Release a swirling floral heart from the elegant chypre signature perfume.

Packaging and Presentation

The YSL Paris perfume 125ml comes packaged in a transparent faceted bottle that resembles a jewel. The bottle is a modern twist on the Yves Saint Laurent Paris fragrance bottle. 

The black lavaliere lays bare the multi-faceted bottle’s unmatched elegance. Its packaging and presentation draw inspiration from the avant-garde couture style and modern allure of the Yves Saint Laurent woman.

Catherine Krunas designed an iconic, multi-faceted bottle that pays homage to the legendary Yves Saint Laurent. The spectacular double lavaliere embodies a bold visual metaphor with the undertones of a modern love affair with all kinds of passions.

The silk ribbon around the bottle’s neck adds a pinch of brightness to the transparent black organza. A combination of intense colors reminds you of the cherished Paris love affair.

Personal Impressions

This Yves Saint Laurent perfume sparkles with all the romance and passion of Paris. YSL Mon Paris ranks high among the world’s most sexy and enticing fragrances. Two sprays are more than enough, and the scent will last on your skin for hours.


The enchanting perfume subtly carries the exhilaration of falling head over heels. Its fruit floral long-lasting fragrance makes it the ultimate French perfume for women. Apply to pulse points, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Mon Paris reveals an extraordinary, ultra-modern white chypre that is daring and hypnotic. Its sleek, soaring patchouli combines deftly with the hypnotic datura flower to create the perfect symbol of love.


Overall, the Mon Paris Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent is an enthralling scent and a nice pillar for fragrance lovers. This delightful fragrance embodies a passionate declaration of love to the city where lovers and poets flock in their numbers.

Delicious fruits paved the way for the romance flowers that painted a deep pink palette with their sweet nectars. The perfume’s raspberry accord brought to life a strikingly true-to-nature aroma.

Where Can You Buy It?

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