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Burberry Touch for Women Review: Sweet, Versatile & Floral

Burberry Touch for women is a woody, floral, and fresh scent with some sweet vanilla notes and a spicy, warm base. It’s part of the floral green fragrance family and is an excellent perfume to put on if you want to smell fresh and feminine but not overly sweet.

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Burberry Touch for women notes are varied and unexpected, with red pepper, blackberry, rose oil, jasmine, and vanilla. They all work together beautifully for an incredibly wearable and expertly layered scent.

One thing that really stood out in our Burberry Touch perfume review is how totally versatile this scent is. You can wear it just about anywhere and always smell bright and fresh.

Burberry Touch for Women Review: Sweet, Versatile & Floral

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Thanks to the red pepper, it’s a bit edgier than other perfume offerings but still has a sweet, safe side highlighted by vanilla and cedarwood.

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Burberry Touch is the ideal perfume for a sophisticated, chic woman who understands her worth and is not afraid to stand out. 

Who Makes It?

Michel Girard created Burberry Touch along with his company Givaudan. This innovative perfume powerhouse has many perfumes to his name and is responsible for some of the world’s most famous scents. 

Scent Notes

One of the key aspects of our Burberry Touch for Her review is a breakdown of the scent notes in this particular perfume.

Since there are so many unique ingredients, we wanted to highlight them to show why they are so effective.

Top Notes

  • Spicy red pepper
  • Juicy blackberry
  • Tart cranberry
  • Fragrant rose oil
  • Robust black currant
  • Bright orange
  • Delicate cassia 
Burberry Touch for Women Review: Sweet, Versatile & Floral

Middle Notes

  • Aromatic peony
  • Juicy peach
  • Fragrant lily
  • Deep tuberose
  • Tropical jasmine 

Base Notes

  • Warm cedar
  • Rich vanilla
  • Bright green almond
  • Musky oakmoss

Who Would Like It?

Classic, bold women who want a familiar fragrance that’s just a little bit on the edge will gravitate towards Burberry Touch.

Burberry Touch for Women Review: Sweet, Versatile & Floral

This perfume is polished and very high-class while still being entirely wearable for just about any and every occasion.

So if you are a person who is not afraid to make a splash and likes being the center of attention without going too far overboard, Burberry Touch is for you.

Where Should You Wear It?

Burberry Touch is one of those great fragrances that you can wear just about anywhere.

It’s light enough to work well at the office or school but still classic and chic enough to fit in ideally at any special event. 

The red pepper gives it an instant boost, taking it from your standard green floral to a scent all in a class of its own. As such, you can feel comfortable donning this scent whenever you want to feel your absolute best.

So if you’re wondering, “what does Burberry Touch smell like?” the answer is confidence and class.

Packaging and Presentation

The Burberry Touch for women 100ml comes in a handsome bottle with an artfully designed shape.

Burberry Touch for Women Review: Sweet, Versatile & Floral

The lid mirrors the bottom of the bottle, and the Burberry name is prominently displayed on the side. The bottle itself would look excellent on just about any vanity or counter.  

Personal Impressions

We personally found Burberry Touch to be a very wearable perfume that immediately made us feel chicer and put together. We loved the look of the bottle and the red pepper that we got immediately after putting the perfume on.

Although Burberry Touch would work as an everyday perfume, we preferred to save it for more of a special occasion scent.

Burberry Touch for Women Review: Sweet, Versatile & Floral

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Burberry Touch has moderate to long-lasting staying power. Throughout the day, the scent will evolve, highlighting different notes, and becoming a little sweeter and more floral.  

Where Can You Buy It?

Although Burberry Touch perfume price differs from place to place, you can generally find good deals online and at the official Burberry store.

The Burberry Touch 30ml price is very reasonable, especially if you just want to try it out for a little while, or work it into your regular rotation of perfumes. Always make sure to buy from official retailers to avoid fake products.

Burberry Touch is a lovely perfume that blends sweet and spicy in a beautiful and fresh way.

Burberry Touch for Women Review: Sweet, Versatile & Floral

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.