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Chrome by Azzaro for Men: Best-Selling Cologne Review

Chrome by Azzaro was first released in 1996 and has become one of the best-known colognes released by this historic luxury brand. It has remained a best-seller for the brand created by Tunisian-Sicilian designer, Loris Azzaro who lent his name to the brand.

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Chrome by Azzaro for Men: Best-Selling Cologne Review

About the Brand

After finding fame as a designer in the late-1960s, the establishment of a men’s and women’s perfume brand in the 1970s saw a quick rise to the top of the best-sellers list for the brand.

The two best-known colognes released by Azzaro are it’s Azzaro Pour Homme and Chrome releases which remain timeless bestsellers for most who have tried them.

The release of Chrome by Azzaro was overseen for its 2016 rerelease by the respected perfumer Dorothee Piot, who has built a strong reputation for the use of natural scents at the Robertet Studio.

The experienced and impressive nose behind Chrome by Azzaro has become a popular one to turn to for those seeking a fragrance often linked to the Chypre family of scents.

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Chrome by Azzaro continues the citrus dominated line of scents created by Dorothee Piot with its oakmoss base providing a masculine finish to this beloved fragrance.

Fragrance Notes

Chrome brings a fresh, light touch to the fragrance with aquatic notes dominating this long-lasting fragrance priced to make it an excellent option for everyday use.

There are notes of both citrus and oak which finish with a metallic aroma reflecting the name of one of the world’s best-loved colognes.

In 2016, the redesign of Chrome by Azzaro saw the inclusion of some new ingredients which altered the fragrance a little to bring a more woody theme with the addition of cedar to the fragrance palette.

Despite the changes made to the list of ingredients, Chrome by Azzaro remains a citrus-based fragrance headed by the top notes of lime, pineapple, and grapefruit odors.

Alongside these top notes are hints of ginger and hedione which keep the fragrance fresh and light for everyday use. The lightness of this masculine fragrance continues with its middle notes of ozone, water jasmine, and lichen which do not create an overpowering odor experience perfect for wearing around the office or for lunch meetings.

The majority of the masculine notes for this timeless fragrance are found with musk, amber, and woodsy notes lasting long after Chrome is applied.

Once Chrome by Azzaro has been applied the major impression is of a masculine, aquatic fragrance with cedar overtones that continue with a slight metallic tone moving through the fragrance.


The overall experience of Chrome by Azzaro is of a light, aquatic fragrance which is reflected in the elegant, simple packaging for each spray bottle.

The bottle itself is made from a bright aquatic blue with the thick glass exterior giving a sense of high-quality with clean lines. The spray bottle top is produced in a Chrome metal to reflect the name of this top-seller.

Where to Wear It

When using this aquatic, cedarwood dominated fragrance you will not need to be too liberal with applications as the light nature of this fragrance should last throughout the day.

For most men who are looking for a long-lasting fragrance that can be worn to the office, meetings, lunch, or dinner meetings there are few better choices.

Because of its light, fragrant nature, Chrome by Azzaro is a solid choice for younger men aged 18 to 40 but can also prove a solid choice for experienced professionals who do not want their fragrance to be overpowering at work or heading out for a dinner date.


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