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Best Kate Spade Perfume For Women: Our Review

Kate Spade has a fantastic collection of fragrances and perfumes, with plenty of original and feminine scents to choose from.

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The brand has been making perfume for almost 20 years, resulting in a great number of Kate Spade perfumes, many of which come at an accessible price.

kate spade perfume

To help you sort through all of the colorful packaging and distinct scents, we have put together a list of the Kate Spade perfumes that we can’t get enough of these days. Read on to learn which works best for you.

About Kate Spade Perfume

In 2003, Kate Spade New York came out with their first signature scent, “Kate Spade.”

Since then, the designer brand has been regularly coming out with new perfumes, establishing Kate Spade as a go-to source for classy and fashionable Eau de Parfum.

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The brand has even expanded to collaborate with celebrities, including the recent Maddie Ziegler perfume collaboration.

Who Makes the Perfume?

Making original scents requires some very special skills. Namely, a combination of scientific acumen (especially chemistry), creativity, and good taste.

Fortunately Kate Spade works with some of the best perfumers in the industry.These talented folk include Marie Salamagne, Claude Dir, and Rodrigo Flores-Roux.

Our Favorite Kate Spade Perfumes

In Full Bloom by Kate Spade

In Full Bloom

Released in 2018, this perfume’s scent is just as distinctive as its cute flower packaging. If you’re looking for a scent that makes you feel like you’re sipping a cup of fragrant tea while surrounded by blooming roses, this is the one for you. 

Scent Notes

In Full Bloom has notes of green tea and lemon, combined with classic floral notes like rose petals, lotus, and peony. Rounding out the scent are hints of white wood, cedar, and peach.

This Kate Spade perfume is a good match for someone with a feminine flair who doesn’t mind being the center of attention. This fragrance is strong and long-lasting and will make you stand out as the brightest blossom in the room. 

Where Should You Wear It

Most reviews of In Full Bloom recommend bringing it out for special occasions, such as a wedding or important party. The long-lasting quality makes it a perfect scent for a long night of dancing.

This fragrance is hard to ignore and may feel like a little much during the daytime but is perfect for setting a festive tone during a special event.

Walk on Air by Kate Spade

Walk on Air

Created in 2015 with perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Walk on Air is a woodsy, fresh-feeling scent that makes the wearer feel graceful and confident.

Scent Notes

Signature scents in this blue bottle of Kate Spade perfume include lime, fern, and bergamot. This fragrance also includes floral hints, such as Lily-of-the-Valley, Magnolia, and Narcissus. 

Walk on Air is the perfect perfume for a no-nonsense, confident person who wants to add a little sweetness to their day.

It’s floral scent that is satisfying without being overwhelming, making it ideal for the individual looking for just a touch of the feminine in their presentation.

Where Should You Wear It

We like Walk on Air as an everyday scent. With just two spritzes, this pleasant fragrance will hold up throughout a workday or weekend outing with friends.

New York by Kate Spade

Kate Spade New York

Not to be confused with the original “Kate Spade” perfume, Kate Spade New York was created by Marie Salamagne and released in 2020 and has quickly become one of our new favorites. 

Scent Notes

This is a fruity perfume, with top notes of wild strawberry, bergamot, and citrus. Other subtle scents include freesia, rose, ambroxan, and cashmeran.

This fragrance is perfect for women with youthful personalities. The fragrance is light and subtle enough to make it mature, but the sweet playfulness pairs well with an equally playful person.

Where Should You Wear It

Although the scent is noticeable, many wearers find it light enough to be appropriate for daytime wear. Otherwise, this is our favorite flirty perfume for a classy date night, especially in spring or summer. 

Live Color Fully by Kate Spade

Live Colorfully

This floral and fruity scent is sure to be a go-to for anyone who wants a distinctive scent that shows off their excellent taste.

Scent Notes

Top notes are floral and citrusy, including water lily, mandarin orange, and star anise. Other notes are tropical and floral, such as gardenia, coconut, and Tahitian vanilla. 

A Live Colorfully Kate Spade perfume gift set is a good pairing for the artist in your life. The creative combination of classic and exotic scents makes for a playful and original fragrance that will engage the imagination.

Where Should You Wear It

This can be a great perfume for daytime wear during the spring and summer.

The longevity of Kate Spade perfume is always impressive, and we find that the classic scent notes make Live Colorfully appropriate for most settings. 

Live Colorfully Sunset by Kate Spade

Live Colorfully Sunset

Ah, the sexy evening sister to Live Colorfully. 

Scent Notes

This alluring musky scent has woodsy citrus notes, including black currant, mandarin orange, and bergamot. Rounding out the floral scent profile are scents such as violet and freesia, with base notes of cedar, sandalwood, and ambrette.

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We like Live Colorfully Sunset for a mature and sensual wearer. This is a sophisticated, musky scent for the classy, attractive women in your life. 

Where Should You Wear It

Date night, for sure — or any other evening setting where you desire some romantic attention. 

Twirl by Kate Spade


Created by perfumer Claude Dir and released in 2010, this is a bolder fruity perfume in Kate Spade’s collection.

Scent Notes

Rich fruit notes top off this scent, including watermelon, red currant, blackberry. Rounding out the floral scents are magnolia, African orange flower, and jasmine.

Twirl by Kate Spade is a lovely fragrance option for younger wearers, including adolescents. While Twirl can be a crowd-pleaser for everyone, we think that this fruity scent is appropriately sweet and innocent for a young person. 

Where Should You Wear It

Twirl is a fun and flirty choice for a casual evening party, or, perhaps for a younger wearer, the school dance.

Best Kate Spade Perfume For Women: Our Review

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