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Coach Poppy Perfume: A Review Of Its Energetic Vibe

Coach Poppy Eau De Parfum is a playful yet alluring fan favorite. The fragrance is light, crisp, and floral without being too sweet or overbearing. It has a young, energetic vibe but with warmth and romance to it.

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Coach Poppy perfume has been a top seller for a decade, even winning recognition like Allure’s Reader’s Choice in 2013.

Poppys are known to be seductive and even dangerous flowers. Coach Poppy delivers with the seduction, but—not to worry—no danger here! 

This perky original scent shares the Poppy name with other lovely scents like Coach Poppy Wildflower, Coach Poppy Citrine, and Coach Poppy Freesia. 

coach poppy perfume

Who Makes it?

Perfumer Celine Barel created coach Poppy perfume as part of Coach’s Poppy Collection release.

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What is Coach Poppy Collection? Initially released by Coach in 2009 on the tail end of a recession, the Coach Poppy line of products brought a fresh, youthful, and budget-friendly aesthetic to the market. With the Poppy line, Coach reinvented their brand with a vibrant, edgy, youthful flair, and the Coach Poppy perfume is no different.

Coach Poppy perfume was released shortly after the design line and was Coach’s first fragrance to launch directly in department stores. While they aimed for a younger, more budget-friendly audience, the Coach Poppy perfume quickly became a favorite across a broad customer base.

Scent Notes

With a bit of background under our belts, let’s get to the good stuff: What does Coach Poppy smell like?

The perfume is fruity and floral forward with top notes of fresh cucumber flower, citrus, and freesia. The cucumber keeps the tone light and watery, and the citrus makes it sparkle.

Deep florals like water lily, rose, jasmine, and gardenia give you the sense you’re walking through an enchanted garden.

The whole experience rounds out with a warm breeze of sweetness from marshmallow, vanilla, sandalwood, and cedar. 

marshmallows coach poppy

Overall, the effect creates a wonderfully fresh, sweet, warm, and youthful fragrance that feels appropriate in many settings.

The scents included in Coach Poppy are:

  • Cucumber
  • Mandarin 
  • Freesia
  • Jasmine
  • Pink water lily
  • Southern gardenia
  • Red candied rose petals
  • Crème brûlée accord 
  • Cedarwood
  • Vanilla
  • Sandalwood
  • Marshmallow

Honestly, it makes our mouths water a bit!

Who Would Like it? 

The Poppy scent was marketed for youthful audiences – a younger generation just starting to explore fragrances. It’s perfect for anyone with a rebel streak or who wants to maintain an air of sophistication in the workplace. 

Because Coach marketed the Poppy scent in a recession, they made sure to keep it within a reasonable budget range. If you’re looking for a less expensive but still excellent fragrance, Coach Poppy is a great choice. 

The light sweetness and fresh zest of the fragrance make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a flirty, playful vibe in their life. The notes are pretty balanced if you enjoy floral scents. 

Overall, we recommend Coach Poppy for a professional woman who wants to invest in herself, whether that’s for the office or her romantic life. If you want to add some rejuvenation and simple freshness to your life, Coach Poppy may be the perfect choice.

Still wondering what perfume is like Coach Poppy? You could also try out: Nina by Nina Ricci, Bright Crystal by Versace, or Flowerbomb Nectar by Viktor & Rolf. Each of these fragrances has a similar flirtatious, edgy, youthful vibe in both aroma and packaging.

professional woman coach perfume

Where Should You Wear it?

Coach Poppy is one of those versatile fragrances that plays well in any setting. It has a classic fruit- and flower-forward foundation, but the cucumber and citrus zest add a little flair and curiosity.

Poppy Coach Perfume

While Poppy may be floral and sweet, you can use it daily for nearly anything. Try it out for a casual date, a summer event, a lingering touch at the office, or a night out with girlfriends. 

Overall, though, we think Poppy is at its best in the spring and early summer. The scent brings an air of youth and play to anyone around you and reflects the bright optimism of springtime. You might even start wearing it a little early to get through the end of the winter months!

Packaging and Presentation

Coach’s Poppy line is known for its edgy and rebellious yet feminine style. The packaging for Poppy perfume has fun with the concept while still providing that elegant Coach touch.

The bottle itself is bright pink with a matching red stamped Coach logo and red ribbon. The gold lid is the real showstopper, with graffiti-style calligraphy and symbols engraved in a chaotic punk-rock design all around the sphere. Different fonts spell out “Coach,” “poppy,” and “est. 1941” for Coach’s founding year. Youthful heart symbols splash between the words. 

The bottle comes wrapped in a one-of-a-kind box that gives off a youthful vibe while not losing a little romanticism. The box is vibrantly colorful in red, pink, and gold. The exact words etched into the gold stopper wrap around all six sides in the teen-punk graffiti style.

The packaging gives a bold, fun, exuberant first impression, making this fragrance an excellent choice as a gift.

coach poppy perfume

Personal Impressions

Overall the Coach Poppy brings a youthful zest and fresh sexiness to play. 

We love the edginess that the combined citrus, cedar, and cucumber bring while maintaining the feminine florals and sweetness of marshmallows, flowers, and creamy crystalized sugar. 

It’s a good scent for people who like a sweet fragrance but are looking for something with a slight edge or a fresh take.

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Coach Poppy has excellent performance. We would rank it a nine out of ten. Poppy moves through its scents over time with excellent sillage, with notes of flowers and wood trailing to the very end.

Again, this makes Coach Poppy a fantastic choice for daily wear.

Poppy Coach Perfume

Where Can You Buy It? 

So, you’re probably wondering: Where can you buy it? Did Coach discontinue Poppy perfume? Sadly, yes, but you can still find it online. 

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Coach Poppy Perfume: A Review Of Its Energetic Vibe

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