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Calvin Klein’s New Debut Eternity Eau de Parfum for Men Features Jake Gyllenhaal

Eternity Calvin Klein debuts ETERNITY Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum for Men with actor Jake Gyllenhaal continuing as the face of the new campaign. It’s the brand’s first Eau de Parfum for men in the fragrance portfolio and the first men’s only launch.

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Rugged yet refined, masculine yet sensual, the new ETERNITY Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum for Men is the essence of the modern man. Since its debut in 1988, the iconic scent has upheld the values of romance, love, intimacy, and commitment.  A celebration of men’s multi-faceted lives, ETERNITY Calvin Klein isn’t about the now – it is about the forever, the moments that will last for all eternity. 

Sophisticated and profoundly masculine, ETERNITY Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum for Men was created by perfumer Pascal Gaurin and maintains a signature Fougere essence, while introducing a new modern woody note to the composition. 

The iconic fragrance is re-interpreted with an alluring sage providing a crisp freshness, and while the majestic cypress creates a masculine and sensual mid, the suede accord unleashes an elegant and powerful woody trail.  

Housed in the iconic bottle design, the new juice is a vibrant, radiating shade of emerald green. 

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ETERNITY Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum for Men is available globally at for $89 (3.3oz).


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