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Burberry London for Women Review: A Great Everyday Perfume

Burberry London for Women is a sophisticated riff on the traditional Burberry perfume and has a delicate powdery base with pronounced honeysuckle and rose and bright fruit notes.

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This Burberry London perfume is excellent for people who enjoy white floral notes and want something that’s an outstanding balance of citrus and floral that’s a little bit sweet but never overpowering.

Burberry rolled out Burberry London for her in 2006, adding it to the already incredible line of Burberry perfumes. It leads with honeysuckle and juicy tangerine, then goes into rose and ends with a musky note of rich patchouli.

The result is a perfume that smells delicious all throughout the day.

Burberry London for Women Review: A Great Everyday Perfume

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You’ll feel just like a chic Londoner when you spritz this on, mainly because the bottle comes with pretty tartan packaging. It’s also a pretty cost-effective option, especially for Burberry.

Although the Burberry London price will differ depending on where you buy it, you can usually get a terrific deal. 

Who Makes It?

Esteemed perfumer Dominique Ropion makes Burberry London.

He’s one of the most celebrated perfume artists on the planet, winning the Cosmetique Magazine Oscar in 2010. Ropion created 248 signature scents.

Scent Notes

Burberry London notes are woody, floral, and citrusy, and they’re layered expertly throughout the scent for a lovely interplay of fragrance throughout the day.

Top Notes

  • Romantic honeysuckle
  • Delicate rose
  • Juicy tangerine
Burberry London for Women Review: A Great Everyday Perfume

Middle Notes

  • Deep jasmine
  • Bright clementine

Base Notes

  • Musky patchouli
  • Warm sandalwood

Who Would Like it?

Burberry London is an ideal scent for the cosmopolitan woman with an international edge.

Burberry London for Women Review: A Great Everyday Perfume

It’s a very sophisticated and subtle fragrance that wears well over the course of several hours. Since it’s never overpowering, it’s a great signature scent for those who want to stand out in a compelling and fresh way.

It’s also a great scent to give a loved one because of its nearly universal appeal. None of the notes are too heavy, and the balance is classic and just unique enough to be memorable in the right way.

So if you love the classic Burberry scents and want something just a little bit edgy and different, make sure that you give Burberry London a try.

Where Should You Wear It? 

Burberry London is a great everyday perfume, and it’s not too much for the office. You can wear it to social events, work, or even traveling without worrying that it will overwhelm your environment. 

Thanks to the musky tones at the end, it’s also a good fall and spring perfume. The perfume invokes the deeper scents of winter and also plays with spring scents thanks to the honeysuckle and rose.

Packaging and Presentation

Burberry London 100ml comes in a gorgeous bottle with a lovely tartan scarf design and a silver top.

Burberry London 3

The bottle is rectangular and will fit perfectly on just about any shelf or vanity in your home. It’s both decorative and functional, which is definitely part of its charm.

Personal Impressions

I love working Burberry London into my regular perfume rotation because it is an attractive yet still familiar twist on the classic, and it comes in such a pretty bottle.

I feel like I’m about to go on a whirlwind adventure in London every time I spray it on. 

For me, Burberry London represents a type of understated elegance that is effortlessly chic and lovely. 

Burberry London 4

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Burberry London tends to last for a relatively long amount of time. So while it doesn’t have quite the performance of some of the other Burberry perfumes, you will still be able to enjoy it for several hours at least.

Where Can You Buy It?

Thanks to Burberry London’s immense popularity, you can pick up this fragrance just about anywhere.

Larger boutique stores like Sephora should carry it, and you can always get it online or right from Burberry itself. As with all designer perfumes, purchase your Burberry London from a reputable retailer. 

If you’re looking for your next classic signature scent, you really can’t go wrong with Burberry London. So pick up a bottle and fall in love with this chic, urbane fragrance today.

Burberry London for Women Review: A Great Everyday Perfume

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.