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4 Ultra Smooth Usher Colognes Reviewed

Most of us know Usher as an R&B musician famous for his smooth and sensual music. But the singer/songwriter has also released a selection of fragrances over the years, many of which make great, stand-out scents for men.

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usher cologne for men

About Usher Cologne

The popular musician has seven colognes under his brand currently. The first one launched in 2007, and the most recent one was in 2018.

All of the Usher cologne prices are reasonable yet meant to have a luxury feel, employing quality ingredients and making the wearer feel luxurious.

Who Makes the Cologne?

For his colognes, Usher has tapped the popular perfumers Richard Herpin and Honorine Blanc. These are the same noses behind many beloved designer and niche stand-outs, such as ones from Marc Jacobs, Pinrose, Kilian, Calvin Klein, and Tom Ford, among others.

Here are the best of the best when it comes to Usher’s cologne offerings.

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Our Top Picks for Usher Colognes


Usher UR by Usher Eau De Toilette

Released in 2008, Usher UR eau de toilette for men is a memorable, aquatic scent with herbal notes that makes a smooth, contemporary impression.

Scent Notes 

Top notes include fruits and seawater; middle notes are bay leaf, nutmeg, basil, and artemisia; and the base is rounded out by guaiac, cashmere, and sandalwood.

The overall effect of this balance reads aromatic and marine. It’s a well-blended composition that marries subtle spice and woody notes with lighter, almost powdery accords thanks to the herbs and ocean notes.

This is the perfect pick for men who want to smell unique and manly without wearing some of the more stereotypical notes found in men’s colognes. 

While this does have some typical woody and spicy accords, the balance with the fruity and marine opening makes this a much more aromatic and fresh scent. Men who like an uplifting and nature-inspired fragrance will enjoy this cologne.

Where to Wear It

Given the fresh notes, this cologne has an impressive wear time on most people, topping out at around five hours. This makes it a great office or daytime-wear scent. It’s inoffensive and somewhat light and fresh, so it’s easy to wear and would make a great signature scent for a man who likes to smell clean, fresh, and a bit aquatic.


Usher for Men by Usher Eau De Toilette

Launched in 2007, Usher for Men is a unique, warm, sweet men’s fragrance that relies heavily on tropical fruity notes to create an overall woody, aromatic effect.

Scent Notes

This cologne employs very unique top notes of melon, lemon verbena, and pineapple, with middle notes of white pepper, vetiver, blue lavender, violet leaf, and vetiver. The scent is grounded with base notes of sandalwood, suede, guaiac wood, amber, and musk.

Overall, the tropical and citrus fruit accords blend well with the herbs, woods, and spices to create a balmy, ozone-like effect.

Men who aren’t afraid to smell a little sweet should give Usher for Men a try. It’s an explosion of unique notes on paper, but in real life, it creates an island-inspired, fresh, and spicy scent bubble perfect for anyone who wishes they were on vacation in the tropics.

This Usher cologne was discontinued recently but is still easy to find on discount sites or Usher cologne Amazon retailers.

Where to Wear It

Despite the vibrant notes, this Usher cologne scent can tend to sit a little closer to the skin, making it a good pick for a daytime work scent. Its tropical undertones are perfect for warmer weather, but don’t let the temperance fool you.

This could also be a great scent to wear on a night out clubbing or even on a date. 


Homme by Usher Eau de Toilette

This fragrance for men, launched in 2018, is autumn in a bottle. It’s notably warm, spicy, and deep, with a well-blended and balanced sweet side.

Scent Notes

Homme by Usher has top notes of cardamom, apple, saffron, and mandarin orange; it has middle notes of geranium, rosemary, ginger, and jasmine; and its base notes include woody notes, tonka bean, musk, and Ambroxan.

The curious combination of spices, fruits, florals, and ambery tones set this one apart, with a very masculine but surprisingly clean overall effect.

Fall lovers rejoice! The warm, ambery, inviting notes of this fragrance will make you feel like you’re apple-picking or pumpkin carving whenever you wear this. However, you don’t have to be a fall lover to enjoy this fragrance.

It’s still a casual, clean fragrance that pulls you in with well-balanced, darker accords. Confident men who want a unique and enveloping scent will appreciate Homme.

Where to Wear It

It’s a great cooler weather scent. Some of the deeper accords may not translate well in the hottest parts of summer, but it may still make a decent spring fragrance depending on the weather where you live.

While it does project well, it’s inoffensive and smooth, making it a perfect signature scent that transitions perfectly from the office to date night.


Usher VIP by Usher Eau De Toilette

This 2009 fragrance is predominately woody and spicy. It melds leathery and citrus accords into an outgoing, dry, almost boozy scent.

Scent Notes

Usher VIP eau de toilette has top notes of bergamot, tangerine, and kumquat; its middle notes are violet leaf, nutmeg, saffron, and lotus; and its base notes include woody notes, oakmoss, suede, and vetiver.

The bright citrus burst and oriental spice and floral touches lend an almost powdery feel that helps this fragrance double as a unisex scent.

A confident, outgoing, charismatic man is the ideal Usher VIP wearer. This fragrance stands out as something exotic and enticing; because of this, it’s an attention grabber and a compliment-getter. 

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Men who enjoy being the best-smelling one in the room and don’t mind getting attention will appreciate this scent. It smells opulent and lends that wealthy image to whoever wears it.

Where to Wear It

This Usher cologne VIP scent is precisely that, VIP. It’s great for nightwear and screams cigar lounges in the big city. The heaviness pairs perfectly with colder weather, making this an excellent reach for the coldest winter nights. 

However, as rich as this scent is, it’s still lighter than many competing men’s fragrances on the market. It gets lots of comparisons to Fahrenheit, although it’s a much lighter, less challenging take.

Final Thoughts

While some perfume enthusiasts bash celebrity fragrances for lack of originality and quality, Usher cologne ingredients and ingenuity are on par with other more expensive men’s fragrances on the market.

It can be difficult sometimes to get your hands on older celebrity scents, but if you’re wondering where to buy Usher cologne, check out some of the links for the fragrances listed above and check out Amazon as well for great deals.

We hope this comprehensive Usher cologne review helps you pick out a great new date night cologne, signature fragrance, or comfort scent to enjoy whenever you want!


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