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Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume Reviewed: A Sensual & Luxurious Affair

Jimmy Choo Fever has more than just a seductive name and thoughts behind it. It can build confidence and luxury for the wearer even in daily life. 

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If you are looking for a versatile perfume that you can use on an outing with the girls or on a date with your significant other, check out this Jimmy Choo Fever perfume review.

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume

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Who Makes It?

Jimmy Choo is a leading luxury company based in France that makes Jimmy Choo Fever.

The French-based company has been in business for over 25 years, offering French natives and people overseas in America a selection of luxury fragrances, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, handbags, scarves, wedding attire, accessories, nail polish, lipstick, and so much more. 

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While the company specializes in offering shoes for men and women, their fragrances have a note of fanciness to them because of coming from a luxury brand, each with its unique notes. 

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume 2

Jimmy Choo Fever is one of more than 37 fragrances that the company sells to its consumers. The developers behind the perfume were Honorine Blanc and Nathalie Lorson.

When the scent was released in 2018, model Hannah Ferguson was the beautiful face behind advertising Jimmy Choo Fever for television and print advertisement campaigns. 

Scent Notes

You will get more elements of warmth, spice, and sweetness in Jimmy Choo Fever vs original Jimmy Choo eau de parfum. 

This perfume has a seductive undertone with all the fruity notes of plum, grapefruit, and lychee.

The floral scents come in with jasmine, heliotrope, vanilla orchid, and orange blossom. The perfume’s base consists of tonka, benzoin, sandalwood, coffee, vanilla, and hazelnut. 

Who Would Like It?

A Jimmy Choo Fever perfume gift set makes an excellent gift for most women. 

Since Jimmy Choo Fever starts strong for the first few hours, women who love strong scents will appreciate the strong floral scents with the complementing fruit scents. 

Younger, modern women would like this scent more than older women. If you’re a woman who attends formal functions, this scent would help you feel professional and confident whether you are at a black-tie event or attending a business meeting.

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume 5

If you attend informal parties or regularly go out on dates, wearing Jimmy Choo Fever will have people around you thinking you are beautiful and seductive. 

When to Wear It

While it’s suggested to wear Jimmy Choo Fever in the fall or winter during the evening hours, you can wear it during all seasons.

The flowers’ seasonal blooms and when the fruits are most prominently grown during the year show that you can wear Jimmy Choo Fever throughout the year. 

Vanilla orchid blooms during the mid-spring to later in the summer. Jasmine blooms from spring into the fall. Wear it on a warm spring afternoon or summer night for full effect.


Black plums are in season from June through September. Grapefruits are in season from November through June, with the peak of the season being around Christmas time in December. Hence, the fruity notes of Jimmy Choo Fever are great to wear during the fall and winter. 

Where to Wear It

Any professionals or people wanting to go out and have a good time formally or informally would like to wear Jimmy Choo Fever. 

You can wear Jimmy Choo Fever even at a formal corporate meeting, team building event, or other formal function that will have the people with whom you are networking take you more seriously. 

The seductive undertones of Jimmy Choo Fever itself show that you can wear it on a girls’ night out or a date with a significant other. People that you meet while out on the town will appreciate the sweet and spicy tones of this Jimmy Choo perfume. 

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging and presentation of Jimmy Choo Fever are luxurious and give off not only a feminine vibe but a seductive vibe that matches the seductive undertones of the perfume inside the bottle. 

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume 3

The box is a dark magenta color with black accents that almost look like snake skins. The words “Jimmy Choo Fever” are gold-colored sitting inside a black box. Around said black box is a gold square outlining. 

Some bottles of Jimmy Choo Fever that are sold separately measure 40 mL (or 1.3 oz) as noted on the bottom of the box under the brand name. 

When you open the box to reveal the perfume bottle, you will reveal a clear bottle with small, rounded divots in the middle and oval divots throughout the top and bottoms of the bottle.

The cap to the perfume is a burgundy color lined with gold coloring on the cap’s cubed lines. The words “Jimmy Choo” are engraved in black with a gold background underneath the cap. 

Through the clear bottle, you will see the cotton candy pink color of the Jimmy Choo Fever perfume. 

Personal Impressions

When someone wears Jimmy Choo Fever, they will feel strong, confident, sexy, and beautiful.

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The floral notes of jasmine (one of the most common floral notes in perfumes), orange blossom, and vanilla orchid are feminine and will have a woman feeling sexy and beautiful. 

The coffee, sandalwood, and hazelnut will make the person wearing it feel strong because of the boldness these notes give off.

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume 4

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A Jimmy Choo Fever dupe may have the same scents such as vanilla, orange blossom, and jasmine but could have replacements for the other scents featured. For example, Black Opium by YSL incorporates almonds instead of hazelnut. 


This perfume can last for as long as 12-18 hours. When first sprayed, it projects strongly for the first few hours before it starts to calm down.

Even during the time the scent is calmer, it still projects a strong scent that can be enjoyed by the wearer and the people in their surroundings. 

Pros & Cons

If you want to try this scent before you buy it, look for a perfume sample in a cosmetics store or wait for the price to go down during a Jimmy Choo Fever perfume sale. Some pros and cons of this perfume include:


  • Mixes multiple fruity and flower scents that complement one another
  • Lasts long for at least 12-18 hours
  • Can be worn at any function


  • Starts very strong the first few hours after it has been sprayed

Selena Marc is a fragrance enthusiast, freelance writer, and dog mom living in Houston, Texas. When she's not writing about her favorite new perfumes, you can find her enjoying yoga or a morning hike.