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7 Best Vera Wang Perfumes for Women

Vera Wang has grown to become one of the most famous names in fashion.

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But it all started at Vogue magazine… She worked there for 15 years before when planning her wedding she discovered a chronic lack of choice of wedding dresses on the market.

What did she do? Well, in true fashionista style she decided to sketch and commission her own.

This was the spark that ignited the fuse for what became Vera’s first bridal shop, opened in 1990. Twelve years after that she launched her first fragrance, and now, 28 perfumes later, Vera Wang is looking stronger than ever.

Here are 7 of the best picks for those looking to get into Vera Wang fragrances but don’t know exactly where to start. 

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7 Top Picks for Best Vera Wang Fragrance

7 Best Vera Wang Perfumes for Women

Best Overall: Vera Wang Eau De Parfum

This award-winning scent is a feminine triumph. Its elegant aura smells white and clean, fruity and floral. In 2003, a year after its release, the fragrance won two awards, including FiFi Fragrance Star of The Year.

The top notes of this scent are dominated by mandarin, blossom, and cleaver, which then fade into a flowery heart of Bulgarian rose and gardenia. Then the base brings forth Stephanotis and pure musk.

It opens with notes of water lily, apple, mandarin, and apricot. The heart betrays a core of guava, tiare flower, tuberose, and dark chocolate. The base is composed of vanilla, amber, and wood.

Princess by Vera Wang Eau De Toilette

Best for Young Women: Princess by Vera Wang Eau De Toilette

If you’re thinking the name ‘Princess’ indicates childishness, think again. Princess by Vera Wang is a delightfully sophisticated, feminine scent with strong notes of vanilla, guava, and chocolate.

While there’s no denying this fragrance is girly, it’s tough too. The flirty confidence of this fruity floral is an instant people pleaser. The scent is masterfully composed, but where Princess lacks is in longevity and sillage.

Vera Wang Anniversary Perfume

Best Casual Wear: Vera Wang Anniversary Perfume

Anniversary is the floral for those who don’t want a run-of-the-mill floral. It’s for women young and old who want something a little different, but with familiar floral notes. After spritzing it appears at first like a typical floral, but then dries down after a few minutes to a sexy amber musk.

The initial atmosphere is created with mandarin orange, Sicilian bergamot, apple leaf, and water notes. Then the heart solidifies with aromas of orange blossom, gardenia, and rose. Finally, the base is of amber, musk, orris root and cedar. 

Vera Wang Look Perfume

Best for Work: Vera Wang Look Perfume

The Look was launched in 2008 alongside the winter/fall collection of Wang’s fashion line. This was no coincidence – the fragrance was envisioned as the scent representation of Wang’s clothes. Created in cooperation with Fermenich, the fragrance is all about style and desire.

Crisp, clear, and refined. This scent is more serious than Wang’s other releases and would make a great office or everyday scent.

The top notes are populated by mandarin, clean, green notes, litchi, and apple. The heart is composed of lily, freesia, and jasmine. Then the base is of vanilla, musk, oakmoss, and patchouli.

Vera Wang's Lovestruck Perfume

Best for Date Night: Lovestruck Perfume

Romeo and Juliet were the inspiration behind Lovestruck by Vera Wang, a fresh and delicate fragrance. Opening with a strong guava note and continuing to a tuberose middle, the floral-fruity is well composed, warm and softly musky.

The fragrance is young in spirit, yet classic. The bottle’s topped with an extravagant stopper, sporting a maroon flower bouquet with an organza bow.

The fragrance opens with angelica, orange mandarin, and guava. The heart is of tuberose and lotus. The bottom is composed of woody and musky notes.


Sexy & Edgy: Rock Princess Perfume

Rock Princess is one of the few Vera Wang fragrances to feature a distinguishable unisex quality. The rock and roll perfume is both sexy and edgy. Though it’s a ‘princess’, women of all ages should enjoy this.

It’s made for going out with friends in the afternoon or evening. The whimsical Rock Princess fragrance starts spicy before settling to bring out more sweet and fruity notes.

Opens with peach, raspberry, and bergamot. Then the mid is made up of heliotrope, rose, jasmine, and lily before settling on a base of cashmere, musk, iris, and coconut.

Vera Wang Truly Pink Perfume

Best Runner-Up: Vera Wang Truly Pink Perfume

Vera Wang described Truly Pink 2006 release as “the embodiment of pure femininity… enchanting and forever in bloom.”

A girl’s best friend, this well-balanced and beautiful fragrance gives the impression of a bouquet of flowers on a warm summer’s day. The pretty floral is an inoffensive and safe choice, beginning with a rosy musk and drying down to a fresh laundry experience.

It opens with freesia, cassia, and litchi. Then, the heart carries in peony, pink rose, and lily-of-the-valley. Finally, the scent settles on a base of iris and wood.

7 Best Vera Wang Perfumes for Women

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