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Fernweh Editions Review: Travel-Inspired Scented Candles

Scent is one of the most evocative of the five human senses, due to the unique path connecting aromas with memories and emotions. In fact, none of the other four senses are as closely intertwined with the emotional processing area of our brain. So apt is it, then, that Fernweh Editions travel-inspired candles promise to soothe wanderlust, recall tucked-away memories, and elicit a craving for new adventures.

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Fernweh Editions Review: Travel-Inspired Scented Candles

Stemming from the German words fern (far) and weh (pain), the word Fernweh translates as a longing for far-away places. With hand-poured candles inspired by destinations around the globe, Fernweh Editions whisks you away on a journey – right from your cozy home. 

Fernweh Editions Review: Travel-Inspired Scented Candles

Pacific Island Editions

I was so excited to take a relaxing getaway – no airport necessary – with the lush, beachy scents of the three candles in the Pacific Island collection. As soon as I closed my eyes, these unique and complex aromas transported me on a luxurious island getaway – so vivid I could almost feel the ocean water tickle my toes.  

Highlighting the exotic bounty of the tropics, the Passion Fruit & Guava candle fills the room with a lovely and colorful aroma of everyone’s favorite vacation treats. Just sweet enough, this unique scent is balanced out with subtle pineapple and orange. It’s a wonderfully nuanced candle that inspired me with memories of a beautiful island overflowing with fresh, exotic citrus fruits. 

Fernweh Editions Review: Travel-Inspired Scented Candles

A tropical vacation isn’t complete without time spent lounging on a luscious white-sand beach. Without a doubt, the second candle in the Pacific Island collection, and my personal favorite, will transport you there instantly. Aptly named, White Sand Beach is a calming, yet joyous scent, perfectly balanced with orange blossom, florals, and a hint of musk. It’s light and bright, but complex, too, for the ultimate vacation-at-home experience.         

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Fernweh Editions Review: Travel-Inspired Scented Candles

Last in this trifecta of paradisiac aromas is the Island Botanical candle. With an ultra-smooth floral scent, this candle boasts gardenia, ylang-ylang, and frangipani tones. This modern take on a floral candle is light, refreshing, and inviting – never cloying or heavy. I close my eyes and envision light flower petals dancing with the warm, island breeze. This candle takes me straight to a lush paradise garden – and I don’t want to ever leave. 

Fernweh Editions Review: Travel-Inspired Scented Candles

Fernweh Editions Travel Candles – An Aromatic Journey Around The World

The Pacific Island collection from Fernweh Editions truly transports you to lavish tropical islands with captivating and unique beachy aromas. These clean, soy-wax blend candles are hand-poured into sleek black glass jars, making them the perfect functional decor item for any home. Plus, the classy black-box packaging feels ultra-luxurious – perfect for gifting, too! 

Boasting over 100 burn hours per candle, you can feel like you’re on a tropical vacation – or reminisce on old travels – for many, many months to come. With aromas this captivating, the Pacific Island collection by Fernweh Editions is sure to become a new favorite set.

Fernweh Editions Review: Travel-Inspired Scented Candles

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