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Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle: Will It Live Up to Expectations?

Estee Lauder released Beautiful Belle fragrance for women in 2018, describing the scent as being inspired by the journey of modern love; it takes us on the journey from the coy first moments of attraction to all-out romance and the promise of committing forever. 

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The company has set expectations high with its Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle perfume, wrapping it all up in the promise of everlasting romance.

Does Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle live up to these expectations? We’ll take a closer look at the fragrance in this review. 


Who Makes it?

Estee Lauder was founded by Joseph and Estee Lauder in 1946. The pair’s initial focus was on cosmetics. It was a belief of Ms. Lauder that every woman could be beautiful and the company expanded to include fragrances in 1953 with Youth Dew, a bath oil, and perfume. Youth Dew is a bestseller to this day. 

Estee Lauder is an old perfume house that has collaborated with the world’s top perfumers to produce their fragrances. Although they’ve got 124 perfumes in their lineup and work with some of the top perfumers in the world, the family still run the company. Today Estee Lauder has over 25 brands in its portfolio. 

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The company released the first fragrance in this line, Beautiful, in 1985. The follow up to Beautiful appeared over 30 years later with the release of Beautiful Belle. 

estee lauder beautiful belle

Scent Notes

Estee Lauder’s Beautiful Belle is a floral oriental fragrance with an opening a mix of rose and sage and top notes are mimosa. The opening is enjoyable with a blend of fruit and florals. Beautiful Belle’s scent is familiar sweet and luxurious. 

The middle notes are impressive, including tuberose, gardenia, and orange blossom. The scent seems to be a bouquet of creamy white florals. As the fragrance dries, the smell becomes something resembling sweet almond, vanilla, and honey. The base notes include marzipan, musk, ambroxan, orris, and suede.


Depending on your taste a drawback may be that this scent takes on a slightly musky chemical smell once the perfume dries. This noticeable smell is a popular trend in many women’s designer perfumes. The musk isn’t overwhelming, though, and it’s not the most prominent note. 


Today’s modern bride, the challenger of tradition, is the inspiration for Beautiful Belle’s packaging. As mentioned earlier, Beautiful Belle is all about a  modern love story, and this is true down to the fragrance’s packaging. 

estee lauder

The scent’s unique bottle has a crystal top with a simple yet elegant cap. Looking down at the bottle you’ll see a golden infinity ring. The fragrance’s bottle features billowing folds which represent a bridal gown’s train giving texture to the sparkling glass, which houses the Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle perfume. 

It’s packaging embodies the love story the fragrance seeks to tell. 


Beautiful Belle isn’t a long-lasting perfume, although your mileage will vary. After a couple of hours, the scent begins to wane.

The fragrance is light and flowery with a subtle sweetness followed by a slightly musky scent once it dries. Once it starts to wind down, it has a light, barely-there scent. 

If you’re looking for longevity, be prepared to reapply the fragrance every few hours. 

estee lauder beautiful belle2

Beautiful Belle Products 

If you prefer lotions to perfumes, the Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle lotion is well worth considering. The lotion works well to complement the fragrance if you use it as a layer to extend the scent’s longevity.

It’s a quick-absorbing lotion lightly scented with Beautiful Belle’s fragrance that is lightweight while hydrating the skin nicely. 

The scent smells of fresh flowers but using it as your primary moisturizer might be a little overwhelming. Plus, a small amount of the lotion goes a long way; using it on your hands to add a light scent is probably ideal. 

Estée Lauder Beautiful Belle Gift Set

If you’re interested in both the lotion and the perfume, the Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle Gift Set is worthy of consideration. With it you’ll get:

  • 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray
  • 0.2 oz Eau de Parfum Travel Spray 2x

But there are a few more to choose from that include a variety of Beautiful Belle products, depending on the season. 

If you prefer your fragrance in a smaller package, the Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle Rollerball is also available. The rollerball makes it easy to apply the perfume on the go with the small bottle, which is simple enough to pop in your clutch or purse.

feminine estee lauder beautiful belle

Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle Love

Estee Lauder released Beautiful Belle Love in 2019. Like Beautiful Belle, Love also celebrates the modern love story. This perfume is an oriental gourmand scent with a sweet almond and honey fragrance. 

The perfume blends orange blossom honey, luminous amber, Turkish rose, vanilla, and more to make a lovely scent that is softer than Beautiful Belle. Its top notes are a floral and aromatic sage and rose with middle notes consisting of honey, musk, citrus blossom, and vanilla. The base notes are amber, almond, vanilla, and patchouli. 

Who Would Like Beautiful Belle?

The perfume’s marketing centers on romance and the modern wedding, a woman who has enough confidence to break the rules. The fragrance captures the essence of falling in love and the sweet floral scent reminds one of a summer wedding or a day at the beach. 

belle flower

Women who like simple white floral scents will enjoy Beautiful Belle’s scent. The perfume has a hint of sweetness, but it’s not too sweet. Geared toward the sophisticated modern woman, this attractive fragrance is sure to delight women of all ages. 

If you don’t like light floral scents, then Beautiful Belle won’t be your ideal choice. However, if sweet floral scents inspire you in a fragrance, we recommend you take a closer look at Beautiful Belle. 

Final Thoughts

Modern love inspires Estee Lauder’s Beautiful Belle perfume. It is part of Estee Lauder’s Beautiful Collection, which includes Beautiful, released in 1985, and Beautiful Belle Love, released in 2019.

This perfume is versatile and appropriate for various occasions. You could comfortably wear this scent to the office or happy hour, with it being especially suitable for the spring and summer months. The fragrance has a feminine, light floral scent. If you prefer a warm, fruity, soft scent, Beautiful Belle Love is another excellent option. 

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Estee Lauder Beautiful Belle: Will It Live Up to Expectations?

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