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The Best Versatile and Affordable Lanvin Perfumes

There are some things in life you can always depend on, no matter what: the sun rising each day, the moon pulling at the tides, and Lanvin making sensational perfumes.

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Seriously, after one hundred years of churning out incredible and affordable scents, perhaps it’s time we start giving credit where credit is due. 

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Here is our list of top picks reviewing Lanvin’s perfume catalog, and why we believe every woman, no matter where she is on her walk of life, should have at least one bottle on her shelf.

Our Lanvin Perfume Favorites

Check out these top five options from Lanvin.

marry me lanvin

1. Marry Me

If you are new to perfumes or haven’t quite found “your scent” yet, then I would strongly recommend Lanvin’s perfume Marry Me. Released in 2010, Marry Me is one of the latest fragrances produced by Lanvin and perfectly blends their 20th-century charm with a more contemporary aroma. 

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle

Like many of Lanvin’s fragrances, Marry Me has a fresh and floral aroma with bright notes of bitter Tunisian orange and peach accompanied by dark round notes of jasmine, magnolia, and amber.

As the name suggests, this scent would be a perfect pairing for any special occasion. I find that it possesses a strong complex aroma upon application, but once it dries it mellows into a rich and romantic undertone that wouldn’t overpower the home or the workplace. 

I recommend the Lanvin perfume, Marry Me, to anyone who is looking for a deliciously complex and memorable “forever” scent.

lanvin Modern Princess

2. Modern Princess

Lanvin’s Modern Princess is another recent addition, inspired by the nose of Christophe Raynaud. I find this scent to be very comparable to Victoria’s Secret Oh So Sexy, due to its incredibly bright and fruity aroma. This fragrance is both spring and summer with top notes of pink lady apple and red currant, with middle and base notes of jasmine, vanilla orchid, and white musk.

I would recommend this Lanvin perfume for any young and adventurous spirit carving her way through the world. The aroma playfully tilts between sour fruit and fresh flowers and gives this perfume a slightly more contemporary presence than some of the classic Lanvin scents.

jeanne lanvin perfume

3. Jeanne

The Jeanne fragrance is named after the original founder of Lanvin, who began fashioning dresses for children and women before eventually moving on to perfumes. Launched in 2008, Jeanne captures the fruity zest of lemon, blackberry, and pear that have formed a kind of unofficial motif for the Lanvin brand of fragrances. 

Crafted by the skilled Anne Flipo, Jeanne is a juicy and dazzling arrangement that blossoms beautifully in warm weather.

When trying this perfume for the first time, I noticed how delicately it presented itself, so much so, that wafting it almost yields no scent at all. Only after applying it to the skin and allowing it to dry for several minutes will it start to envelop you in its rich, warm aroma.

arpege lanvin perfumearpege lanvin perfume

4. Arpege

Let me just start by saying this Lanvin perfume here is my absolute favorite from the brand. Only the second perfume released by Jeanne, and nearly one hundred years old since its conception, Arpege is truly a classic.

Named after the Italian word for arpeggio, or a musical chord that’s broken into a sequence of notes, this perfume achieves a similar effect with its cascading aromas of rose, jasmine, violets, coriander, and lily of the valley. The high notes sparkle like champagne, and the low notes envelop you like rich velvet.

Arpege is an aldehyde-based perfume, which was popular in the early 20th century and gives it an aroma that is not unlike the popular Dolce and Chanel fragrances from that era. While some may say that the aldehyde base dates the fragrance, I would contest that this is not your grandmother’s perfume. 

A better word might be mature, and yes, this perfume can have a domineering effect, but the year is 2020 and if you haven’t heard it from Queen Bee, girls run the world.

Lanvin’s Eclat D’Arpege

5. Eclat D’Arpege

Lanvin’s Eclat D’Arpege is an updated version of their classic Arpege, which captures a lot of the original spirit of the iconic perfume but updates it in a way that suits the new modern woman.

Most prominent among the complex aromas found in the Eclat D’Arpege is the Sicilian lemon that offers a bright and clean fragrance that cuts through an otherwise deeply green and rounded body. 

I love the elegance of this Lanvin perfume. You can wear it around the office and not feel like it’s overwhelming to your colleagues. It is an aroma that is mature and sophisticated yet maintains a soft intimacy that makes it incredibly versatile. 

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Why You Should Be Wearing Lanvin in 2020

What I love most about all of Lanvin’s catalog is how usable they are in casual and professional settings. You can buy Lanvin perfume at Sephora, Dillards, Kohls, and most retailers in the US, making it easily one of the most accessible brands. 

Each fragrance in the Lanvin line possesses a perfect balance between presence and subtlety that allows you to wear it practically everywhere: at work, at home, on a first date, or for the one-hundredth date—These perfumes will work for you. 

Compared to other brands, you simply cannot beat the Lanvin perfume price. Whether I am trying to make an impression, or if I just want to smell pretty for myself. I always find myself reaching for a Lanvin to get the job done.

Jeanne Lanvin and a mannequin, 1935 © New York Times/Rea. Image from

About the Lanvin Brand

The more you look into the history of Lanvin’s founder, the more you will come to love Jeanne Lanvin and what she was able to accomplish in her lifetime. Jeanne was truly an icon who was years ahead of her time, and a feminist through and through. 

Lanvin was a self-made fashion designer who started working as a milliner before she began making outfits for her own daughter. These outfits were so beautiful that soon other affluent Parisians were asking her to make copies for their own children. From there, Jeanne started piecing together what would become one of the oldest and most beloved fashion houses in Paris. 

Children’s designs: Sablaise, 1924 and Bouclette, 1925 © Patrimoine Lanvin. Image from

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it: our Lanvin perfume review highlights fresh, sophisticated, and practical aromas that won’t break the bank. Lanvin remains one of the top choices for women from all walks of life. Ever since I bought my first bottle of Arpege, I have been such a fan of this brand and have fallen in love with its history. 

The brand’s commitment to creating rich and aromatic perfumes that are accessible for everyone is also a highlight. So, seriously, if you haven’t tried Lanvin perfume yet, give it a try and you can thank me later.

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The Best Versatile and Affordable Lanvin Perfumes

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